Friday, December 13, 2019

Trump Impeachment

By Chuck Marshall

Dear gentle readers- 

      I wrote a strongly worded letter to the Orlando Sentinel that - so far- they have not printed so instead of letting a good letter go to waste, I've decided to publish it on my little blog.  Enjoy !  

     "I refer to two articles in your newspaper.  The first; "America's global influence declining" and your editorial regarding the Trump impeachment on the opinions page.   (Aren't both articles opinions ? )  As the world's largest economy that is now booming, I assure you the United States still has influence.  The story referenced some NATO leader's of Europe gossiping about Trump as a clear indicator we no longer influence them but then deeper in the article it was finally mentioned that Trump coaxed (aka influenced)  our NATO  "allies" to spend billions more for their own defense.   Also, there was a lot of  reference to China and Russia stepping in as an influence to American allies.   Perhaps they are but the American people are not responsible for the world except as an example to a better society.  Americans elected Trump to get us away from never -ending wars,  allies that take advantage,  bad trade deals,  bloated government, and a privileged class of media and corporations that are vastly more interested in their own money and lives and blood than those of  the American individual.  Joe Biden has participated in Washington politics since 1973.   I'm sure he deserved questions asked of his and his son's activity towards the Ukranian government.  Veiled threats to a foreign government are not appropriate at all,  but worth impeachment ?  I don't think so.  You prefer nice and polite criminals running our government over effective changes.  I want DC fixed and listening to me, not each other." 

In My Humble Opinion 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Bigotry Hides Behind Sanctimony

By Chuck Marshall

      The Democrats love to call Donald Trump a racist.   They call anyone they disagree with a racist.  It's their favorite word... racist this and racist that.  Is Trump racist ?  Are they right ? If you google search Donald Trump and racist you'll see both sides argue their point that he is or is not a racist.    IMHO he is to a certain extent as we all are.   We all have positive and negative opinions of people based on their race and it's nearly impossible to avoid that.  It's called being human.  We tend to want to categorize people.  It's natural and can be a positive thing also.  Different groups have different skill sets.   In the end we are all children of God and deserving of full respect and kindness in addition to full protection of the law and equal opportunity.  "Viva la difference!" as the French say.

      Has Donald Trump done something in his presidency to indicate unusually bigoted and or racist opinions ?  Not that I've seen.   He actually seems to have done more for African Americans than even Barack Obama IMHO.   Black unemployment is at an all time low, for example.  If you look at his younger years he was also given awards by different black groups for various charity activities involving African Americans.   He dated a black lady for a while.   His son in law,  whom he trusts and has given quite a bit of power,  is Jewish.  How is all this racist ?

      There is a case to be made though, that certain people tend to be more bigoted than others when it is their "modus operandi" to accuse all others.  As Joseph Stalin advised;  "Accuse them of what you're guilty of".   The Democrats that I mention above fall into that category.   Usually they're white liberals.  They are so hysterical,  vitriolic and accusatory that I can't help but wonder what really goes on in their minds.  Are they projecting ?  Do they harbor certain severe dislike of people of color so that they feel guilty and therefor accuse everyone else of "racism" simply because it reminds them of their own barbaric ideas ?  In other words, is it a guilty conscience ?   Are they insufferable,  sanctimonious,  self righteous twits because they know they could never hold a full conversation with a person of color without condescension and hidden contempt ?   There's also something innately racist to imply that all races besides white people need help.  So, I assume they don't think these people can really succeed on their own?  I'm curious, will they always need the valiant white liberal class to defend them against the other evil white people ?   I once had a black friend describe white liberals as "spooky" because she could never tell what they really thought.  Conservatives tend to cut to the truth and express themselves honestly.  Most believe all races are fully capable of helping themselves and the government should be only a tool to help them get out of poverty not the source of never ending handouts that chain them to defeat and victim mentality for generations. 

     All humans in all societies in all countries have some level of racism.  It goes with the territory of being a human being.  But, racism mixed with hatred is called bigotry.  Who's the bigot here,  Donald Trump or his accusers ?   

