Thursday, November 30, 2017

Am I still in the Middle ?

By Chuck Marshall

Dear loyal readers of "Marshall in the Middle",

     I wanted to drop a few words and do some explaining for my absence.  I've been pondering a name change for my blog as my personal opinions have evolved over the last year and I cannot say, in all honesty, that I am a moderate.  After long thought and pondering for our country's future I don't think being moderate is the answer.   Perhaps in the future, it will be more compelling ?  I don't know.  The behavior of the media, the left (one in the same thing) has led me to consider the media (specifically the mainstream media- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, and NYTimes) as essentially an enemy to the people.  The biased media is leading the left and Democrats to no longer accepting a democratically elected president.  The people voted Donald Trump president, and to deny this or to refuse to accept it is alarming to me.  It isn't "left leaning",  it's refusing the people their choice.  With all acknowledgment of Trump's crass personality and his massive ego, he won.

     The irony is if they had just acted fairly I would not be anywhere near this decision.  But, you cannot continue to play games of politics when you know no matter what happens, one team will deny the success of the other and the refs (the media) are on the side of the Democrats.  The expectation now, is to watch the game on the field and see a winner, but have the loser refuse to accept the loss and consequently the referee agrees with the loser.  That opinion and attitude is the end of compromise.  I believe we are at an epic change in our society- a renaissance of democracy and our republic to returning the power to the people.  I will do all I can do endorse and encourage ideas of the political thought that are on the side of the individual.  Not the government, not a party, not the ruling class, not the corporations, not Hollywood, not the lobbyists.  The individual human is where my passion runs and I feel the only answer for me, you, us and all the world is to deliver liberty and justice back to the person.  I am now content to be a registered Republican (as I have no choice in Fla if I want to vote in primaries) but am closest to being a Libertarian if I have to choose.   I'm for the the little guy who struggles and works hard and just wants the game to be fair.  That's all.