Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Republicans Determined to Reelect President Obama

I have watched with fascination as the Republican party works ceaselessly to make sure Obama is reelected.    Each of the "nominees" during the debates has gone way out of his way to magnify how much they cannot stand Obama to the cheers of the audiences, but if anyone is paying attention they will know that they seem to be doomed to lose to the President.  Why?   Each month there is another nominee seen as the front runner.   Most recently it was Gingrich, before that it was Herman Caine, before that Rick Perry, and before that Michelle Bachmann.  All of these are seen as the "anti" Romney nominees.  What's wrong with Romney?  He had the audacity to pass some sort of health care program that the people of his state, Massachusettes, actually wanted. In other words, he obeyed the wishes of the people.  As he has been crucified by the far right for this high treason, most Americans agree that SOME sort of health care reform is necessary and even more Americans believe it is the right of each state to set their own path.  But, since Obama focused the first two years of his presidency on health care,  the far right Republicans refuse to accept anyone who has even muttered such a thought to themselves.  

For some reason the Republicans think if they pick the correct "right wing" nominee the rest of the country will see the error of their ways and will fall in love with Bachmann/Perry/Caine/Gingrich and so all will vote for Bachmann/Perry/Caine/Gingrich and the country will finally be on the "right" path and we will all sing "hosana" in thanks to them for their wisdom.

What will really happen?   If the Republicans continue to park their brains in neutral, they will select someone far to the right and they will proceed to have their bottoms kicked all over the country from Florida to New York to Ohio to California and we will all watch as their hated "socialist" (a word they use waaaaaay to loosely) enemies rally in that same park in Chicago to cheer on President Obama to his second term.
The only way the Republicans will win the Presidency is if they choose Romney or some other moderate such as Huntsman.  It really doesn't take that much intelligence to figure this out.  So.... go ahead and nominate Bachmann/Perry/Caine/Gingrich my Republican friends and I hope you enjoy the election process while you and your ideals are humiliated in front of the entire country.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letter Published in Orlando Sentinel- November 3, 2011

Kept meaning to post this, finally managed to do it !  Thanks to all of you who continue to read.  I will be posting some ramblings regarding the most recent developments within the Republican party titled; 

 "Republicans Determined to get Obama Reelected".... stay tuned. 

Anyway, this published Orlando Sentinel, November 3 2011

"Lobbyists make mockery of representative government"

Thanks to the letter writer John D. Towns for his comments Saturday ("Lobbyists would still loom, if incumbents were gone"). The public really needs to understand this fact: Their right to be heard is being undermined by the lobbyists' power and money.
Power and money are what inclines our government toward action. That is why we have a web of laws and tax loopholes that make no sense. That is why each election is another round of the same thing.
As long as money is the grease that lubes the engine of elections, we will have this circle. A representative government no longer exists either in the United States or in Florida and the recent restrictions on voter registration here in Florida underscores that "of the people, by the people and for the people" is a reality only for the naive and gullible.
Charles E. Marshall Clermont

In My Humble Opinion,
Chuck Marshall