Friday, November 8, 2019

Republicans: Stop Being Stupid on the Environment

By Chuck Marshall

Dear loyal readers,

     As most of you know, I'm a registered Republican strictly because I have to choose a party to vote in the primary elections here in Florida.  Florida is a "closed primary state".   In addition, as someone with great passion for the power and liberty of the  individual,  I feel the Republicans fit that concept better than the Democrats.  So, I registered Republican but not enthusiastically.  (I dislike the party system in general).   The other choice, the Democrats, represent what I'm against-  more government, more bureaucracy,  more waste and less individual freedom in the name of "making things fair".   I loathe red tape and waste.  I hate that the government is so often involved in people's lives and our leaders hide behind the idea they are making things more "fair and equal" when what they're really doing is making the least of us more and more dependent on them.  They don't "empower" they enable thoughts and lifestyles of defeat and low self esteem.  The "nanny state" as conservatives call it, and rightfully so.

        There is one major topic that I disagree with the Republicans;  The environment.  I consider myself a "Greeny Republican".    Although, personal ideas and concepts of an effective government are that it be small and smart, not big and dumb as it is today there are cases where the power of the government is necessary.  Military defense and road systems are two obvious cases,  but I have to add the environment.   I have always been concerned for the issue of global warming (aka climate change) and the pollution of our beautiful planet.  I'm also a big advocate of protecting animals- endangered and domesticated that they may be kept safe and treated humanely.  I think it is the government's job to protect our planet and the animals because they are totally at our mercy.  We have to be good stewards of both.  God demands it, IMHO.  Nobody can protect the planet effectively unless the government is behind the effort.  This does not mean I think the government "has the answers",  but it does mean it can help secure a clean and healthy planet for all of us.  My logic is that it requires the world's governments to coordinate efforts to come up with real solutions to combat pollution of the oceans and keeping our air clean.    No private entity or corporation is capable of solving problems that involve the entire world- whatever that might be., so we do need government participation to protect the environment.  Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican by the way, was the first politician to go aggressively after the dangers of not taking care of the environment with the establishment of the national parks system and laws containing the greed of large land owners and corporations.

        Young people are moving towards the Democrats in droves because the Republicans are stuck on this "climate denial" insanity.  I think the Republicans would be wise to stop fighting global warming as a reality  and start coming up with solutions.   Is Climate Change "absolutely certain" ?  Not necessarily, but the odds are it is a problem and that's enough for me.  Let's take a similar scenario as an example.  Scientists have discovered a meteorite headed for our planet.  In 50 years it will arrive in our solar system but there is only a 20% chance it will hit us.  Would you say we should just "hope" for the best or would you say "we need to do all we can to make that zero %".   I think  most of us would agree to the later.  We only have one planet.  There are all kinds of "capitalist friendly" solutions to solving the issue of climate change.  In fact, I think that private enterprise has a much better chance of solving the problem than any stupid government but we must have the government behind the effort with incentives and guidance and the international cooperation as mentioned above.   So, Republicans stop being nihilistic and come up with some solutions to a problem that is most probably "real".   Ideas from conservatives and private enterprise are almost always superior to anything the Democrats and bureaucracy could come up with.  Come up with real solutions that we all can stand behind.   I think it will pay significant dividends for your party and for our planet.

In My Humble Opinion......

Friday, November 1, 2019

Going Local to Combat the Loco

By Chuck Marshall

lo·co 1

adj. Slang
Mentally deranged; crazy.
n. pl. lo·cos

    I've come to the conclusion that the only way we as a people will ever get past this stale-mate we having going in our lunatic government and society is to become empowered at the local level.  What does that mean ?  I mean do all you can to buy local, to shop local, to vote locally and to bring power back to the local government away from DC.

     I was in a "Levis" store at an upscale shopping area in Orlando (Disney Springs- if you're familiar)  yesterday when I came across a rack of belts.  The belts looked nice and I could really use a belt.  I liked the colors but all the labeling had been altered  so that the measurements  accommodated foreign buyers.  So what about American buyers ?  Oh well, I started to walk away in frustration but I really liked the color of one of the belts  I persisted, and found one that would work for me.  I reviewed the belt and held it in my hands and smelled the rich leather smell and then glanced at the tag one more time.  "Made in China" it said.  I put it back.  I'll be damned if I'm supporting that communist government one more time and I shutter to think how those factory workers are treated and paid to get that belt to the USA at such a competitive price.  Never mind. 

