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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Now is the Time

By Chuck Marshall 

     Now is the time for a third party or Independent candidate to rise up and challenge the presumptive nominees of both established political parties.  Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump ?   I  wrote a blog on this possible scenario last year.  This is one blog where I had hoped the cores of both parties would eventually see reason and resolve to find a person worthy of the Presidency.   Tipping windmills, as it were.

If I may be so bold as to quote my own blog from August 5, 2015- titled "Hillary vs The Donald";

" Our country has truly dropped to a new low with these two as the front runners to be President.   Donald Trump is a wind bag egomaniac with not one ounce of class.  He calls his opponents names and gives out their phone numbers to the public.  It's like watching a mob boss run for President.  He runs his mouth about what he's going to do with no explanation of how he'll do it.  The only thing I've agreed with that has come out of his mouth was the comment he made on O'Reilly that our country is in trouble and on the decline.  He is living evidence of that fact.

     Hillary Clinton is a liar and a hypocrite.  She is most likely the reason for the debacle that was Benghazi (and the deaths of all those people, including our Ambassador to Libya)  and she has been carefully getting rid of evidence to that fact.   She is fake and impersonal and is only in her position because she is married to President Clinton.   It has just come out in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that she and Bill donated $15 Million to charities  over the years 2007-2014.  The charity?  The Clinton Foundation of which the two of them benefit from greatly - personal jets, political trips, etc... They donated to a charity and the charity is them !  So, she and Bill got tax deductions, ergo "government subsidies",  to support their ambitions..... to run the government !   Now THAT, is rich.

    Once again,  I can't believe how absurd our process of selecting leaders is today.   With 310 Million people we should be able to do much, much better than this.  This is ridiculous.   Why must we go on following what each of the parties select for us when they are of the ilk that Hillary and The Donald are.  They don't come much more crooked than this folks, and they are the front runners for each of our beloved parties.  May God help us all and may God help our country."

So, here we are again in May of 2016.   Anyone who reads this blog  knows I am adamant in my voice as an Independent in support of Independent thought and third party ideas that could bolster the stagnant swamp of ineptitude that Washington, DC has become.   The stakes are high and the choice we have today is a door wide open to someone,   anyone,   with intelligence, fortitude, and the temerity to move our country forward and away from the partisan disaster it has become.

So. pass this blog along and don't forget to click an ad to help support me and my political ramblings.  After all.....everyone's entitled to  Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sympathy for the Devils

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By Chuck Marshall

Across the Board Failure in Governing

As I look at the fiasco in our presidential election, I ponder more and more the disaster that is our government.   This is true from the top right down to the local level.  The people are so desperate for change that those who are still members of either of the dominant political parties are choosing the one that is "least" connected to Washington.  Even when it's a socialist handing out goodies at our expense or an odious and perverted candidate such as Donald Trump.  Hey, at least both of them can claim not to be "sold" to the special interests and I agree that's almost enough to support ANY candidate.   So, I  totally sympathize with both Trump and Sanders supporters and their frustration at the status quo.  To keep choosing the Washington insiders is to choose to encourage their inept performance and tacitly condone the actions of the last 30 years.   Performance of total and complete and absolute failure.  (stay tuned for a future blog listing the grievances against our government).

     In DC, it is all a game and all activity springs from the lobbyists and their wants and needs.  Our congressmen work their position as a tool of the special interests and all activity is to keep these specific groups happy and profitable from the process of taxation down to regulations that "won't be too inconvenient" for corporations.  Heaven forbid !   Or, prevention of laws that might tie the hands of our noble leaders on Wall Street and their unrestrained avarice.  Their lust and greed for money truly knows no boundaries.  The needs and interests of the American people come in at "dead" last as a priority for our leaders both on Wall Street and in DC and even here in Florida.    

    At the state level here in Florida, as is probably true in much of the US, we have a legislature that DOES NOTHING to move things forward unless it's in the name of "creating jobs".  All else comes in a distant second, meanwhile Florida's unemployment is at 5.65% (full employment is considered to be around 4.5%- so I can see why they're so desperate to fix this glaring problem (sarcasm)).  Meanwhile citizens have to sue the government to get them to improve our schools.  Citizens have to sue the government to get them to enforce an amendment approved of by a super majority of the people four years ago (fair districts amendment here in Florida).  I'm sure you all have example in your state of similar situations... hopefully not as bad as they are here in Florida !

