Saturday, March 14, 2020

An American Voice

By Charles E. Marshall                                                                               March 14, 2020

     Dear loyal readers-

     I've changed my blog name again.   Since I started this blog back in 2008  it has gone from "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" to "Marshall in the Middle" back to "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" and now "An American Voice".    I feel the need to speak up for Americans, all Americans not just the left or the right which is why I chose "Marshall in the Middle".  This title, however, comes off as just a little too "folksy" and it leans towards a humorous  title that lacks serious solutions.   I'd rather introduce my thoughts as being "An American" first and foremost  with ideas that can help all Americans and stand as a living and breathing think tank for new ideas.  Ideas to better society here in America and consequently even the world as America still often stands as a global example.  In addition,  "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" is too broad in its implied topic and is also a little too familiar and implies levity when that's often not my intent.  I do still want to offer humor for my blogs but that will be more in the fabric of my thoughts and not the overall theme of the blog.  Therefor, the name change.   Also,  in going with the more "formal" approach to this blog I've decided to sign off as Charles E. Marshall instead of Chuck Marshall for the same reasons mentioned above.   I'll always be "Chuck" but for matters reflecting and perhaps affecting the nation I feel "Charles" makes the matter a bit more thoughtful.

Very Sincerely,

Charles E. Marshall

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Trump is a Racist --- Or Not ?

March 1, 2020 --- By Chuck Marshall- "Truth Pastor"

Donald Trump with black leaders (1990's?) Back when he gave them gobs of money and was a Democrat.

I've decided to be a "truth pastor", spreading the truth because you wont' hear it on the TV or from any media, corporate, or political leaders. This week is "Donald Trump is a Racist?".

I've heard this since Trump was in the primaries. It's been uttered over and over by the media, CNN, MSNBC, the networks, and of course the Democrats and even a lot of Republicans.

Is it true ? I guess nobody knows for sure because only Donald Trump truly knows his thoughts on race. I see a lot of pictures from his career as a "really rich guy" since the mid 1980's and I've seen no evidence he is a racist from that. The media seem to latch onto his comments about Mexicans coming into the USA and raping and killing people. Although, I'm sure most Mexicans are not like that- there are some, so it's not a lie to make that comment. When he did make those comments he seems to have simply been defending the fact that we need firmer borders and we need immigration policies that make sense. That I agree with. Is that a racist concept ?

Truth O Meter- "Donald Trump is a Racist" - On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most accurate., I would say this statement is about a "2". I only give it a 2 because all humans are kind of racist and this goes back to our tribal roots to stick with those we are most alike. That's not a crime, that's being human.

All you have to do is google search "Trump with black leaders" and you'll find dozens of pictures just like the one at the beginning of this blog, many of them from this past week. This begs the question, if they're lying about this basic fact, what else are they lying about ?

Monday, February 3, 2020

Impeachment of Donald Trump

By Chuck Marshall

First of all, I dislike both parties. They ARE the problem. I'm also fanatical about fair and true conversation regarding any topic and I feel it can be examined from a logical standpoint and a logical conclusion can be made. I'm passionate for the truth.

From the day Trump was elected, the DC elite wanted him GONE. Not just D's, also half the Republican elite and anyone else tied into the big bucks of our nation's capital (lobbyists, corporations, special interests---- "the swamp") along with the vast majority of the mainstream media. Even the Universities want him gone. Why exactly ? Is it his bad manners or is there something else going on ? Is he a threat to their revenue stream ? So they investigated his ties to Russia for a year- yes one year- they found nothing significant. Once that failed, the impeachment became the "road to salvation". They investigated the daylights out of a blunt conversation Trump had with the President of Ukraine. Should he have done that ? Probably not. Was it worthy of impeachment ? Seems unlikely. Basic civics lesson; the impeachment of the President requires 67 of the 100 senators to vote for impeachment in order for it to go through. The senate is controlled 51-49 by Republicans. Trump has 95% approval of the Republican party- unless he killed someone voting for impeachment would be political suicide for any Senator (except perhaps Senators with a personal bone to pick with Trump, like Mitt Romney). Could this have ended any other way ? Was this just another revenue stream for the mainstream media and a publicity stunt of the Democratic party ? Could it be the left is being "had" once again by the mainstream media and the swamp for their attention to something that was really just a "dog an pony show" from the beginning and had no hope of concluding the way they were hoping ?

The entire impeachment was farcical from the very beginning and I sincerely paid almost no attention to the entire thing. I feel sorry for anyone that saw it as a road to getting rid of Donald Trump and is now waking up to the fact that this is not going to happen. A suggestion for those who blindly follow the media and their insane and inane rambling. Pay attention to your local leaders and be active according to what you're passionate about and don't worry too much about the President. If you don't like him don't vote for him. It's as simple as that. Your'e falling prey to the circus that is the national media as they grapple with their rapidly decreasing power over all of us. Instead of fighting it, enjoy it. You have the power not them.

In My Humble Opinion

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion in the Orlando Sentinel Again

By Chuck Marshall

     They like me, they really like me !    I enjoy writing my opinion so much, I think it goes without saying pontificating for a living would be my dream job !   Today's published rambling was in regards to a column by a columnist from the Washington Post (or it might have been the New York Times... same difference !)   Anyway, it feels good to have your 2 cents out there, even if you don't actually even get 2 cents. 

Friday, December 13, 2019

Trump Impeachment

By Chuck Marshall

Dear gentle readers- 

      I wrote a strongly worded letter to the Orlando Sentinel that - so far- they have not printed so instead of letting a good letter go to waste, I've decided to publish it on my little blog.  Enjoy !  

     "I refer to two articles in your newspaper.  The first; "America's global influence declining" and your editorial regarding the Trump impeachment on the opinions page.   (Aren't both articles opinions ? )  As the world's largest economy that is now booming, I assure you the United States still has influence.  The story referenced some NATO leader's of Europe gossiping about Trump as a clear indicator we no longer influence them but then deeper in the article it was finally mentioned that Trump coaxed (aka influenced)  our NATO  "allies" to spend billions more for their own defense.   Also, there was a lot of  reference to China and Russia stepping in as an influence to American allies.   Perhaps they are but the American people are not responsible for the world except as an example to a better society.  Americans elected Trump to get us away from never -ending wars,  allies that take advantage,  bad trade deals,  bloated government, and a privileged class of media and corporations that are vastly more interested in their own money and lives and blood than those of  the American individual.  Joe Biden has participated in Washington politics since 1973.   I'm sure he deserved questions asked of his and his son's activity towards the Ukranian government.  Veiled threats to a foreign government are not appropriate at all,  but worth impeachment ?  I don't think so.  You prefer nice and polite criminals running our government over effective changes.  I want DC fixed and listening to me, not each other." 

In My Humble Opinion