     The same goes for our government.  The Federal government "lords" over us from Washington, DC telling us how we should act, how we should marry, how we should hunt, how we should use our guns, etc.... If you and your neighbors don't want automatic weapons  around because you think they are causing mass shootings then you should be able to vote to outlaw them.  Why does that solution have to apply to all Americans ?   Same thought for abortion.  If you feel a fetus is a living being at conception or at birth and so do most of your neighbors then that's the law you should institute.  I want a belt that was made locally and that offers labeling and language that I understand.  I want to support the local businessman and/or craftsman or artist.  That's what will bring vibrancy and sanity to our world.   Power to the local government, power to the little guys.  Power to families.  Down with oppressive international corporations and governments. 

In My Humble Opinion....


Friday, October 25, 2019

How the Media Sold Me On Donald Trump

By Chuck Marshall


     The Donald.  Trump.  President Trump.  I don't think any single person has elicited such emotion from the general population as Donald Trump.  "Love him or hate him" should be his motto because that's how it is in America right now.  You either love him or hate him.  I actually don't love or hate him but I am amused by him and I understand what he's doing.  I've heard many Democrats go on about how stupid he is but if  there's one thing I can say with the utmost of confidence-  Donald Trump IS NOT stupid.   

     Before the elections of 2016 I hated Trump.  I thought he was exactly what all the Democrats think of him.  Just fill in the blank and that's what I thought of him !  Among the Republican candidates I was a very big Marco Rubio supporter.  I even did volunteer work for Rubio and registered as a Republican so I could vote for him in the primaries here in Florida.   Spanish speakers refer to him as "the silver tongued one" and he is in Spanish and in English,  IMHO. The reasons for my support were multiple, but I especially admire his great eloquence.  (something even Trumpkins cannot claim of The Donald is eloquence)   I still think Rubio is the smartest Republican of significant status in Washington, DC.   The mainstream media disliked Rubio because it was obvious he could beat Hillary Clinton,  so they attacked Rubio but left Trump alone during the primaries thinking there was "no way" Trump could beat Hillary.  This they lived to regret.   The conservative media disliked Rubio because he's always been open to negotiating with the Democrats and getting things done for a change in DC.

      My opinion of "The Donald"  changed on election night.  After mourning the defeat of Marco Rubio - who was clearly the best candidate IMHO- I dismissed all politics from my life and watched casually as "The Donald" and "Hillary" fought it out.  I watched the debates and considered it was like watching professional wrestling VS Greco Roman Wrestling.  Hillary was the strong "traditional" politician, Trump was the "no holds barred" outsider.  Neither really won the debates because neither was playing the same game.  In the end Trump won, of course, because he walked away with the election.

     My opinion of "The Donald" changed in the hours that he looked like he was going to win the election that Tuesday night.   My opinion changed because overnight I witnessed the mask on the Mainstream media come falling off their faces.  The normal "feigned neutrality" of media was in full tailspin over Trump's election and their Halloween masks slipped off as they revealed their preference for our leadership in government.   They prefer Democrats and their ideals of government control.  None of it was an illusion of the right, it was actually very true and they no longer hid it.  The rest of the story is the continual battle between them and "The Donald" as they and the Dems hilariously attempt to remove him from office for doing the very things their buddies in the Democratic party do with almost no accountability.

     After watching the shock of Donald Trump's election, it occurred to me that I might actually enjoy watching the professional wrestler take on the media conglomerates and their minions in the Democratic party.  I no longer felt ill at his insults to his political opponents and I enjoy the news conferences where he told the Democratic reporters what he really thought of them and their "fair" coverage.  I can't imagine Marco Rubio surviving the scathing attacks of the media but The Donald not only survives it,  he relishes it !  The irony is they are the cause of his success with their  primary coverage favoring Trump.  They fuel the fire of his obnoxious personality with their sanctimony and self righteous virtue signalling and shrill coverage over "non issues" that only matter to people who watch soap operas.  They and the Democrats had a good thing going but I know most conservative Americans will never trust them again.  Gone are the days of polite manners while our government and the media coordinate the removal of individual rights, one at at time.  Drain the swamp Donald !   Drain the Swamp.

In My Humble Opinion.


