Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Don't Like Your Party- But I Like Your Candidate

Well, I guess since the GOP's big convention is coming up I better start remarking on the upcoming election, after all, this is a political blog !

As an Independent, I try to see both sides of issues.  Someone once implied that I'm a moderate more than an Independent and there's a lot of truth to that.  If there was a party that offered compromise, duality, and an intelligent approach to governing then I would join that party.  Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist today.

Today we have the Republican party swaying more to the right than ever before.  They are joined at the hip with the "mouth breathing" Tea Party.  They are unyielding on abortion and hypocritically push their "no government involvement" philosophy with the glaring exception of the American bedroom.   They dismiss all defense of the environment as a "liberal" conspiracy and deny any problems with global warming therefor leaving our big mess to grow ever worse for our children.  They go on about the "middle class" when in reality, they are in the back pocket of most of the corporate lobbyists on K street and consistently kill any attempt to close corporate loopholes.  They kiss up to the evangelicals with no intention of following through on their promises.  (No group is more used by the GOP than the right wing evangelicals) They are in full support of cutting absolutely everything in government with the exception of the military.  Never the military because they love America being the world's cop, and they have no problem sending our young men to die for the problems of other countries.  They refuse to compromise.  I don't like them.  

But as I have mentioned before during the primaries, I have liked Romney from the beginning.  He is relatively moderate, he is faithful, he has impeccable morals.  He has experience running a business and experience getting companies out of trouble.  Now he has a running mate who also has  impeccable credentials, he is a straight shooting "numbers" guy, he sees the national debt and runaway spending as a very serious problem AND he has realistic solutions to this issue.  I like them.

My support is for Mitt Romney in this election and I will definitely be voting for him. That is assuming there will be no  "Joe Paterno" like shocker occurring.  In my next blog I will elaborate on the problems I see with President Obama and why I think he should be fired by the American people.

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