Marshall in the Middle

Monday, February 13, 2017

Progressive Media Treasonous to Americans

By Chuck Marshall

                  The Progressive News Media and their Entertainment Minions 

      I feel so frustrated because I can't just sit down and watch the news like I use to or be entertained.    All I hear is biased nonsense.   I hear fear.   I hear "half truths".  I hear total lies.  What has happened to our journalists ?  Have they all completely lost sense of what's right, what's fair and what's honorable ?  I don't hear the truth anymore.  The election of Donald Trump has revealed a side of the mainstream media that genuinely alarms me.  Their misleading stories and biased commentary are so obvious a High School student would recognize it.  Their dignity is gone and they've reduced themselves to yellow journalists resembling The National Enquirer or The Star.  On a good day they might be more appropriately compared to "People" magazine with their groveling towards Hollywood and anyone with a lot of money.  Except Donald Trump of course.  He promises to stand up for the common man which is a threat to the cozy situation all the highest powers have between each other.    The media is a serious part of the problem we have today in our country.  I wrote a scathing blog criticizing the Democratic party, but in a lot of ways it's the left leaning media that is truly at the heart of the problem we have today.   The Democratic party is essentially their lapdog.  

     The Mainstream media is still in a frenzy because their choice for POTUS was not chosen.     They do not see themselves as covering history, they see themselves as  producing history but conservative victories keep preventing that !   They wanted their first woman POTUS !  So, they do not seek the truth but they produce their own version of the truth that makes them feel important and as having higher morals because they're so politically correct and superior as compared to middle America.   Their best friends in Hollywood and at the helm of talk shows the world over and all manner of entertainment are startled and shudder that perhaps  they are not the center of the universe and it's revealing an attitude and a mindset that is walled off around their mansions with no openness to any opinion other than their own .  In short, the mainstream media and it's "over the top" opposition to a free election and all their minions in the entertainment world are traitors to our country.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What Does the Democratic Party Stand For ?

By Chuck Marshall

     What does the Democratic party stand for ?  I hear speeches and passion regarding immigrants and overseas refugees, but I don't hear passion regarding the American poor and despondent.   I don't hear passion regarding the average middle class American citizen.   I do hear condemnation of "white privilege" which is such an  insulting label to the millions of white citizens who struggle to stay on their feet every day.   I don't hear a belief in the common man and his abilities, but I hear quite a bit about his or her race and gender and religion and sexual preference -devices for division.   I don't hear concern for people who have lost their manufacturing jobs this past 20 years due to globalization, but I do hear defense of  foreign nationals who are willing to sneak into our country and undercut wages due to their familiarity with near poverty income.  I don't hear about giving the people power, enabling them with liberty,  I only see half truths about how all minority groups are helpless victims.  

     I don't see a sympathy or outcry against the outrageous bias we see in many of the networks and mainstream media and  I don't see regret for colluding with the media  to help Clinton win the election.  The cheating and lack of fair play this past election was clearly defined, but there was no apology or regret from the left.  There was no ownership for these transgressions against the American people.

     Before the election H.Clinton was adamant that Trump and his followers must accept the results of the election.   But witness this past few months !  We've seen the fits, tantrums, riots, and fires and near sedition from the losing side like our country has never seen.  Yet, we hear nothing from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama condemning these actions.    We hear Chuck Schumer, the "de facto" head of the Democratic party express outrage for an action taken by President Trump which was the exact same action taken by Obama in 2015.  We hear Nancy Pelosi praise the supreme court   justice nominee Neal Gorsuch and in the next breath condemn him for intending to take away women's rights.  Neal Gorsuch was voted UNANIMOUSLY  by both parties only a few years ago to the federal appellate court.  Nothing has changed on his resume but that the country is paying attention and so the Demcrats are posing.  It's always party first.