Friday, October 18, 2019

Treason Against the American People

By Chuck Marshall

     The Democratic leadership and their minions in the mainstream media have refused to accept the will of the people.  They have taken over Congress and used it as a weapon against a President they despise rather than as a tool of the people they supposedly represent.  They are a party searching for a crime.  They are not interested in the United States or its people they are interested in their own party, their own feelings and their need to feel virtuous and superior to the rest of the world.  That world includes the poor people they claim to be so concerned about.  Make no mistake, they don't sincerely care about these people except at a very superficial level.  What they really care about is controlling all those minds.   They are addicted to their ideas of government where it solves all the problems and they are the "solvers".  They despise  Donald Trump because he is the first Republican since Ronald Reagan with the guts to stand up to them and their minions in the national media.  He has dared to try and "drain the swamp" they so adore.  He must be stopped at all costs in their minds.  

   What has been the crime of Donald Trump ?   Everything he has done is exactly what all manner of government leaders have done for the last 30 years except that they hate him- so what is normally ignored or minimized has become worthy of impeachment.   What they normally see as  "part of the job" has become a "dangerous crime" that must be investigated and prosecuted. 

What has Donald Trump done ? 

     He has kept our country out of war.  Despite the government's normal tendency to use our young men as a tool to get what they want on the world stage- that this be virtuous or not is beside the point- he has reduced the need for troops in the world.  The conquest of ISIS alone has saved thousands of lives, both American and not American.   In fact, he has done what he said in the election-  kept us out of wars and brought many of our troops home.  The world is not ours to control militarily and if some other power wants to walk in and try to control it themselves, then let them.  There are other, more effective ways to influence foreign powers that do not require we sacrifice our young men.   It's called negotiation.  Such  an idea has been foreign to our government for a long time.  The answer has always been to step in and spend more of our money and spill more of our children's blood to get what the old men want. 

     He has established a roaring economy.    Through deregulation and a reduction in taxes he has established a solid economy from the most basic of economic facts that any student understands at a gut level;  Money begets more money.  A thriving commerce is good for everyone in society.  Anything that gets in the way of commerce should be scrutinized and minimized to encourage a flourishing market.  That he has done.  Again, exactly what he said he would do in his campaign. 

     He has exposed the media for their partisan politics.  Witness the faces of the mainstream media the night he won the elections.  The man they thought they were using to get a Democrat in the White House actually won !  Not only did he win but he is the most obnoxious and crass of all the Republican candidates.  "Oh, woe is me"  you could hear them cry in their hearts.  The last three years has simply solidified the horrifying fact that the mainstream media is "all in" for the Democrats and their ideas and any Republicans are to be scrutinized and minimized as much as possible.  It wasn't all in the  imagination of conservatives after all !   It looks like this bias been abundant since around the election of JFK in 1960.   The partisan nature of the mainstream media and whoever controls them is now an obvious fact.   The election of Donald Trump is a consequence of the media and their games.  I supported Marco Rubio whom they clearly disliked because they could see he might beat Hillary Clinton.  Their games came back to haunt them and hopefully - history will show- that was the beginning  of the end of this silent tyranny we've all been living under for more than 50 years.  

      Really, the biggest crime of them all is the Democrat controlled Congress.   It seems the job of congress is no longer to represent the citizens of their districts but it is to go after political opponents and make money off the American taxpayer. I thought they represented all the people but today they only represent the citizens belonging to their party and whatever corporate crony or special interest is paying their bills. We live in a time of extremist tyranny where we have a government caught up in partisan politics and cronyism to the point that it no longer functions.

In My Humble Opinion.....

Friday, October 11, 2019

Trump's Impeachment - The Power's That Be are Getting Anxious

By Chuck Marshall

*This blog takes 1 and a half minutes to read.

         After staying away from the news and living  in blissful ignorance for several months, I've come to the conclusion that the Trump Impeachment is going to have to be something I watch and internalize- as much as I hate the idea.    The blissful ignorance has been wonderful but things seem to be heating up in the idiotic world of politics and since I've committed to writing in this blog once a week, I need the material anyway so I can ramble on with at least a modicum of intelligence and knowledge. 

       First of all I'm surprised it took the Democrats this long to find a reason to try an impeachment !  I think they hung their hat on the Russia Collusion scandal, and since that didn't work it took some time for them to establish another  reason to  get rid of  their "Valdemort".  Once again, he truly lives in their  heads and they will try anything and everything to get rid of him,  the country be damned.    

         I've been thinking how different the two parties think on so many issues, including the very personality of the president.  Democrats want another JFK or Obama, someone dashing and eloquent who can hypnotize them all into forming a new "world order" in whatever form that may be.   They like a President who will "do their thinking for them" as it were.    The Republicans want someone to "get it done" and leave the eloquence to times of trouble when  silky words are truly necessary.  As odious as his personality truly is,  you can't argue that Trump's getting things done.  

