Thursday, February 25, 2016

In Trump's Mind; You're a Loser

By Chuck Marshall

Ironic Fact:  "To fool or deceive" in French is translated "Trompe"

Let me first confess my position.  With all due respect to his ambitious plans for an "amazing wall"  and his plans to make us all winners.......such winners that we're "going to get sick of winning"......  I don't understand a vote for Donald Trump unless the voter has no need for any real solutions.  I have not heard one yet from Trump.  

If you listen to Trump, a lot of his positions are actually business savvy and make sense to  frustrated Americans looking for answers, but they are woefully short on solutions that could really be implemented.   He vents.  The  best example of that is the impossibility of deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants back to their origin as soon as he is President.  Yes, he could enforce the law more strictly (and he should)  but due process is a necessity that he conveniently leaves out of his tirades.   Trump (and now Cruz!)  is only too happy to let uninformed Americans believe that power would come to him miraculously as President (don't ask him how!).   Really the only way he could maneuver that would be if he became a tyrant through some sort of collapse in our government and then proceeded to order it done by his military minions.   That is, of course,  unlikely but with the ego we've witnessed in Trump I'm not totally convinced it hasn't lurked around in his gigantic head.  "Telling it like it is" is all fine and dandy but the power and ability to do these things you rage displays his lack of experience and, to be perfectly frank, his lack of intelligence.  Still, a huge percentage of Republicans seem to follow him like the Pied Piper.  On they march right over a cliff.

Republican voters around the country need to think about this really hard as they have a decision to make in the next month.  Do you  really want such a person representing your party in the general election ?   He is already known and the majority of the public has made up their minds about Trump.  He is an egomaniac, he's crude, he's inexperienced, he's not eloquent, he holds a grudge, he mocks disabled people, he disrespects women, he feeds off anger, he argues with the pope, he provokes the Muslims, he alienates our allies, he's a poor winner, he's a poor loser, and in some ways he's just plain "weird".   To a large  extent, you can decide whether or not Hillary Clinton will be our next president because I doubt his ability to beat her given his personality and lack of experience.   She waits and watches as Republicans vote with rage for her favorite option.  You are on a chess board and you can see the opponent's queen lurking and waiting.  Don't move the pawn to expose your King in the very next move for a check -mate.  You have a choice to make, don't throw a glass of water on the fire and expect to save your house.   You have a choice to  make, don't try a quarterback sneak when a field goal would win the game.

My fellow Americans, I know that if Trump read this blog he would call me a "nobody" and a "loser" and any other personal insult he could come up with.  Don't think for a moment he thinks anything more of you.

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