   I  see no solutions from the Democratic party other than an even larger and more bloated government and a never- ending debt that our children will not see the end of.   They claim to be for the poor, the immigrant, the Muslim, the gay man, the lesbian woman,  the Hispanic, the black man, the weak and the refugee.  I don't see it.   I see that they use them all but I don't see that they stand for them.  They use them by convincing them that the other side hates them, that the other side is against them.  They are the devil whispering in their ear, preying on their fears and lack of confidence.    I know the Republicans are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination., but the Democratic party has become a double talking, deceitful, selfish, spoiled mob of malcontents with much more sympathy for the suffering of foreign nationals and illegal immigrants than for the needs and angst of the American people.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Folding Table Diners

By Chuck Marshall

 Folding Table Diners- A Metaphor 

     There once was a restaurant with excellent food, service, atmosphere,  fair pricing and these unusually solid and beautiful tables.    All who dined there were happy, and all who dined there were satisfied.  It's popularity grew so much that a perpetual line  formed outside of it.  The wait was often very long,  but all who got in agreed "it was worth the wait".  One day a group of diners got tired of waiting and decided they would sneak through the back door of the restaurant and grab a seat to dine and be happy.  The group, got in through the back,  past the kitchen,  and stole to the front and set up a folding table for themselves that they had brought with them.  They sat and waited.  The staff fed them, and served them and treated them graciously.  Then, one of the other diners pointed out to the waitress.  "Waitress, they brought in their own table and didn't wait their turn.  There is a line of people waiting outside to come in.  This is not fair."   The waitress replied that the "folding table diners"  had been there a long time and had gotten use to the excellence of the restaurant and that it would be wrong to send them out the door.  Word spread outside the restaurant that this dramatic event had happened and the kitchen became a major path into the restaurant for those inclined to not wait their turn.  The restaurant management replaced its fine, solid and beautiful tables with the smaller, folding tables to accommodate all the "folding table diners".    What was once a beautiful restaurant with strong, stable tables was now a room full of rickety legged, folding tables that diners could barely eat off of  for fear and doubt in their sturdiness.   It had become like any other restaurant.  Nothing special. 

 Management and the waitresses declared themselves "very fair" and moved the sturdy and beautiful tables to their own dining rooms for themselves and their families to enjoy.  

The End.   

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore: An American Treasure

By Chuck Marshall

                                              Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People 1980

*Today I break away from politics.  Readers should keep in mind that "Marshall in the Middle" also reflects my middle class background and experiences so I'd like to indulge that aspect of this blog today and will  probably do so more often in the future.

     Sad news yesterday that Mary Tyler Moore passed away.  I was a huge fan of hers, and watched, "The Mary Tyler Moore"  show with my family as a kid.  She was a beautiful, modern, intelligent, funny and independent woman all while maintaining her femininity.   Her show demonstrated smart stories with an edge that never took themselves too seriously or bashed  you over the head with their politics.   Funny and smart.  An accomplished actress, Mary Tyler Moore was also widely regarded as an astute business woman running MTM productions with her second husband, Grant Tinker that produced a huge list of very popular programs in the 1970's and 80's.   I greatly admired her.  

     Nominated for an Oscar for Ordinary People., she played the icy mother of the lead character, Conrad Jared (played by Timothy Hutton who won the Oscar for  "best supporting actor", a ludicrous title since he was the LEAD actor, not the supporting actor), and after watching that movie I knew her talent had more dimensions than anyone thought.  Always the funny, open protagonist, her character in Ordinary People was nothing like that.  This is one of my favorite movies for what I consider the best acting demonstrated from every single main character; Donald Sutherland, Judd Hirsch, Timothy Hutton and of course Mary Tyler Moore along with superb directing from Robert Redford.   I still don't think its been topped in my mind for acting talent.

