Thursday, October 14, 2021

Victims Anonymous

By Chuck Marshall

The Badge of Honor for Virtue Signaling Dilettantes 

     Here in the days of incompetence, (that seem unending with their recurrence of abundant stupidity as society grovels down to the lowest levels to make itself feel better about itself),  there is a common thread that ties the stupidity together in a nice, neat bow;  Victimhood.  

     Everywhere you go there are new victims to be coddled for the benefit of MKG (*Mad King George) to electrify the masses so that they should drop everything and change their lives and their minds to offer up themselves as being sympathetic to MKG's flavor of the month.  Virtue Signaling is the national fad.   Be it mask wearing, vaccine taking, climate change, gender identity, minorities, women, sexual preference,  pregnant women, unpregnant women, childless women, black women, latina women, asian women (and all their male counterparts but to a less extent),  atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, New Age Crystal worshipers, numerologists- and I could go on for a page or two.  All of  it needs attention and sympathy or you're a slime bag for not offering it up in full throttle support.   You're being anti "XYZ" !!!  "You're a racist! " The answer to help these poor pitiful victims, is of course,  within our marvelous Federal government (the crown jewel of MKG) and all its might and glory and trillions of dollars.  (never mind that these trillions don't actually exist- but that's for another blog)  

      Some aspects of these situations are really problems, but it becomes less important as the mob demands full support and any questions whatsoever are glared at as racist, homophobic, anti-science, anti-minority, etc....  You get the picture !  Any time questions are not permitted regarding a topic, then I know that's where the trouble lies.  MKG continues to grow in power and importance because he knows the vulnerabilities of the people and their tendency to want to fix a problem.   He also knows that virtue signaling is the easiest way to look as if he's exerting effort, even when he's not.   The Age of Incompetence dictates that any problem can only be fixed by MKG.  Any other options are not worth pursuing.  So don't even try. 

    The reality is that compromise and discussion and answering ALL questions and concerns of ALL the people is where the solutions lie.  It's not just the victims and their virtue signaling dilettantes that should hold the power of decisions and public discussion.  Attention must be paid to the questions, and often these questions are held by the majority of the people but they're afraid to ask for the tyranny of MKG.   The reality is ALL Americans are victims of an incompetent and useless government that has become incapable of leading or governing and is beholden to the powerful and moneyed and all Mad King George's minions in the media, Hollywood, academia, etc...  

In My Humble Opinion.....

**Mad King George is my label for the ruling class.  This includes the federal government, the two party system of elections,  mainstream media, the political parties themselves, big corporate,  Hollywood, government lobbyists, and academia.   All the pigs at the trough, in other words.  Much like our forefathers fought off Mad King George and his pandering, tyrannical ways we can dream of removing the heads of these stuffed shirts, corporate elites, government bureaucrats and virtue signaling ass-wipes.  



Thursday, September 23, 2021

"Vaccine" Passports and Other Orwellian Concepts

 By Chuck Marshall 


     I wrote a blog on the vaccine back in the spring when it was still in its infancy as a topic of our current historic times that I refer to as the "Age of Incompetence" (or "L'age De l'incompetence in French because everything sounds better in French).  That was the blog where I introduced the concept of "Mad King George".   MKG is simply an easier way of listing out the usual culprits behind the weirdness of the lying mass media and our gargantuan  government beholden to the large corporations and foreign countries.  This group includes Hollywood and their orgy of self-importance and all manner of modern "virtue signaling" that lays blame for all failure on anyone who succeeds (this includes anyone going back to the beginning of human history).   Above all, of course, it's the dingbat political parties and their never-ending war and refusal to compromise on anything other than national holidays or on how many trillions of our dollars  they will be spending this month.  Mad King George.  But really,  "Mad King George" is a label I came up with because of my interest in history and our revolution that established Liberty as an essential part of being human.  In retrospect, I think Big Brother fits the bill better with regard to ideas like the vaccine passports, etc.. Big Brother has more the sense of the ruling class watching us and making our decisions for us "for the common good".  Mad King George may be too nice for this group.  

     So, anyway I wanted to address the vaccine news to be more current because it has gotten even dumber than when I wrote the first blog so I need to "update the stupidity" as it were.   

