Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ben Franklin Opined on Harvard in 1722

By Chuck Marshall

Some Things Never Change

Dear Wise Readers- 

These days I'm reading a biography of Ben Franklin- actually listening to- and came across his opinion of Harvard when he was a teenager and still living in Boston. He was considering to enter a trade rather than attend Harvard as some of his peers were planning. It was written, as Franklin often did, under a pen name- in this case a middle aged woman named "Silence Dogood". If you have the time it's quite a read, hard to believe he was around 16 when he wrote it ! He's basically calling Harvard students spoiled, simple minded brats who learn nothing but how to think more of themselves.

"I fancy'd I was travelling back thither, I reflected in my Mind on the extream Folly of those Parents, who, blind to their Childrens Dulness, and insensible of the Solidity of their Skulls, because they think their Purses can afford it, will needs send them to the Temple of Learning, where, for want of a suitable Genius, they learn little more than how to carry themselves handsomely, and enter a Room genteely, (which might as well be acquir'd at a Dancing-School,) and from whence they return, after Abundance of Trouble and Charge, as great Blockheads as ever, only more proud and self-conceited."

All I can say is, some things never change.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Conspiracy Theories from the Middle

 By Chuck Marshall 

I'm politically moderate, but I tend to lean to the right - at least this year. I CANNOT stand what I see as unfairness, no matter who the victim is. I have a few questions that the corporate media doesn't ask or answer-- maybe some of you can ?

1) Why were the opinion polls so far off ? From a 14 point deficit the week before to dead even results in Wisconsin alone. I won't waste your time but it's a long list of "wrong" opinion polls.
2) The election was clearly breaking in the direction of Trump the evening of the elections until several states had to "stop counting". Why was it ok to take a year of our time over the Democrat's Russia-gate theory of "collusion" but any question from the Republicans this year- after a few hours - is the stuff of "conspiracy theories" ?
3) Why is Russia so much more worrisome than China ? One is a neutered old world power that can barely influence their neighbor Ukraine. The the other manufactures everything we own and has enormous influence and power world wide.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Polls Got it Wrong-- Again

 By Chuck Marshall 

Dear Wise Readers---

Hello fellow Americans-- a few thoughts on opinion polls.
1) Why are they so wrong AGAIN ? They had Biden up by 14% last month, and up by 8% over this past weekend. Statistics is a science, so is the science now wrong ?
2) Why is there no "undecided" category anymore in most polls ? We should believe everyone has made up their mind when called by pollsters?
3) Much like a court argument, survey questions can be very easily manipulated. That's why "leading the witness" is grounds for an argument to be overturned by a judge. If I'm to believe polls I'd like to hear exactly what questions are asked., not "the President's approval rating is down" with no explanation as to how the question was worded.
4) Who are they asking ? Some of these polls seem to have been asked at a the Democratic national convention. We hear "1500 likely voters across the US", but what's the mix ? How many R's, D's and I's ?
5) Most likely, surveys are being manipulated. Remember this isn't your local newspaper bloviating, these are massive, international conglomerates that want things to go a certain way. The truth is a quaint concept that they care about only as long as it's good for their profits and power. Scrutinize, scrutinize, scrutinize and don't be gullible to their narrative.
6) What can you do about it ? Ignore the opinion polls. They are a steaming pile of bullshit. Picture Mr. Burns from the Simpsons when you hear the talking heads blabbing on about what "the American people are thinking". Blah, blah, blah.

In my humble opinion.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Election 2020: Marshall in the Middle Endorses....

 By Chuck Marshall

The Establishment VS the Mighty Little Guys 

Dear Wise Readers-  

     The election of our lifetimes ?  Most elections call themselves the most important ever.  Much like the latest hurricane threatening Florida or Louisiana-- "it's just the biggest in history !!!"  I will say however, that this election, more than any one before,  is about the mighty and powerful against the average American citizen and it could have a serious effect on our government and its privileged.  