         My fellow citizens, you must always remember that WE are in charge.  It's in the Constitution and all of our founding documents.  If you don't like the Prez then vote for another one, but ripping the existing leader is a waste of time.  Just because he can't weave a beautiful speech and has abrupt manners doesn't mean he can't lead the government.  In so many ways Trump is a living, walking and talking embodiment of the rage many of us feel as we see our power being taken.  There is now a power shift away from the multi-nationals and the big government beneficiaries that have been robbing us for decades.  They are anxious and nearly hysterical that their world of privilege is in danger.  This is obvious if you watch the mainstream media in their expressions and comments focusing totally on his obnoxious personality rather than anything he's done as far as leading.  They are use to leading us and directing our thoughts according to them and their corporate overlords.  They are the talking heads of the big business and big government that want to control you.  Trump is contrary to their plan with his talk of draining the swamp and for "calling them out" for their double standards and hypocrisy.  If you continue to focus on the personality rather than the accomplishments then you're a victim of the greedy corporate bastards that so many of you claim to despise.    

In My Humble Opinion........


Friday, October 4, 2019

For Every Season--- Time to Change

By Chuck Marshall

Dear loyal readers,

     Today I turn 56.  I feel better about that than I did turning 28.  For some reason turning 28 was really hard for me because I was getting close to my 30's and I still felt lost.   There was no reason to feel lost, though.   I was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.,  I had a great apartment,  a good social life, and lived 3 blocks from the ocean in the Harbor Beach neighborhood (really the nicest area of an already beautiful city) and yet I was unhappy.  The reason was pretty simple.  I felt alone in a confusing and confounding world and life.   I  had no wife, no children, no real identity and I was still in a career I hated.  I worked for a large corporation which is truly a soul-sucking endeavor that I have warned my children about since they could speak.  (I have never worked for the government but I can only imagine it's equally miserable).   So, today I turn 56 and I am at a point in my life where I am the happiest I've ever been.   There are challenges as always but this year has taught me a lot about myself and I feel I've drawn closer to understanding the universe and this weird life we're living.  I've been meditating almost daily since April, an exercise I encourage all of you to pick up if you don't already.   It creates calm in the unpredictable sea of life.  In addition we have found a church that I actually look forward to attending and we are a part of a Bible study group of really genuine, cool people not sanctimonious fakes.  Things are good in Chuck Marshall's life !

    So, in honor of my own birthday I've decided to change the name of this blog.  I'm going back to the original title "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion".   Why ?  I feel like Marshall in the Middle has run its course and just like the Independent political movement it has no sense of purpose., it just sort of wanders around getting upset about the stupidity of our government and society but it does nothing about it.  I hope by widening my topics of discussion I'm not so married to politics and I can ramble on about other stupid things that annoy me.   In addition,  my heart feels very strongly in favor of a much smaller government that enables the individual-- a conservative philosophy.    There is much I don't agree with that conservatives seem stuck with, but IMHO their problem is they offer no solutions to real problems.  That's not leading it's nihilism.   The political process is almost too easy to criticize, it's like expressing contempt for organized dog fighting.  Yes, it's terrible but still it continues because a lot of people benefit and a lot of people enjoy the dog fight.   The only way to halt gridlock is to stop supporting the dog fight.  I hope this blog effectively criticizes the powers that be;  the political parties, the multi- national corporations, the media, the lobbyists, Congress, the President, the courts, etc.... but I want it to effect change at the same time.  We are all in this together and in this Republic, at the end of the day,  it's up to us to fix the mess that our grandparents, parents and that we have created........ In My Humble Opinion.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wasserman -Schultz Column Yields Published Response from Chuck Marshall

By Chuck Marshall

     Debbie Wasserman Schultz wrote a column for the Orlando Sentinel and the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel that outlined her outrage over wage disparity and the labor situation in Florida- a special production for Labor Day.  It was highly typical and predictable  pandering to unintelligent masses that have very little understanding of how the economy works and are easily swayed by simple solutions that would never work.  In other words, Democrats.   I couldn't be quiet for this one dear readers, so I sent a letter to the editor and the Orlando Sentinel very kindly printed my rebuttal to Ms. Schulz mutterings.  I don't know which is more scary, that she believes what she is saying or that she knows how deceptive she's being but does it anyway to gain power from her fawning and dimwitted followers.