     1)  NYC has restricted citizens from eating in restaurants or working out in gyms unless they can prove they've been vaccinated. The good news, I guess,  is that restaurants and gyms are open at all !  

    2)  President Biden has demanded that all US Companies with more than 100 employees require all their employees get vaccinated or be terminated.  "My body, my choice"  does not apply to so called "vaccines" but does apply to unborn children.  It gets confusing if you think about it, so Big Brother would prefer you not think about it.  

    3)  After discussing the vaccine for many months it has revealed itself as the world's first vaccine that is not a vaccine.  It does not prevent you from getting the virus but it does keep you from getting really sick.  Okay, so everyone should get the vaccine but pay no attention to the fact that it's not really a vaccine.  *Note-  I did get the vaccine and I DID get sick with COVID19.  

    4)  If you did not know,  you should be aware that the Pharmaceutical companies that produce the "vaccines" are not liable if something should go wrong with the "vaccines".  That, coupled with the fact that the "vaccine" has NOT been approved by the FDA except in cases of an "emergency" turns this vaccine into history's largest experiment with the human population all while the entire world is watching.    It's "probably Okay", they tell us.  All this at the great urgency of left leaning government leaders and their cheerleaders in the mainstream media.  

    5)  If you decide you don't want to get the vaccine because you are concerned about the risks of getting it you're out of luck.  The government and all the ruling class have deemed it essential you take the vaccine or millions will die because of your thoughtlessness.  But, I thought the vaccine was to prevent them from dying ?  There I go again, thinking it through.  Sorry Big Brother ! 


     In conclusion, the meaning of liberty is to be able to make decisions for yourself and your family that you feel are best for you given your beliefs, concerns while weighing the risks of taking the action or not taking the action.  That's Democracy.  That's the people making the decision.   The chance of getting on an airplane and catching COVID19 from another passenger and then dying are 1 in 60,000.  The chances of dying in a car accident in your lifetime are 1 in 115.  I understand putting on a seat belt, but I don't get forcing the entire world's population to take a "vaccine" that is unproven, that won't actually prevent you from getting the virus for something that is less dangerous than driving in a car on any given day.  The chances you or I will get cancer in our lifetime are 1 in 7.   One in 60,000 VS 1 in 7.  That's a statistic worth paying attention to.  Our lifestyle decisions to prevent cancer are significantly more important than all the rabble about this vaccine.  But, at the end of the day, that doesn't get headlines 'nor fatten the pockets of pharmaceuticals, 'nor give our government and media another chance to instruct us on how to live our lives.  It gives them no control over us and so is therefor, of no interest. 

In My Humble Opinion.  

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ending My Hiatus - September 2021 - Let the Roasting Resume

 By Chuck Marshall

Dear excellent readers, 

     I took a break from this blog for a few months to rest my weary brain and get my blood pressure under control.  Not to mention  I've been very busy at work !  Plants are in fashion "BIG TIME", thanks in large part to the CORONA Virus, COVID virus, Wuhan Virus, Chinese Virus, etc....  Folks stayed at home and got busy planting  and adoring plants.  They bought a lot of plants.  I mean a lot !  I mean we have a new kitchen and two new cars "a lot".  Good year for me  but I am sincerely sorry for all the tragedy of death and sickness.  Hopefully my industry helped a lot of people get through it with the joy of growing and tending to houseplants and yards.  I see plants as frozen testament to God's creativity and love for this planet, they are God's canvas and their colors and behavior are his brushstrokes.

