Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya: We Should Be There, Unfortunately

Once again, the United States is in the position of "nation building" as we rush over to Africa along with our "allies" from the United Nations to "save" the innocent civilians of Libya. Blah, blah, blah.... yes, we have heard this before: in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Kuwait, in Lebanon, in Israel, in Nicaragua, in Vietnam, in Korea, for heaven's sake in ALL of Europe before WWII (The United Kingdom, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, all those little countries in central Europe) and the rest of Europe AFTER WWII (Germany, Austria, Italy) and ... Japan ! That's what we do people, so nobody should be surprised we're doing this.... again. Do I like it? Of course not ! But, we are still the leader of this recession racked, earthquake shaken planet and if we don't take the lead on moral issues of the world, then nobody will. Then it would be a matter of time that all the despots and dictators will slither out of their hiding places and feel emboldened to seize power and start slaugthering those that get in their way. Because we can stop that, we have to do it. We are the Queen on the chessboard, always lurking in the corner ready to sweep down when roaches like Muammar Gadaffi forget their place. It is the Christian thing to do, it is the American thing to do.

Are there times when it's founded on self-interest, ie, for Oil? Of course ! But I don't see that to be the case here. Libya has oil, but we don't buy any of their oil, and their share of the world's oil market is not significant.

I pray there comes a day in our lifetime that this is simply not necessary, that all the countries of the world have stable democracies and a "world police" is not necessary. How do we make that happen? You got me, but we are active in Libya, and unfortunately, it is necessary.

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