                               In my humble opinion ! 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Marshall in the Middle: Donald Trump is Chocolate Mousse Cake

Blog revisited from three years ago - this one survived the test of time !   I feel exactly the same way about Trump.

Marshall in the Middle: Donald Trump is Chocolate Mousse Cake:      Wow, Donald Trump  is really making this an election to remember.   To be perfectly honest, I am in the habit of glancing ...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Published the Orlando Sentinel - Rat Infested Inner Cities

By Chuck Marshall

     The Orlando Sentinel published my letter today, but they changed the wording quite a bit. 

Here is the original version:

     "While I condemn the devices used by the President to make his points, I must say I equally condemn the article printed by the Washington Post that this newspaper chirped out in your hysteria to attack the President back complete with a near "carbon copy" of an editorial in the Baltimore Sun.  It was a laundry list of Trump's offenses that the media simply cannot resist regurgitating against the President.   I feel I'm watching a fierce fist fight on the playground of the nearest Kindergarten.  As an American citizen interested in an end to poverty and "rat infested" inner cities I must side with the truth of the matter.  The left and the Democratic party have no solution for such abject poverty other than to continue things as they have been for the last fifty years and to claim "racism" if anyone dares point out their colossal failure.   That is at the heart of this latest hysteria.   Those ghettos are a consequence of failed socialistic policies of a left -leaning government that that has never seen a government program it didn't love-- no matter how useless.  The Washington Post and the Democratic party should be furious, I agree, with their own  failure to offer real solutions to these American citizens living in poverty and squalor. "

In my humble opinion.......

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Racist and Nazi References Diminish the Real Thing

By Chuck Marshall   

                                      Auschwitz Concentration Camp- Over 1,000,000 Murdered

     This week there has been all kinds of discussion among the "talking heads" that Donald Trump is (or is not) a racist.  He tweeted out some comments referencing a few congresswomen telling them to "go back home",  and things just got worse from there.  "The President is a racist and a bigot and a neo-Nazi" is a common theme.  The ladies in question are all of ethnic origin and so consequently immune to having done or said anything wrong in the eyes of our so called journalists.  (which is a form of racism in itself,  but that's another blog)  As is usual, they (the media) are putting on a show not covering facts.  Trump was quite the supporter of civil rights in the decades before his Presidency.  There is no evidence today that he holds disdain for anyone other than most of the media and his political enemies.   The witch hunt for the latest racist in the eyes of the far left grows ever more tiresome.   In their defense, a lot of the current atmosphere is as a result of Donald Trump himself.  We have a leader who can't keep his mouth shut and who has never heard of self restraint.  He's an ogre and a bully.  Is he a racist though ?   I think he has disdain for anyone that disagrees with him and he is a ruthless competitor but I don't think he's a racist.  Painting the world with such broad strokes is dangerous and equally stupid coming from bigots on the right or the "virtue signaling"  left. 

     On to a more serious topic;  Nazis.   The far left and the less intelligent "talking heads" love to reference different people or groups as Nazis or "neo- nazis" and they seem to feel better about themselves for having said it.  The reality is they diminish the suffering of the millions that were tortured, beaten, starved, mutilated, and killed at the hands of the Nazis.   If I can make a suggestion that we can all refer to people we don't agree with us as anything other than Nazis - perhaps "fascist" if you can crack open your dictionary and learn the meaning of words.  But, Nazis ?  The Nazis wouldn't have put children or anyone in detention camps at our border they would have shot them on the spot.  Nazis ?  ICE is a Nazi organization ?   If ICE was run by Nazis then all illegal immigrants would be a pile of bodies in distant concentration camps that everyone would be terrified to discuss lest you wind up there yourself.   I ask anyone reading this that doesn't move their lips as they read;  Please stop using that term to reference your political opponents unless it's actually close to the truth.  The reign of terror in Europe wiped out over 50 Million people by the time it was all over and left an entire continent in ruins.  If you have any decency and/or intelligence, don't disrespect the dead and butchered souls that came about as a result of the Nazis by calling our border guards "Nazis". 

Please !?


Friday, July 12, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Reveals White Privilege.......

