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Monday, April 15, 2013

US Must End War with Itself

Below, published as "My Word" column in April 8 Op-Ed page in the Orlando Sentinel.  

Recently there was an article here in the Orlando Sentinel titled "GOP study:  Party alienates".    I am an "ex-Republican" since 2004, so I was interested in what was upsetting the "GOP" these days and I admit I read the article with gusto.   It mentioned all the usual labels they struggle with; Homophobes, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-science, "party of the rich".  For me, the problem with the Republicans is that they are.... a party.    There's nothing they could do to bring me back because I think the act of governing is almost NEVER "black and white", but to them and their Democratic adversaries EVERYTHING is "black and white".   Both parties alienate!   It is not to their advantage to solve any problems, only to bring them up as the fault of the other party.  These parties are not leading Americans after they are elected they are leading Democrats and Republicans.  We are all victims of a government that is very much at war with itself.   What we need are men and women who can lead us on a path forward to prosperity through effective government that discusses ideas without immediately categorizing possible solutions as "right" or "left" but rather as "effective" or "ineffective". 
There is an initiative going on in our state right now.  It’s called the "The Top Two Open Primary Initiative”.  It aims to enact elections in which all registered voters may participate regardless of political party affiliation. Only the Top Two winners by majority vote would advance to the General Election.    As an Independent, choosing between the two candidates that have already been pre-chosen by the parties robs me of my constitutional right to fair representation.   In recent years these candidates have become more and more extreme to the right and left wings of each party, making the selection ever more odious for moderates.    The "Top Two Open Primary Initiative" addresses these issues.   Ultimately, all candidates would be more tuned into offering realistic solutions to the general population.  This should yield a more “action oriented” and a “results driven” government as compared to the never-ending “dog fight” we’ve all become so accustomed to.      
 We all want the same things; a clean environment, a prosperous economy,   effective schools, a healthy population, peace.  Does anyone realistically think that the major political parties with their child-like tantrums, partisan bickering, lobbyist buddies will ever deliver these things?   The only solution is to end this stranglehold the parties have on power in our country today.     

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