Friday, November 1, 2019

Going Local to Combat the Loco

By Chuck Marshall

lo·co 1

adj. Slang
Mentally deranged; crazy.
n. pl. lo·cos

    I've come to the conclusion that the only way we as a people will ever get past this stale-mate we having going in our lunatic government and society is to become empowered at the local level.  What does that mean ?  I mean do all you can to buy local, to shop local, to vote locally and to bring power back to the local government away from DC.

     I was in a "Levis" store at an upscale shopping area in Orlando (Disney Springs- if you're familiar)  yesterday when I came across a rack of belts.  The belts looked nice and I could really use a belt.  I liked the colors but all the labeling had been altered  so that the measurements  accommodated foreign buyers.  So what about American buyers ?  Oh well, I started to walk away in frustration but I really liked the color of one of the belts  I persisted, and found one that would work for me.  I reviewed the belt and held it in my hands and smelled the rich leather smell and then glanced at the tag one more time.  "Made in China" it said.  I put it back.  I'll be damned if I'm supporting that communist government one more time and I shutter to think how those factory workers are treated and paid to get that belt to the USA at such a competitive price.  Never mind. 

     The same goes for our government.  The Federal government "lords" over us from Washington, DC telling us how we should act, how we should marry, how we should hunt, how we should use our guns, etc.... If you and your neighbors don't want automatic weapons  around because you think they are causing mass shootings then you should be able to vote to outlaw them.  Why does that solution have to apply to all Americans ?   Same thought for abortion.  If you feel a fetus is a living being at conception or at birth and so do most of your neighbors then that's the law you should institute.  I want a belt that was made locally and that offers labeling and language that I understand.  I want to support the local businessman and/or craftsman or artist.  That's what will bring vibrancy and sanity to our world.   Power to the local government, power to the little guys.  Power to families.  Down with oppressive international corporations and governments. 

In My Humble Opinion....


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