.............If You're a Sanctimonious Virtue Signaling Goofball

Dear loyal readers, I apologize for my absence but I am back !  Here is a post I thought I had published but I did not., this regarding the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral earlier this year.  A letter writer felt the need to point out how superior he was because he thought about the black churches burned when the world was watching the fire in Paris.  He's so much better than the rest of us ! Definition of "virtue signaling" guys ! 

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was not immune to the morally superior and politically correct "thought police".  One man felt the need to write the Orlando Sentinel and clarify how he, more than anyone else noticed the glaring failure of his social media friends to keep things in perspective. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mueller Investigation- They Searched for Cigarettes but Hoped for Heroin

By Chuck Marshall

            The unfortunate Robert Mueller- In Charge of the Wild Goose Chase

     We should all be breathing a sigh of relief that the Mueller Investigation conjured up by the the Democrats did not reveal a treasonous president, right ?  Well, anyone watching the mass media these past two weeks knows that the Democrats are NOT relieved at all.  They are not relieved  because they weren't really looking for collusion in the first place.  They were looking for a reason to impeach President Trump and they used "collusion with a foreign government" as an excuse to keep looking under every rock for something more damaging.  Collusion with a foreign government is not illegal, it's simply inappropriate.  I liken the Mueller investigation to searching someone's home looking for cigarettes but hoping to find heroin.  They didn't find cigarettes 'nor heroin.  The Republicans, on the other hand, are doing a victory dance because the Democrats and their minions at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NYTimes, et al...  have been made to look like fools, once again. 

     So, congratulations Republicans for another win under the President you hold your nose and love;  President Donald Trump.  He continues to win and I am not tired of this economy, that's for sure.  My comfort and satisfaction in life is a consequence of a vibrant economy as it is for the majority of Americans.  The fact that Trump is a blunt speaking, unpolished, un-presidential ogre is a  minor irritation that I have learned to live with.   Neither I 'nor the vast majority of Americans is under the illusion he is another Lincoln or Reagan.  He gets things done and helps to bolster the individual's ability to succeed.  That is at least as important as eloquence, in my humble opinion.  For now, anyway.  In the end, my fellow Americans, WE are in charge. 

      I am not relieved that Trump was found innocent of treason because I never thought he was guilty in the first place.   I knew it was another example of political, partisan nonsense.   The main premise of the Mueller investigation was that Donald Trump could not have won if it were not for the Russians helping him.  How could they have helped him ?  Do they have a knack for marketing to the American public that nobody else has ?  The 2016 election had billions of dollars thrown into it,  but somehow the fact that the Russians met with Trump and they spoke with him caused his victory ?   Trump helped the Russians "stir the pot" on Facebook and Twitter because normally Americans get along fine and dandy regarding politics ?   Is it that the American public is a bunch of idiots and this time they "got it wrong" because the crafty Russians fooled us all?   It's all so mind boggling stupid.  All Americans must understand that this was not a real investigation into Trump's dealing with Russians but it was a partisan attack with the very real intent to find something to bring down a duly elected President.   No,  I'm not relieved or happy I am livid !  I am "pissed off" not for the benefit of Donald Trump but for the way our government has become a three-ring circus of liars, greed, avarice,  and clowns.  The mainstream media are the ring masters of this treasonous sedition against the American people.   

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Conservative VS Liberal - But What is it Really ?

By Chuck Marshall

This is six brief paragraphs and around 3 minutes time, but it's worth the read!

*The political labels of our times and why they need tweaking.

     I've always been annoyed with name calling, group think, and any assumptions about a group of people.  I think it's simple minded to go through life thinking everyone in any group thinks and acts in a specific way and to not consider  the complexities of a people or an issue.   Today we live in a day and age where everything is left vs right.  Conservative vs Liberal.  Republican VS Democrat.  There has even been a movement that works to make liberals "progressives" which in its very name alienates anyone who's not progressive as being "regressive".  Hardly a productive name !  As a political moderate, all of this drives me nuts.

     The title "conservative vs liberal" is used for the purpose of conversation but it inaccurately jumbles citizens into categories that they may or may not belong.  The media loves this because it enables them to label groups of people with one word and if there's anything most of today's media appreciates it's a simplified version of the reality we live.   Mostly this is because they're lazy,  but I do understand the need for a simplified reference to the two political frames of thought. 

