Monday, March 6, 2017

Who's doing the Tapping ?

     Okay, I think I've finally gotten my anger at the media out of my system.  I threw it up all over this blog for three weeks.  Sorry about that !  But, I DO feel better.  I'm a proud and fiercely "independent" American,  I tend to get "unglued" over partisan media.   They stop focusing on the story and focus on the bias,  so I learn almost nothing and become agitated and frustrated.   I am always thinking of a question that they should ask, but they're too busy trying to make the "other" side look bad to ask pertinent questions.  The progressive media is especially irritating since they are the losers this year and they just cannot let it go.   Give me information not rumors ! It's very hard to find good journalism and it's something we really need in our country.  One big exception, off the top of my head, is Chris  Wallace of Fox News.   He is one of the few "real" journalists on cable news and I have enormous respect for him.

     Anyway, the topic this week has been wire-tapping.  I'm very confused.  The New York Times and CNN reported of wire tapping during the election at Trump Tower and between Flynn and the Russian ambassador and there have been gobs of leaks coming out of the White House from SOMEONE who is apparently listening in on conversations and then feeding that information to the media.   So, now Prez Trump says "I believe that Obama tapped my phone during the election" and everybody and their little brother is acrimonious !?   Isn't it true that President Obama would have at least known about Trump's candidacy being monitored electronically ?   Is all this "hoopla" because he came out and "said it" ?   Trump often "says the un-sayable" so  I think we all need to get use to that.  It's so weird, like an elephant in the room that only certain people are allowed to point out.  To quote the Prez "Very Strange !".  There is wire tapping going on all over DC and it sounds rampant.  I'd like it stopped, so Mr. & Mrs. Journalist do your job and figure out what's happening.  To narrow down to one sentence;  "Who is doing the wiretapping in our government and are laws being broken when it happens?".  That's what most reasonable,  Chuck Marshall type of people are wanting to know.  THANK YOU.

**Regarding my previous few blogs, I feel the need to clarify one more thing, because I'm not sure I was very clear.  I'm not saying all media is treasonous 'nor am I suggesting they should be restricted in any way.   I'm just saying that taking information from a leaked source and anonymous sources seems treasonous to me.  They're working to bring down a duly elected President and no matter how obnoxious he is, he still won and he has not broken any law as far as I can tell.  Ergo,  please don't  go getting all" Democrat" on me over this with your fake shock at criticism of the media.  As if they're such little helpless sheep ?   Meryl Streep professed a few months ago that "we need to protect our journalists".  Who's going to protect us from them ?