Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Media Should Look in the Mirror to Understand Trump Victory


     One of the more aggravating aspects of the election this year, to me, was how totally biased the Media was in favor of Hillary Clinton.  A massive 75% in a USA Today poll stated they believed the media was biased in favor of Hillary, and only 7% thought they favored Trump.  Even handed reporting, huh ?  I think this had a lot to do with Trump's victory.  Americans like an underdog, and boy was Trump the underdog in this election.   With the exception of Fox News, all of the media piled on Trump - tearing and smearing his every action.  He was treated with open contempt and offered almost no respect so much so that the first debate dwindled into an argument between the moderator and Trump.   Clinton won all three debates, but there was a surprise in all that.  It didn't matter.  I believe people thought the entire event was unfair and they ended up pulling for Trump because he kept on fighting.  He never let up.  He never wavered.  They might not like him, but by God the man has gumption and temerity and fight.   

     In addition, it was obvious that the media not only were pulling for Clinton, they were also self assured that all the masses out in the vast wasteland of middle America would certainly put down their corn cobs and vote logically, as the elite media had instructed them.  This did not happen, and you could visibly see the talking heads waver and  shake in their Italian shoes the night of the election returns.  After all  the negative attention towards Donald Trump they were in shock that their instructions weren’t followed by the people !    

     As offensive as some of Donald's  comments were to me,  I watched with glee as the mainstream media and the party system (both parties) took a punch in the mouth.   Donald Trump won on  a promise to clean up Washington, DC and for pushing against the establishment which not only includes the political parties and multinational corporations but also the massive media organizations that have deemed themselves "king makers".    Biased headlines directing Americans how they should think smacks of Soviet Communism and their puppet newspaper "Pravda".   They should all be ashamed of themselves as their yellow journalism is a bigger danger to American liberty than Donald Trump.

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