Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Left Wing Media Witch Hunt

Keeping the Black Man Down

By Chuck Marshall

     I've been fascinated and disgusted by the media and its reaction to Ben Carson.  The "second place in the polls" Republican candidate has been the object of great ridicule by the media (with the exception of Fox, of course).  Chris Matthews referred to him as "disgusting" for a comment he made about fighting back a mass killer.  "Disgusting"?    An Ivy league professor referred to him as a "coon".  GQ had a headline "FUC* YOU BEN CARSON", apparently outraged that he had the audacity to speak his opinion without being ultra careful about his "politically correct" speech patterns.   With Ben Carson, they are so very quick to scrutinize !  The left leaning media are the "thought police" of our day.  (I don't mean that Fox and the conservative media are innocent, but I'll leave that for another day to rant about).

    Why don't they pay attention to the issues at hand and the candidate's experience and ideas for our country?    Always, they come up with "if this happened, what would you do?" questions to try and trap people with comments that don't suit their agenda.   The only exception to this rule is regarding Mr. President Obama who can say and do practically anything but they don't dare question his motives or leadership abilities lest they be labeled a "racist" by their fellow "thought police" in other news organizations.  Such courtesy is not extended to Ben Carson who is black,  but he's not the black they need him to be.... a black man who will agree with all of their worldviews.  What's worst of all ?  He's a devout Christian who refers to creationism as more than just a "fantasy" that they have decided that it is.  In a nutshell, he doesn't think like they do.  Bad !

       So, they stir the pot.  Once again, they have turned it all into an "us vs them" issue  where everything must be condensed into a left vs right issue.  It is this static philosophy that is holding us down.  They are suppose to be scrutinizing everyone in government and questioning all candidates about what they are going to do to fix the problems of modern America.  What has this to do with the majority of their questioning?   What's more curious, is how can they ask Ben Carson very tough "gotcha" questions and leave Donald Trump essentially unquestioned.  The Donald has made far more outrageous declarations in the last months.  Shipping all illegal immigrants by rounding them up and loading them up on  trains "a la" Nazi Germany?   I hear barely a whimper from the left.  Why?  Because he's white and all that is to be expected.  He fits their narrative perfectly.  No need to question him, let his egomania speak for itself.  Besides, he's so entertaining !

     After watching Wolf Blitzer interrogate, I mean interview Ben Carson on Sunday I have come to a conclusion about the mainstream media.  They are highly bigoted.  They are bigoted against any person of color who has the nerve to be conservative.  They are bigoted against any minority who does not subscribe to their "victim" mentality that "big brother" wants them to take.  You see, if someone you speak up for and defend in your every day conversation starts taking the side of what you see as the problem  (In this case, white conservatives) then you begin foaming at the mouth.

Their narrative goes something like this;
     "How dare this "non-white" person take any philosophy other than that we, the media, have already concluded ?   The white MALE conservative is the evil one and pointing the finger at anyone else  (least of all yourself,) is highly forbidden.  Personal responsibility?  "Bullshi*!"  The white MALE has been putting you down for all these centuries and it's only us..... the mostly white media who can help you up.  Not yourself !"

    They believe that only the government can atone for all the outrages against people of color for the past 500 years.  They  concluded long ago, that  each individual African American, Latin American, Native American is not capable of taking care of him or herself.   You see, with this passive aggressive "you need our help" philosophy  they continue to put down people of color.  There is a complete and total lack of respect towards the abilities of the minority population.   Ben Carson makes them fear that maybe they aren't the superior ones after all.

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