Marshall in the Middle

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

George HW Bush Brings the Country Together

At least for the time being.

By Chuck Marshall

     The sad news of President Bush senior passing away this past week has brought back memories to me.  I was in high school when George was running in the primaries against Reagan.  I supported Bush because I thought he had a better resume and seemed more moderate (of course - a moderate leaning American even in my days of youth !) .  Of course,  Reagan won because the country was anxious to get away from the near socialist government we lived under in the late 1970's and his folksy demeanor appealed more to middle America.   Then Reagan chose Bush as his VP and I was suddenly a Reagan fan.  Yes, at the start I liked Reagan because he chose Bush !

     I voted for George Bush in his first election.  It seemed appropriate given the success of Ronald Reagan that his VP should take over his successful Presidency.  That was my thinking even though at the time he lacked the excitement of a great leader.  George, at that time, had become familiar to all Americans and looking back he had become taken for granted.  Maybe a little boring.  But he won.    Much in the news has been elaborating on the end of the Cold War and the Persian Gulf war that Bush presided over.  This is all history and I think his handling of both episodes was exactly what we needed at the time.  Calm, professional, patriotic, intelligent  and understated diplomacy. 

     In his second election against Bill Clinton I found Bush to have evolved into a bit of an arrogant and detached windbag.   At this time the Republican party began its departure from a moderate approach regarding protection of  the environment towards an openly hostile attitude regarding all things green.  "Tree huggers" became their scorn towards citizens like myself that think we're obligated to take care of the planet.  George HW Bush was no exception,  So, I voted for Bill Clinton.  This is the only time I ever voted for a Democrat running for the Presidency.

     In the end, George Bush Sr. was a gift  to our country and mankind.  He was a brilliant diplomat who lead our country with great clarity and decency.   His accomplishment as a pilot in WWII is a remarkable story of  youthful courage.   His years after the presidency revealed a big heart for helping those who could not help themselves.  His friendship with ex- president Bill Clinton under the auspice of helping victims of natural disasters was a wonderful example of American exceptionalism.

     Well done George HW Bush you were sincerely a fine human being and our country was very fortunate to have you as a leader. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Age of Incompetence: Election Recounts

By Chuck Marshall

                                                          I'm so confused.......

     Here in Florida we have an official recount going on for three candidates from the midterms.  The Agriculture Secretary, the Governor and the Senator.  I'm not going to get into too much detail about who the players are or what the problems are at the moment because it's such a predictable bore.   Just keep in mind this is a consequence of our two party system where we have grown adults acting like 4 year old children and the incompetence of most anything the government does is glaringly obvious. 

     In reference to my last blog regarding the fact that some people should just NOT VOTE., I have to point out that one of the issues includes re-counting the ballots where the person who did the "filling out" didn't follow instructions.  For example, they mark an x instead of filling in the bubble so the machine cannot read the ballot.  If I filled out a standardized test in grammar school  or a final in college where I marked and X instead of bubbling in the proper answer then I would have missed the question because I didn't follow instructions.   If you can't follow instructions properly - given that there are all manner of volunteer "helpers" there to instruct you on the complications of bubbling in a ballot-  then you should not be voting.  That's the hard, cold reality of life  as an adult.  If you don't follow instructions then you "got it wrong" and consequently  you lose money, you lose the job, you don't get what you want.  We all must deal with this harsh reality--  try again next year !  Because of these "instruction challenged people" here we sit as our "so called" leaders squabble over how to recount people's wrong answers !   What a colossal waste of everyone's time and energy because people can't bubble in a ballot.  As always, incompetence thrives in our times. 

    Who benefits ?  The media conglomerates with their nauseating and hysterical breakdown of the current "controversy",  a feast of incompetence for the incompetent and their viewers..... In My Humble Opinion.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Age of Incompetence - Election 2018

Election 2018 - Some Should Stay Home

By Chuck Marshall

     For the longest time I've marveled at how much people are encouraged to vote.  "Get out and vote" is the rally cry for both political parties because they know how important it is to their success.  I use to see these ads of encouragement as a fine thing getting people to exercise their right.  Everyone is entitled  to vote and should vote, no matter  what.  Right ?  Well, as I ponder our incompetent government- which has been  elected by the people for generations- I can't help but wonder if that's part of the problem.  Ignorant people are voting.  You see,  if you don't know what you're talking about or understand how the government works then you shouldn't vote.  All you're doing is muddying the waters and encouraging the outrageous lunacy we've witnessed this past few years.

     Political candidates know this and so they promise everything under the sun.  That goes especially for their base of "mouth breathing" extremists.  I marvel at how much presidential candidates blather on about "what they're going to do" but none of the media calls them out, ie, "how will you get that done if  Congress is controlled by the opposite party"?  Details, details.

     I watch as reporters ask "people on the street" questions as simple as "who was President during the American Civil War?" and they get it wrong.  These are the creatures voting for the morons that run our government and spend our money.   I don't mean to discourage voting for any specific group of people except the idiots.   You, idiot,  are the very reason nothing gets done by our leaders and our nation is $21 Trillion in debt !   Twenty one Trillion dollars and counting because we keep electing  political parties that have no intention of fixing anything.  When they're not in power they have the nerve to bring up the national deficit as if the issue is suddenly important to them !    If you don't know basic history, basic civics and the basics of the problems our country faces  then don't vote, stay home, and get high.   That is the first step to stepping past this "Age of Incompetence" we suffer through.  Do it for your country !

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion - Climate Change Lectures

By Chuck Marshall

Dear Balanced readers,

     The Orlando Sentinel, once again published my rambling opinion last week.  This time in response to a self congratulatory essay from a Rollins College professor who wishes all us bumpkins would fall in line with his way of thinking what with us ruining the planet and all.

     This was published on October 17th, 2018 but I was headed to the North Carolina mountains with the family so I had no time to share my opinion last week.   I figure better late than never.  My thoughts are the same and you can gather what was said in this guy's column from my comments.  His column was  published on October 16th on the opinions page (Educated doesn't necessarily equal intelligent).   Compromise, compromise, compromise....  it's a dirty word in our "Age of Incompetence".

Here it is :

     If you want to understand the "climate change deniers", look no further than the article written by Bruce Stevenson in today's Orlando Sentinel.  The first paragraph eviscerates Governor Scott with an extremely nasty, personal attack so  he alienated at least half the readers right off the bat.  He goes on to elaborate that tax cuts,  deregulations, and "climate change deniers" are behind the woes of modern day Florida.   Okay, now they're the enemy.  The irony is I believe climate change is a problem, but I don't think it's helpful to write sanctimonious lectures that demonize people who don't agree with our opinion.  The vicious hurricanes recently are an indication of trouble with the planet.  Isn't it time to come together with solutions that are both business friendly and backed by academic findings ?  The lack of compromise in the minds of Americans has made all of us, even college professors, dumb in my humble opinion. 

Chuck Marshall 

.......In My Humble Opinion.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Time for a Third Party

    Most of the government's time is spent fighting itself through both parties. They move heaven and earth to hurt each other, never mind the needs of our country. Compromise is rarely considered because they don't want to upset their "base". I think we need to consider some way to remove parties from the election and governing process OR perhaps mandate a third, moderate party that will end this stalemate ? You who are reading this has that power according to the constitution. It's just a matter of organizing and resisting the fear tactics of the "powers that be".