     During my time off I actually got the COVID virus, and I did indeed live to tell about it because here I am writing my thoughts for all the world to see once again.  Here I am available to irritate and bloviate on modern times and its inane talking heads- in government, big business, entertainment/media- although really the three are inseparable.   Like the trinity God-Head, they are separate but the same.   "Mad King George" as I have taken to refer to the ruling class and all their minions that really "run things" in America and the world.  I do refer to them as MKG with some hesitation because I don't think King George III was nearly as bad as they are.  No, they are especially fetid group of human seepage that lie, cheat, steal, and vomit out a life of disgusting self congratulations.  They rob us of our  our liberty under the auspice of  "emergencies" and "for our protection" when it's really the protection of their money and their power that most concerns them.  They lay out a list of pitiful victims that they purposely demean so as to remove any sense of pride under the premise that someone else is always to blame.   This, when in reality it is they themselves- our opinion leaders- that are the culprit of defeat and the source of abject racism and sexism through this very act of psychological brainwashing !    "The poor minority folk can't make due so we have to help them out" they say.  Where would the world be without the white liberal "progressives" helping out the pathetic ?  But, don't expect them to actually DO anything to fix it !  No,  they are just there to celebrate victimhood and get a charge out of their own concern and their great willingness to give away other people's money.  Say whatever it takes to get the vote.   Such Hypocrisy !  "Woe to the scribes and pharisees!!" as the Lord put it.  The world's leaders today (in all aspects of modern society) are a loathsome group of toads that have outdone all horrendous leaders in history for their avarice and lack of concern for anyone but themselves and their fellow cronies.  Their ingratiating "concern" for the downtrodden.  Their patronizing gifts to help out the miserable.  Their self aggrandizing solutions to problems they themselves helped create.  Their charity with OUR blood, sweat and tears.  Oh for the days of the guillotine !  

In My Humble Opinion....

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Racial Divide in America: Spoon Feeding Opinions

 By Chuck Marshall 

                                                 How the Mainstream Media Sees Us 

     I've been avoiding the news this past several months so as a consequence the mood to write in this blog has been somewhat diminished.  The media provides so much fodder with their inane commentary and idiotic rhetoric that it compels me to write about the current topics, so when I'm on a "news strike" then I sort of lose my "mojo" as it were.  So lately my inspiration seems to come more as reaction to the overall activities of *Mad King George, not any specific news event.  

     When I'm at the gym, however, I do see snippets of their stupidity because one can hardly avoid it.  There it is on all 15 screens they have blaring at me as I struggle on the treadmill.  I can see the talking heads "blah, blah, blah" spoon feeding the masses with the "flavor of the month".  For some reason they're blabbing about the riots from last summer  (I have no idea why)  and I got to thinking about race in America.  

     I am not going to make this an elaboration on racial divide in America because everybody has an opinion and I think its been discussed enough in the American public square to last many lifetimes.  Racism is a human problem not just an American problem.  The reason it seems to flare up a lot here in the United States is because *Mad King George won't shut up about it.  I see the media as the instigator of racial violence in our country.  There are other players (in other words, "benefactors")  in the orbit of Mad King George's rhetoric,  but the media is the lead actor.  Why ?  Because it's profitable !  I don't really know how we can stop that, after all the Free Press is important and the Bill of Rights guarantees that freedom,  but it never mentions honesty and/or greed, unfortunately.  (That topic is for another day).  

     Here's the pattern;  Someone gets killed by a cop.  If it's any race other than a black person it's mostly ignored.  If it's a black person the media digs deep to see how it could be exposed as a racist cop or an act of racism.  If there's any question about the fairness of the situation, the media stirs the pot of "racism in America" almost begging folks in the ghettos to get out and start burning things down.  The riots start, glass breaks, fires break out and "lo and behold" the media is there to film it all.  Ratings go up.  Profits go up.  If *Mad King George is lucky even more people will die or a significant property (for some reason Target is always a target)  will be destroyed so the story becomes a self perpetuating money machine.  White man is bad, and the black man is a victim.  Of course they ARE right but not in the way they portray it.  The bad white man is an executive sitting behind a mahogany desk in New York egging on his talking heads to stir the pot as much as possible until the story is burnt out.   The black victim is sitting in his burnt out neighborhood that will be considered an economic corpse for years and even decades.  What's even worse, his mindset will be even more a victim mindset causing more poverty and hardship for him and his family.   *Mad King George rules with an iron fist and cares not one iota that he's  ruining the lives of our African American brothers and sisters and destroying property of private citizens.    Go to hell *Mad King George.  

**Mad King George is my label for the ruling class.  This includes the federal government, the mainstream media, the political parties, big corporate,  Hollywood, government lobbyists (and the crony corporate welfare they enable),  and academia.   All the pigs at the trough, in other words.  Much like our forefathers fought off Mad King George and his pandering tyrannical ways we can dream of removing the heads of these stuffed shirts, corporate elites, government bureaucrats and virtue signaling ass-wipes.  