     This movie has a lot of personal connections also.  It came out my senior year in high school (1980) when the lead character is also around that age.  I identified with him and his awkward nature, his cynicism, resistance to sports,  frequent masturbation (LOL- a somewhat taboo subject at the time) and a tendency to read too deeply into other people's motives.  My English teacher that year  was EXTREMELY popular and she had a son who was acting out in LA.  He  had auditioned for the part of Conrad's deceased brother (shown in flashbacks).  My English teacher's son was killed that same year that Ordinary People came out, 1980,  in a tragic, senseless shooting.  I remember a friend of mine  read the letter from our teacher to the class regarding the entire tragedy- it was one of the most moving things I have ever heard.  The conclusion went something like this;  "the last thing David said to me was "I love you Mom" so don't wait,  take the time, go to your parents and tell them you love them."   Our class was dead quiet except for girls crying for 10 minutes straight.  I wanted to cry too.   Understandably, our teacher was never the same after that.  Her inspired teaching and efforts diminished by a crazy woman in California.  I witnessed a broken heart.  This was the beginning of an anger in me towards people who find excuses or sympathize with murderers.   The wounds to the heart and soul of the family will never diminish.  It will never really be over for them.      

    So, you see this movie  has enormous connections to me and I think consequently caused me to scrutinize the movie and  Mary Tyler Moore's performance more than I think I might have otherwise.  Everyone always says how "icy" her character was,  and it was, but there's also a window of vulnerability and intelligence and pain and authenticity that Mary Tyler Moore revealed that I don't think any other actress could have  done.   As many of you know, "black and white" don't settle well  with me and her nuanced performance of a complicated woman who lost a son in an accident and nearly lost another to suicide was remarkable.   Mary Tyler Moore offered up the character as more than just "the bad mother" that she could have easily done.  It was done with facial expression and body language by a brilliant woman.   It was an intelligent and moving demonstration of superior acting.  She was nominated for the Oscar as best actress but didn't win.

Goodbye Mary Tyler Moore and rest in peace.  You were a national treasure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Diversity of Thought

By Chuck Marshall

     The  reaction of the Democratic party, the media, and Hollywood this past two months is revealing and somewhat frightening to me.   How can any American citizen see the results of an election that we all knew was based on the Electoral College majority, then claim their rightful victory because they won the majority popular vote ?   This is like children  playing a game  and when one of the kids starts to see that he or she is certainly going to lose, that the rules no longer apply because they're "not fair".    In addition, the Russian "hacking" did nothing but report on the trickery of the Hillary Clinton campaign, something American journalists should have been doing themselves but chose not to.    The childish tantrum from the Democrats, I hope and pray, is simply the far left members who tend to be just as ignorant and ridiculous as the "mouth breathers" of the far right wing of the Republican party.

     Those with extremist ideas concern me, not just because their hypocrisy is nauseating, but also because -given the right circumstances- they are ripe for oppressive tactics to seize power and control of the government and society in general.  The Media and Hollywood elites especially concern me because it reveals such hostility to any ideas that don't fit in with their world- view.  The media and entertainment industry are a significant influence to us all regarding ideas and philosophies of  life, so this is no minor point.   These people were not elected for any sort of leadership, and I'm feeling more and more that they are a threat to individualism and liberty through their slanted expressions that allow for no contrary opinions.  To disagree with them is to invite "black balling" and a wall of silence and hostility.  "You are less because you don't think like I do".   Case in point, the ridiculous "commercials" produced by Hollywood stars begging for all manner of people to somehow block or resist the new president-elect Donald Trump.  How are average citizens who voted for Donald Trump supposed to take that ?    These Democrats are all about "diversity" with the glaring exception of "diversity of thought",

     In short, as an American citizen of moderate political beliefs I see the Democrats, the media and the Hollywood elite as openly hostile to me and my country as a sovereign nation with secure borders and independent thought.  It's essential we all fight and resist any and all groups that intend repression of thoughts and express hostile judgment towards those that disagree with them.   I encourage Democrats to muzzle the mouths of your more extreme members and settle down to reorganize your overall strategy as a major political party and remember your historic responsibilities as Americans to respect opposing speech,  ideas and ways of life.  Finally, I encourage the Hollywood activists to "once and for all" shut up.