      I contend that the terms used today are no longer valid.   Today it's  "conservatives vs liberals",  but to more clearly define what it is we're referring to this won't work anymore.   The word conservative implies "one who does NOT want change" and the word liberal implies "one who DOES want change",  but that's hardly the case today.    In reference to the government it could easily be argued that "liberals" tend to want a lot to stay the same !  Witness how they've  been fighting to keep Trump from removing the "powers that be" in Washington, DC.  Love him or hate him, he is no friend of anyone with power in our nation's capitol.  (This, IMHO,  is why so many "conservatives" support him,  regardless of his appalling personal habits).  Conservatives want to see a lot change.  They see the government's power as out of control and in need of great change.

     So what do we call them then ?   "Liberals" want to enable government to fix things  more.  They are much more likely to see the government as the solution to problems.  They feel the government can "level the playing field",  and that it can "redistribute wealth" and it can effectively enact laws that forbid bad things like discrimination.  "Conservatives" think the government is the cause of most problems.   They see it as inept.  They see it as tax & spending machine.  They see it is a dangerous entity that is fully capable of taking away individual rights in the name of  "fixing things".   So if you boil it all down and remove all the innuendo, hatred, and false assumptions then you have two groups of people that want things to get better, they just see a different path to get to the goals of making things better.  The "liberals" see the government as the solution.  The "conservatives" see the government as the problem.  In my mind I think of it as "Stateism" VS "Individualism" or perhaps "Stateists and Individualists".

     I've always considered my political leanings to tend towards the "Individualism",  but as I read a lot of the policies of JFK and reflect on his Presidency (personal flaws, not withstanding)  I'm really pretty close to his opinions and approach to governing for the early 1960's even though he was more of a "Stateist".  Why ?  Because he tended towards the middle in the grand scheme of things.  Also, the things he wanted to change back then- civil rights is one example- were things that DID need to change.  Being a "stateist" meant something else back  then.

     For most citizens of any political persuasion, I think and firmly believe they want what's best for all of us.  Their anger is towards the "powers that be".  They feel passion for the "little guy", whoever that might be in their mind.  I have those same feelings.  I can't stand the idea of anyone, through government or through free enterprise getting an unfair advantage or ill gotten favor just because of their position and inherited power.  So there you have it, the "Stateists" and the "Individualists" fighting for the right cause.  If the two can come together and compromise- understanding and sincerely believing the other has their heart in the right place,  there is nothing that can't be accomplished.  I love the quote JFK made shown above in this blog "Forgive your enemies but never forget their names".  We do have an enemy today lurking amongst us in the United States of America, but it's neither the stateists 'nor the individualists.  Can you guess who it is ?


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Journalism = Democratic Party

By Chuck Marshall

     Today I announce the death of journalism.  What we have is the mouthpiece for the Democratic party, not journalists.  Today we have partisan nonsense spewing from nearly every source of news skewed, in 90% of all instances, to the left and in full embrace with the Democratic party.  No matter your politics, no matter  your beliefs, you cannot tell me that's not true.  In addition, anyone that cares to hear both sides and understand the fairness of allowing dialogue is not getting that today.  Anyone that wants to read the news and hear the facts and truth, not tinted with Democratic ideals and beliefs will not receive it. 

     Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel printed the headline for Trump's state of the unions speech.  I was appalled at the partisan nature of a "news piece".  A source of news that I generally trust is now in doubt. 

     Of course I wrote a letter about it !!  They did not print it as of today.  Here it is and I repeated their headline to them with one small addition in the subject line.

"Trump Calls for End to Politcal Stalemate, but...."

Thanks for the headline article on Donald Trump's speech on today's front page.  Are the writers of this article members of the DNC ?  It certainly seemed like it.  It only took two small paragraphs to get to the line that the rancor in DC was "cultivated by Trump"- translation- DC was just fine before Trump arrived ?    Later it elaborated that Trump's comments regarding more women in the workforce than ever before "was due to population increase not something that could be accredited to any of Trump's policies".   I'm sure Economics is not required in journalism school, however it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to recognize a vibrant economy is a cause for increase in employment for all of us  and you can have more people but much less employment.  Anyone not sure about this might review the Great Depression or modern day Venezuela.  These are just  two examples of the most obvious opinions uttered in this "news piece".  I can only imagine the other innuendos lurking around if I actually knew all the facts according to how the Democrats want to see them.  I agree with the President that partisan politics needs to stop for the good of our nation and I'd like to suggest it start with those whom we should all be able to trust with an honest take on what's happening.  The media.