Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tea Party a Cancer on the Republican Party

When I first heard of the Tea Party back in 2009-2010, I thought to myself;  "Oh good,  a group of people that understand what this country needs is to go back to its roots".   I had just read Common Sense by Thomas Paine (a masterpiece !) and also the biography of John Adams, one of my favorite founding fathers.  These men were true patriots.  Intelligent, passionate, committed studs who helped establish the foundation of our country with bedrock ideas and truly brilliant solutions to the challenge of governing a fledgling nation.
As the weeks and months went by I came to realize that the "Tea Party" is nothing like our founding fathers and that they in no way resemble patriots.  If anything they are a pack of traitors that wishes all actions of our President to fail miserably so they can point to his failure as proof of their superior philosophy, no matter the harm done to ordinary Americans.  They pretend to celebrate our founding fathers but in what way is that true?  Our founding fathers understood that to govern the people that it's important that the opinions of ALL the people be heard and that a compromise was absolutely essential.  The Tea Party wants its own way or it's the highway and it will do whatever it takes to block the "other side" from getting what it wants.   No one person or group of people have all the answers, and the governing philosophy that embraces such a concept is not a Democracy or a Republic but would best be referred to as a Fascist state.    

Many of the core ideas of the Republican party use to coincide with my philosophy;  personal responsibility, self reliance, small business virtues.  Today, with the help of the Tea Party I now think of them as  uncompromising, unsympathetic, selfish, anti-environment, and anti-science.  They're incapable of even conceiving of agreement with the other branches of government - a critical function of our leadership.  So, what has happened to Congress as a consequence ?   They are less popular than roaches and communists a recent survey revealed and absolutely nothing gets done, because any sort of productive legislation requires the two parties agree on SOMETHING !

Now, with national health care,  they are bound and determined to stop Obamacare.  I don't know that much about Obamacare 'nor do I have any idea if it will work. I do know that it was legislated by a government controlled by the Democrats in 2009 that was elected by the American people.  So, if the Republicans want to repeal Obamacare then they should take back the government and repeal it !  That's how it works.  The way they're doing it sets a dangerous precedent that whatever is done by one party will be in danger of being blocked by the other party through threats of government shutdowns and the defunding  of  legislation that was legally written by a previous Congress.  When does it ever end?  That's something for the Tea Party to consider;  "If you do get control of the government, the Democrats will never let you get anything done.  So, stick that lump of sugar in your cup and drink it."