Monday, April 14, 2008

Expired comments to the Orlando Sentinel Nov. 2007

Dear gentle readers,

I was observing some of my older letters to the Orlando Sentinel and felt compelled to post them on my blog so they'll be here.... always. This first one is from November of last year (2007), so it's a little late, but still appropriate to my feelings now, April 2008. A little Bush bashing is good for the soul, I like to say.....

By the way, this letter was never published..... the fools !

Here it is:

Nov. 17, 2008

I read your editorial regarding insurance reform with great interest. (Be Fair, Nov. 17, 2007 Sat.) Specifically I noticed the comments regarding our president's "hands off" approach to insurance reform. Mr. Bush's leadership reminds me of the position taken by our government in the late 19th century when the Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, Vanderbilts and Getty called the shots. The federal government also had a "hands off" approach to corporate America and the consequences were sweat shops, monopolies, oligopolies, widespread pollution and other abuses of the public to the benefit of a relatively small group. It took a strong president like Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican, by the way) to stand up to these injustices and give the common man and our natural environment a fighting chance. That is what we need today; clear headed, intelligent, solid leadership that stands solidly for what is fair and just. I have concluded that Mr. Bush mainly believes the role of the government is to spend trillions of our dollars on a war that he has decided is the make or break war of American history. His form of "hands on" government has its hands deep in American pockets and it's perfectly content to watch as "we the people" get less and less protection from our insurance corporations for a higher and higher price.

Very Sincerely,

Charles Marshall
Clermont, Fla

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