Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cuba the Paradise

Our Senator Marco Rubio from Florida went off today on Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa who explained that he had just gotten back from Cuba and then referred to it as a "paradise".  Marco Rubio, being from a family that fled Cuba before he was born  had a few words of protest for the Senator from Iowa for referring to this totalitarian regime as a "paradise".  (Watch this video- I've attached the link below). I know that Cuba is always a source of controversy in our country but I really feel he is totally justified in this heart felt speech.    The passion and anger is palpable - he tells it like it is.   My wife fled Cuba with her parents in 1985, so I have heard first hand how bad it is there and how much the rights of the people are truly ignored.   No right to protest, no right to own property, no right to elect your leaders, no right assemble, no right to worship, no right to do anything except exist.  That's what life is in Cuba., it's existing not living.  A paradise?  No matter the details of "why" Senator Harkin referred to Cuba in this manner, he and all the other dimwits form Hollywood and the Democratic party need to watch their tongue and think long and hard before they start praising a country that treats it's people with such contempt and neglect.    Most Americans really have no understanding of how bad communism is and some Republicans even refer to Obama as a communist.  This  minimizes how truly bad it is.  Call Obama a socialist all day long, but referring to him as a communist disrespects the poor individuals in Cuba, North Korea., Venezuela, Cuba and yes even the almighty China who live every day in silent desperation that their lives have been robbed by the soul-less philosophy and form of government that Communism truly is.  Paradise?  I'd rather live in the frigid Arctic or the barren desert a free man than as a slave to my government  in contemporary Cuba.

In My Humble Opinion

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am therefor I Twitter

Twitter me this, and twitter me that.....

I've finally broken down and set up a twitter account.  I had been a refuse-nik on Twitter for a long time because I can't stand the name., but then I figured it would be a nice complement to my blog since sometimes I don't have much to say but a little blurb anyway.  A lot of times I mostly ramble inane thoughts and comments so Twitter should work out well.

Anyway, my twitter account is;

I will twitter when I have a new blog posted..

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