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Vaccines for all: Brought to you by Mad King George

 Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion On Vaccines 

By Chuck Marshall 

     A lot of talk about vaccines these days.  As usual, it has morphed into a political debate between the two dingbat parties.  

A few things to consider:

1)  Is it safe ?  The talking heads say it's safe but that does not mean it is safe unless you're a doe eyed liberal twit that believes CNN.  There are risks for these vaccines and you can figure that out if you check with the FDA.  What the FDA will tell you is these vaccines have NOT been approved by them except under emergency situations.  I'm thinking people should take the vaccines if they are a part of a  vulnerable group where the risk outweighs concerns.  That would be the elderly and those who have been shown to be especially vulnerable such as asthmatics and heavier people.  Take it to protect yourselves by all means.  

2)  There have been issues with these vaccines, some more noteworthy than others.  A CNN reporter died five weeks after taking the vaccine from "complications" but it WAS NOT !!! the vaccine we've been told.  She was 46 and perfectly healthy then she got sick after taking the vaccine and then she died.  But it has nothing to do with the vaccine.  Thanks, Big Brother,  for clearing that up. 

3)  The right has all kinds of rumors about the vaccine which is sort of irritating because they were the ones rallying around Prez Trump to get one going!  What the heck ?  Now you have one but you won't take it ?  The rumors run all over the place-  from it being a covert plan to take us by the Chinese and even an alien race placing their DNA in our bodies  !  You're being tracked by the Borg now you fools !  "Resistance is futile".  

4)  The most believable, and the most widespread  rumor is that the vaccines will make you sterile.  Why would that happen ?  Because Bill Gates is a huge fan of population control and Bill Gates is very much a part of the world's vaccines- through investments and he's pretty "tight" with the robber barons of Big Pharmaceuticals.  It's really not such a stretch that something could be going on there and who would know ?  *Mad King George has already been floating the rumor that the world's population is becoming more and more sterile.  Now, when it happens all  *Mad King George has to do is say  that it has something to do with climate change or wild honey bees.  Certainly nothing to do with *Mad King George INSISTING we take their new vaccine.  Once again, they're maneuvering all of us like the little pawns they see us as.   

5)  I have first hand knowledge of many people getting sick AFTER taking the vaccine., not everybody but it seems to happen much more than *Mad King George is letting on.  How often ? Who knows ? But,  because Big Pharm is making a fortune off the entire thing, their buddies in Washington, DC would be giving up a lot of "support" if they were to call them out on it.  So they are silent as church mice.   The media is so wrapped up in the pandemic plague and tooting their horn for all of  *Mad King George's edicts that they'd rather die than admit there's something wrong with the vaccine- no matter how much evidence there is.  So, we get sick we get sterilized, we and we get controlled- again.  Shut your business down, stay at home, don't eat out, don't go to church, keep your social distance, and WEAR YOUR MASK !!   Finally, and most importantly, take the vaccine !   There's nothing to worry about, until there IS something to worry about.  

**Mad King George is my label for the ruling class.  This includes the federal government, the mainstream media, the political parties, big corporate,  Hollywood, government lobbyists (and the crony corporate welfare they enable), academia,  and of course-- Big Pharmaceuticals.  All the pigs at the trough, in other words.  Much like our forefathers fought off Mad King George and his pandering, tyrannical ways we can dream of removing the heads of these stuffed shirts, corporate elites, government bureaucrats and virtue signaling ass-wipes.  Figuratively remove the heads of power,  I mean, of course. 😄  After all it's Mad King George, not Mad King Louis.  🪓  Although the thought is so tempting, isn't it ?

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The fountain of journalistic seepage--- CNN.

"If it leads, it bleeds" and "Fear Sells" and other words of wisdom from America's leading source of garbage journalism.  CNN.

In case the first episode of "behind CNN" wasn't enough for you to puke your guts out.  Here's more. 

Again, I'm not exactly surprised, but I think ALL people should be aware of this.  If you have a scintilla of a brain, don't listen to CNN for anything other than laughs.  