      I first voted in the election of 1984 and voted for Ronald Reagan.  The only Democrat I ever voted for in the presidential election was Bill Clinton in 1992.  The only non-mainstream candidate I ever voted for was Gary Johnson, the Libertarian in 2016.   I was a registered Republican from 1984 to 2004.  I was an Independent from 2004 to 2016.   I changed back to the Republican party as I realized the two parties had such a lock on power in our country.  It was admirable, but futile and naive of me to think the Independents could gain power in the "swamp".   There's too much to overcome;  lobbyists, powerful party members, the corporate media,  Wall Street,  international conglomerates, high tech, big Pharmaceuticals, etc......they all are vested in the traditional party system because it suits them most.   One day we will have candidates that are Independent or of a third party but we must first remove the maggots feasting on the rotting corpse of political decency.  

     Everything changed in 2016.  Donald Trump ran away with the Republican party and went "rogue" as the presidential candidate for the GOP.   I despised Trump for the same reasons most people despise him.  He's course, rough, rude, insulting, bad mannered, conceited, self absorbed and egotistical.   He's orange.  I even had a letter published in the Orlando Sentinel highly critical of Donald Trump.  Then I had a change of mind.  What changed you ask ?  I watched the mainstream media go into meltdown over Trump's election.   All sentiment of unbiased coverage and professionalism left them like the professionalism that had just left the White House.  Their disguise was stripped for all to see.  I then watched as they and the Democratic party worked tirelessly to remove the duly elected Donald Trump from office.  A bogus Russian investigation led by a platoon of Democrats investigating for a year-- ultimately finding nothing.   An impeachment over one perfectly legal phone call.  Spying was revealed to have occurred during  President Trump's candidacy.  The media ignored all of this and anything good about Trump and attacked everything about him. They worked tirelessly to get him out of office.  Why ?  I understand not liking him, but the reaction was and is above the fray.  Something is odd about their hatred, as if they stand to be in big trouble if he continues to rule.  Not the American people, but them, the privileged, the DC elite, the swells of Manhattan, the lobbyists,  and the one dimensional vapid Hollywood stars.  

     Something has been revealed this past four years.  The swamp is much worse than any of us thought and everyone is involved in it;  the Democratic party, what's left of the establishment Republican party, and everyone that benefits from their rule in DC have been feasting at the pig- trough of American work ethic and decency to feed themselves.  Actually,  they've gorged themselves on special privilege and the never-ending money machine that is Washington DC.  While he's surely not perfect,  Donald Trump is the only human being on earth that has any chance to stop them.  Therefor, Marshall in the Middle endorses Donald Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice President of the United States of American.  May God bless them and protect them from the sharks of our government that continue to bite chunks out of our American republic in blood filled waters - eyes rolling back in ecstasy as they feast.  Stop them now you old SOB.  

"Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us, for we have had more than enough contempt.  Our soul has had more than enough of the scorn of those who are at ease, of the contempt of the proud" 

Psalm Chapter 123, Verse 3 and 4. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Undecided Voter Missing in Action

 By Chuck Marshall 

                                                Poll Pie Chart from 2012 

Dear Wise Readers--

     I continue my criticism of the Corporate Media in this blog.  Why ?  Mainly because I see them as a window into just how corrupt our government and world has become.  They feel they have and SHOULD have the power to tell us how to think.  I disagree.  The power is with the people, and until they respect that fact I will continue on with my perpetual attacks.   In my writing I often refer to Mad King George, as a parallel to our American Revolution.  In case anyone missed it., THEY - the corporate media- are "Mad King George"., and it is our responsibility to remove them from their throne. 

Does anyone else wonder why there is no such thing as "undecided" in the corporate media's hysterical, vapid, empty -headed coverage of elections ? I noticed this in 2016 and this year I haven't seen any promoted poll that even refers to the undecided. It's almost like they like to manipulate the public somehow because "undecided" gives too much power to the public. THEY call the shots, not us. At least for now. Also, no "other" groups- Libertarian, Green Party, etc.... They no longer exist ? It's as if they need that battle going on between the two. In pure speculation I would assume it's because it's more profitable to have a battle between two goliath giants than including pesky "other" groups that might interrupt the boxing match. In addition my previous blog referring to the international corporations and governments needing easy access to our legislators. Any "minor" party could interrupt that flow just as Donald Trump has been a major speed bump in their plans.

In My Humble Opinion.