Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reality TV With Real Consequences Part 3

By Chuck Marshall


Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie

Carly"one hit wonder" Fiorina

The face that Donald Trump famously chastised !  "Who would vote for a face like that?" he exclaimed.  "Not Nice"  Donald.  Anyway, I think she looks fine.  The thing about Carly is her voice is a little monotone and she always seems to be trying to "out-tough" the guys on stage.  Where's the charm?  Also, she mentions Hillary Clinton too much, implying it would be a great "woman vs woman" match.  Ho Hum.   I'm  a little concerned about her track record at Hewlett Packard which doesn't sound like she really did that good.  But, in all fairness I'm not interested enough to research the facts on this.  Carly had a great debate a while back when she took on Donald Trump with her quick wit but that was her one shining moment.  She never caught on and then she was sent to the "kiddie table" debate which  I've already explained is the kiss of death.  Now we  have the New Hampshire debate and she's pitching a fit because she's not included in the debate.    Her poll numbers aren't high enough.  To her hissy fit I say;  "this rule didn't bother you when you qualified, Carly"  

Final Verdict: Carly had one bright moment but she never caught on.  She's a "one hit wonder".

Chris Christie

Chris "Big Bully" Christie

     This is the first candidate in this series that still has a chance to win the nomination.  But he won't.
Am I the only one that sees him as the Eddie Haskel of this race ?   When he's trying to seem sincere it seems so fake.  "That's a lovely dress  you're wearing Mrs. Cleaver".  I know he also talks tough, but I think that's actually his only personality... the rest is fake.  I have a personal dislike of Chris Christie.

   Chris Christie will never live down the "bridge" controversy where it was revealed that as governor his "people" (he knew nothing about it - ha ha) used a bridge closing and clogged traffic to get back at a political enemy.   I don't remember the details but I do NOT believe that he was ignorant of the situation.  Also, in the New Hampshire debate (last night at this writing) he proved himself to be a bit of a bully with nasty attacks on Marco Rubio that I thought were ugly and personal and revealed his "win at all costs" attitude no matter how he has to do it.  He's Donald Trump minus the charm.

Final Verdict;  He's guilty of being a typical slimy politician who really likes his donuts.

I have another "who's that ?"

Governor  Jim Gilmore- Republican (Virginia)

Jim "Who?" Gilmore

I also need to fill in the blanks going back to the beginning of this election by listing the following as "also rans".  They don't get comments because they dropped out too early, all before Christmas.  Sorry guys !  (but that's actually a good thing for a couple of them)

Rick Perry
Lindsey Graham
Bobby Jindal
Scott Walker
Jim Webb (Democrat)


Ben Carson and John Kasich

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