In My Humble Opinion.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

CNN Caught Revealing What Slime They Truly Are

By Chuck Marshall 

     If anyone needed any convincing, here is a video from Project Veritas scooping CNN with an interview in which one of their directors openly admits what slime bags they are.  "Get Rid of Trump" - Check.   "Stir the Pot of Covid for more fear and ratings"  Check.  Coming Attractions ?  "Global Warming is getting highly dangerous".   Check.  Spreading the terror for money is obviously their modus operandi.  He remarks that the owner of CNN is teaming up with counselors to "decide" what the next big story will be.  I wonder who his "counselors" are ?  

CNN-- Communist News Network (Clown News Network is too kind).  

Please note my recent blog on the Enemies of the People.  We see ridiculous news from the tabloids like "The Star" that people know to ignore., but this isn't a joke news organization.  Some people still believe CNN.  This is outrageous treason against the people.   They should all be tried and hung.  

In my humble opinion....

Friday, February 26, 2021

Letter to the Orlando Sentinel - COVID19 Lockdowns Draconian

 By Chuck Marshall 

The Orlando Sentinel published my last letter which is always appreciated.  

Letter title was same as above; 

"COVID19 Lockdowns Draconian" 

It was refreshing to read a balanced, intelligent account of the COVID-19 virus regarding an end to the restrictions our government has placed on us (Ross Douthat: “The COVID emergency must end,” Feb. 25).

We were originally told it would take a short time to flatten the coronavirus curve, but that quickly morphed into a year. I always understood the need to lock down parts of society in order to keep the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. But the lockdowns in some areas of the country border on draconian and reveal the dangers of government power. They could not resist using fear to imply that anyone opposed to their ideas doesn’t care about others.

As we have weathered the storm, the Democratic Party managed to whip the free press into full-throttle support for any and all restrictions that could be dreamed up by the so-called experts. A legitimate national emergency quickly declined into another childish partisan battle, with the attending lack of logic and abundance of rhetoric.

Chuck MarshallClermont

Note they did leave off the last sentence for some reason - LOL.  Here it is'

"My hope is one day the press will rise to the occasion and crawl out of the political pigsty and remember its role as a political mediator not a  participant."

Even so, thanks Orlando Sentinel.  


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Enemies of the People

 By Chuck Marshall 

                                                        A possible solution ?  Enlevez leur têtes !!  (JK !! :)


    The United States is embroiled in a silent civil war but it's so hard to wrap your head around the actual players because who knows what or who is fighting whom ?   For this reason I decided to compile a list of the top enemies of the American people, and consequently, the citizens of the world.  I say this affects the entire world because we have always been seen as the leaders of the world for generations.  What we stand for and fight for matters.  We represent the people of the world.  

Here are our enemies.

1)  The corporate media- they are full of half truths and blatant deception to the people, and they would rather drag our country through the mud than see the common man succeed due to a person they did not condone and/or certify.   They want to spoon feed us "little children" with their narrative and dictate to us what to think.  Donald Trump, with all acknowledgment to his "bad manners"  was the first President to speak directly to the people through social media.  Big media could not stand that.  They fought it with all they could muster and reached the point of forgetting themselves and their role.  They got lost in their hatred for Donald Trump and let it spill over to a hatred for the American people. In effect and by proxy they turned into enemies of anything American.  Our borders, our history, our traditions, and of course, the people.  If Donald Trump seemed to like something then they hated it, almost as a direct consequence.  They were driven to mask and hide facts to make him and us look as bad as possible.  They scorn true journalism that works to find the truth because they are unfamiliar with such a concept.  Truth seems to be a relative term and is least necessary if you have a narrative to teach the people.  If you feel truth is important and integral to our society, then the large media organizations are your enemy.  

2)  The Political Parties- The Republicans and Democrats have been at each others throats for a century but behind the scenes they resemble each other.  Yes, they have different concepts of government, but in the end they both run to the lobbyists and big business, special interests, and the media to get done what they want done.   With both hands out they rush to their latest "donation" for their next "election" in a never ending election cycle of "pick your poison" candidates.   George Washington was known to have disliked the idea of a political party and he mentioned it in his farewell address 

“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.”  G.Washington Sept. 19, 1796.  