     Anyway, something has got to change and - once again, I sympathize with Trump/Sanders supporters.  It is a vote that says "I am sick of DC and their corrupt, inept ways".  It is a sad testament to the lack of trust for our leadership in America  that to get anyone's attention candidates must behave as they have these past months.   There are other culprits in all of this, including the citizens themselves- we're all rolled up in this - but the real shame goes to our  leadership for their partisan and inept ways.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Parties Should Split Apart for the Good of the Country

The Republicans are in quite a situation right now with Donald Trump being the front runner and most likely nominee for the Presidency.  The problem, is of course that most of the  establishment R's do not like him and don't feel he's qualified to be President.  In addition, Ted Cruz is in second place and he's almost as disliked at Donald Trump !   The situation is even worse when you look at the polls and recognize that neither of these candidates is likely to beat the unpopular Hillary Clinton. How could the R's have gotten this so wrong ?

The Democrats have a similar problem as Bernie Sanders is on the heels of Hillary Clinton and his socialist tendencies are starting to tear that party apart.  They are not in the pickle the R's are in, but they'll get there eventually.

What to do, what to do ?  I have a solution for both parties.   Consider your country first.  The political party is a tool for helping people to collect candidates that think the way they think.  It  is not an end unto itself !   No longer does either party represent the ideas of their party members.  The  massive increase in Independents would also indicate that a lot of people are not happy with either choice because they choose NOT to join either party.  The point of both parties no longer exists to help citizens make a decision and their sole purpose seems to be to "out do" each other.   Each party needs to split itself apart according to certain principals and ideals that would best serve two separate groups on the left and two separate groups on the right.    I would also encourage that one of each party to the right and to the left be more moderate and willing to compromise and start moving forward with fixing the problems and challenges of our society.  For the good of the country, split apart.  I might also add, that whichever party decides to move forward in such a way is more likely to gain the massive numbers of Independents waiting on the sidelines for sanity to return to the political spectrum.  Like me.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Confession

I must confess to you my dear readers, an atrocious activity, perhaps unforgivable but my first step to redemption is this confession;  I joined the Republican party last month.   I fell for the candidate Marco Rubio and couldn't stand the idea of  missing out on this election.  So, after 15 years, I re-joined.  I feel dirty, and used and I feel like I need a long, hot shower with lots of soap.  I feel like going to church every night of the week and I feel like going to see a Priest for confession even though I'm not Catholic.

Tonight, Marco dropped out of the race after an awful showing in the Florida primaries.  I don't blame him, it was time.  I sincerely feel he's too good for the Republican party and I hope there is a future for him in public service, but I'm not sure how.  He made mistakes in this election, but I don't think anyone can stop Donald Trump.  He's the Republican answer to Prez Obama., an inexperienced man with a lot of hot air.   Trump is Obama without the eloquence.   There  is no difference between Obama and Trump in my mind.  They are both inexperienced boobs who are incapable of running our country effectively.  As long as the parties run the show we will have this back and forth nonsense with idiotic candidates picked by the extreme wings of both parties.  

The Republican party is now dominated by old cranky white men and young cranky rednecks.    They are incapable of seeing or understanding common sense.  This is the only way I can reconcile in my mind the picking such a vile man as Donald Trump to lead your party.   Anyway, there has been talk of the Republicans splitting in two.   I hope so !   Remove the Tea Party and their insatiable anger and hate and "Trumpness" to re-start the GOP as something new and productive.   Meanwhile, I'll be dropping back out of the Republican party asap., and taking a long hot shower.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Circus Ringmaster: Cable TV

By Chuck Marshall

NOTE;  This printed in the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday,  March 10th 2016
 (with a few small changes and without Shawn Hannity's face LOL

CBT -Cable News Traitors

Senator Rubio has suggested  constitutional amendments for some of the more glaring problems with our government.  I would like to suggest an amendment restricting the influence of special interests.   Currently one special interest stands out as the most obvious special interest of all;  The Cable news media.  These companies (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc…) are making a fortune on our political process.  They stir the pot to excite conflict and give undue coverage to the most divisive candidates.  Then they settle back to watch with glee the discourse they created. In addition, controlling the line of questions in debates allows them to “orchestrate” the debate towards personal insults and insinuations, which not coincidentally profits them greatly.  Important policy questions are few and far between.  Ideally an amendment should be formed that removes the influence of special interests and I think we should start with these circus ringmasters.      
In my humble opinion.