Friday, March 30, 2018

Letter Published in Orlando Sentinel - Gun Control

By Chuck Marshall

The Orlando Sentinel once again flatters me by publishing one of my letters, this one rather stinging towards them so I'm a bit surprised they published it.  This is in regards to a feature they have every week where they herald one person and criticize another with a brief outline of what was said.  It's called Bravo VS Boos.  They held up a US Representative from Florida who, I guess, "came to his senses" on gun control.  That didn't set too well with me, so I wrote the following.

Thanks Orlando Sentinel !!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Right to Vote not the Right to Guess

By Chuck Marshall

Some groups want everyone to be able to vote because they know the more people that vote then the broader selection of idiots you'll have who don't understand anything about how our government works. Illegals, high school students, let them vote and watch their ignorance carry us to tyranny. I say all who vote must demonstrate a clear understanding of the constitution, the bill of rights, and a working knowledge of how our government works. We owe this to our posterity.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hillary: I Lost Because Most Americans are Rednecks

By Chuck Marshall

Among other things.

       Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an overseas  audience in India this week that her 2016 election loss came at the hands of “backwards”-looking voters who “didn’t like black people getting rights” or women in the workplace.   Mrs. Clinton blamed racists and sexists with an acute hatred for black people. She also cited racism against Indians in her explanation to an Indian audience.  So that's what did it !   It could be said she should be left alone or she should be ignored., but she  should never be allowed to rest when it was her who emphasized that the loser of the election MUST accept the results and if they didn't it was a danger to our Democracy. Remember that ? I've lost all patience with Clinton and really most Democrats. Their cozy relationship with the media and the federal bureaucracy mixed with the contempt for many of us as mentioned above leads me to conclude that the Democrats are under the control of forces hostile to our country.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Leadership Not Eloquence

By Chuck Marshall

     Donald Trump is not eloquent but that's alright.

     I remember watching G.H.W Bush and cringing at his speeches and comments.   The man was not eloquent 'nor did he seem especially smart.  He inherited his father's place in American leadership because of his name.  Barack Obama was a "breath of fresh air" after 8 years of Mr. "nucular" he spoke well and his speeches where beautifully strung together.  I had hopes that he would rise to the occasion and bring the country together as a moderate African-American Democrat.  Perhaps he, with his words, could help bind our country to a new beginning and fix Washington.

     Fast forward 8 years and I have to say I was highly disillusioned with him by the time he left  office.  His inability to deal with Congress and his hard left tactics did harm to our country.  The executive branch of government has been polluted with hard left bureaucrats that don't want to leave.  Obama and his staff along with all the agencies and paper pushers that they love so much orchestrated a government beholden to the ruling elite of Washington and corporate America.   Today we are finding out that even the FBI may have been used to tip the balance in the last elections in favor of the Democrats.  That's not fixing Washington !   So all that eloquence that came out of his mouth proved itself to be nothing but bloviance. 

     Today we have Donald Trump.  He is not eloquent and a huge percent of Democrats thing he is quite literally an "idiot".  The "legacy" media certainly agrees.  What they don't seem to understand is that eloquence and intelligence do not necessarily go together.  If they're referring to "book smart" -  then they're correct,  he is not.   I see Trump as a very intelligent man but  I'm referring to his "street smarts" not his education 'nor his tact.  The fact of the matter is  "Book Smart" will never clean up Washington, DC and neither will tact.  It's too late for eloquence and tact.  The days of calm reflection are over when our borders are left wide open, dictators bully us and our allies, and our ruling elite see no problem spending us and our children into $20 Trillion worth of debt.  We need action, and I think we're seeing that in Donald Trump.   Perhaps eventually we can bring back an eloquent President and enjoy the gestures and ringing oratory of a Lincoln or a Kennedy or a Reagan, but for now, we need Trump with all his brashness, unpleasantness, tactlessness, and tweets.  Today in 2018, we need Trump.    

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Parade of Empty Headed Peacocks - Tonight !

By Chuck Marshall

     Here in Orlando there use to be a luxury Hotel that had a tradition of parading ducks through the lobby of the Hotel every day at 5PM, or something like that.  It was a big deal, and tourists would take their photos and get a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

     There is another parade of birds going on in Beverly Hills, CA tonight but it's not ducks, it's peacocks and America isn't really laughing it's either gagging or -if your as empty headed as the peacocks- you're "ogling" at their perfumery.  They all make me sick, and they have for a long time. Long before the Trump phenom. I'm glad that much of the rest of the country now sees them for the pontificating, self-congratulating, hypocritical, empty-headed twits they truly are. What animal eats peacocks ? I know- Harvey Weinstein also known as Meryl Streep's God.

Have a great one !