     The parties have way too much power and use each other to perpetuate a never-ending feud.  The preposterous refusal to come to any sort of compromise yields goodies for whoever is in charge with pork packages at every turn.  It pays to not compromise for both parties.  They have spent their way into more and more power making the federal government an enormous borg-like creature where "resistance is futile".   The needs of the people are an after-thought.  Witness some of the most appalling creatures that inhabit the leadership of our Congress with their post 80 year old faces and bodies with not a new thought between them.  They are an old, corrupt, self absorbed, greedy, pathetic, ignoble group of selfish ghouls and we'd be doing them and the world a favor to bag all their heads and gag all their mouths.  If you crave true leadership that represents all of us and works to solve problems of our nation and the world with real debate and compromise, then the political parties- as they are today- are your enemy.  

3)  The School System -  An absurd group of over funded, failure enhancing, zombie creators that do little to enhance thinking and everything to encourage "group think".  Schools need to be torn down and rebuilt to teach students how to think for themselves and to prepare them for living and work according to their talents and interests not some vague idea of "success" with a degree in some useless field.  We can't all be rocket scientists and brain surgeons.  Be honest with students and help them identify what they really want to do and what they are really capable of doing well.  In addition, it is not the role of the school to encourage any "social" movement or to demean minority students into a tranquilized mindset of believing they are somehow less than the other students.   If you think the role of schools is  to form thinking adults and productive citizens doing work that is fulfilling to each person then most of today's schools are your enemy.  

4)  Lobbyists and their clients.  Legalized bribes is what lobbying should be called.  Lobbyists serve the largest corporations- Big Pharmaceutical, big energy, big media, big tech, big insurance, big medical, big entertainment, big special interests !  They represent the big and powerful of our country and our world.  These groups are the least in need of support from the government, but they get the most.  If you think the government has been for sale for long enough and you demand they work for you and your interests- then the federal government and all their "cronyism" is your enemy.  

5)  Bureaucracy-  The federal government owes so much money that it's literally not possible to count it.   And, it keeps getting worse.  Trillions upon trillions with no end in sight.  Today we are nearly $30 Trillion in debt.  Our children's children will know this debt  How could it be this bad ?  Federal bureaucracy.  We have a government that is so large and it employs so many people that it would require years just to close them all down !  The unemployment would send Washington, DC and many other cities into a tailspin of economic depression.   We have agencies for everything known to mankind and it is very common to find that multiple agencies essentially do the same thing.  The details of big federal government would fill many, many books so I won't bore the readers.  Suffice it to say, if you hate waste,  then the federal bureaucracy is your enemy.  

     So there you have it, the Enemies of the People.  May we all endeavor to fight on and end this tyranny of incompetence and avarice.  


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Random Thought- Personal Liberty


Advice to virtue signaling sycophants; Personal liberty and freedom of speech do not mean that it only applies to your way of thinking and what you and your ilk have conjured up as the "correct" way of thinking. When that happens then you are the bigot, racist, tyrant, bully, fascist and Nazi that you profess to hate so much.

IMHO.... Chuck Marshall

Friday, January 22, 2021

Mind Your Own Business - CoronaVirus


By Chuck Marshall

A few comments on Corona-Covid 19 Virus and our personal liberty.

The tendency of some to love any law or rule that controls people to make themselves feel better about themselves is a symptom of tyrannical people and a potentially tyrannical government. Ban all guns because that's "Doing" something even though statistics don't pan out that it helps at all. Keep drugs such as pot illegal and a felony when they are less dangerous and harmful than alcohol is a waste of our cops' time and incarcerates citizens for a relatively innocuous life choice. Legalize guns and some recreational drugs with common sense controls. This leads me to thoughts on Corona Virus. I say, "Mind your own business and protect yourselves as you see fit". Face masks, social distancing, vaccines-- go for it, but don't make it a law. Shutting down business to control a virus that has less than a 2% death rate and has comparable mortality rates to dying in a car accident for the general population ? Such strategies are beyond ludicrous. Take care of the vulnerable, but for yourself, take your thumb out of your mouth and get on with your life.

In My Humble Opinion.....