Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr. Obama Needs to Go

I promised you loyal readers that I would offer up my reasoning for preferring that we fire our current President,  Mr. Barack Obama.  So..... here it is.... four reasons I believe the President needs to go.

Before I start,  I would like to say I am not an Obama hater.  I do not have an intense dislike for him and I really don't think he's a communist conspirator like so many Republicans seem to believe.  I actually think he seems like a nice person, he loves his wife and his lovely daughters...... I think he'd be easy to have a beer with and chat about football, or whatever.  I think he is working very, very hard to make our country better (in his mind).  I just think he's not a very good President.

Number 1.   Nationalized health care, aka Obamacare.  Not because I am totally opposed to new ideas to get health care under control, but for the fact that he wasted 2 years of his valuable time on the ever- present Democratic dream of  "health care for all".   I agree he inherited a terrible economy, the national situation was  alarming......so,  he decides to focus on this one issue?   He was punished for this in the elections of 2010, which lead to the very extreme Tea Party taking over the Republican party thus dooming any sort of bi-partisan action on the part of Congress.  The government essentially stopped.  This was all a direct consequence of his arrogance, incompetence and inexperience.    

Number 2.  President Obama came into office with very little experience "running" anything and it showed.  This is equivalent to giving the job of the CEO for an Engineering firm to a recent law school graduate !    Obama was a Senator for 4 years at the national level.   Four Years !  For half that four years he was running for President.   It is testament to our pathetic process of electing leaders that someone so totally unprepared and unqualified to become the most powerful man in the world, nevertheless, became the most powerful man in the world.  

Number 3.  $16,000,000,000,000.  That's a lot of zeros.  That's how much our country owes.  Mr. President doesn't seem to think this is really that worrisome.   To any thinking American, this is terrifying.  How can we sustain our spending habits with this massive debt load underlying all economic activity in this country?   If there is not some sort of logical,  realistic plan to correct this we WILL be in a depression when the entire economic system falls in upon itself.   I don't see Mr. Obama doing anything to fix it.  Why would you fix something you don't even believe is a problem?

Number 4.  The President promised to bring the country together.  I have never seen this country so diametrically opposed as it is now.  He flat-out failed on this endeavor.

So, there you have it.  That's why I don't think Barack Obama should be re-elected to the Presidency.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Political Circus With Elephants and Jack Asses

    I have never been a big fan of the political party conventions.  Mostly it's a lot of empty rhetoric with each party's most prominent members announcing all the great things that they stand for and all the things they promise to do if they are elected.  Of course the picture they paint of themselves is much more flattering than the reality and of course, they never really follow through on their promises.  It's all a dog and pony show.  A circus.  "Elect us and our party because we want the power"  is what they really mean.

     This year is no different.  Anyone who reads this blog is aware of my opinion of the parties., so it should not surprise you that I have very little good to say about the conventions.   What concerns me is that the parties are so very different from each other.  I see very little similarity except their supposed love of our country.  If they really love our country they will find a way to reach a  common ground on our most critical issues.  We need cooperation between the parties, not constant bickering and vilifying of each other as we see at these conventions.  Not, "we're always right and their always wrong".  Not,  "Our philosophy is better than theirs".  They are too far apart.  I don't see it improving and I really wish there was more power for the Independents or at least a moderate party.  Why is there no voice for the middle political spectrum?  It confounds me !  What's equally concerning is that as the parties get further apart their more moderate thinkers are leaving their respective parties for "non party affiliation".  So, the parties are shrinking but they still have the power !

     Ironically what seems to have been the more applauded speech, by both extremes of political thought (assuming Obama's speech tonight is his usual word exercise) was Bill Clinton's speech.  I agree with this opinion.   His was the only speech that really addressed the true issues and challenges of our country based on facts with with specifics AND he had the guts to mention the national debt out loud in front of all those Democrats.  Although I don't agree with his defense of the President, he did have a well worded excuse for the disaster of the last 4 years.  Don't worry Democrats, I say the last 4 years but the 8 years previous to that were a disaster too.  See, I'm fair !

     Anyway, as the parties hoot and holler in Tampa and Charlotte we the people, the middle class, decent, hard-working Americans move closer to extinction because their incompetence is solving nothing. They have no new solutions but plenty of empty rhetoric.  I saw nothing new expressed in Tampa and I have seen nothing new in Charlotte (so far),   I don't anticipate being shocked with a suddenly eloquent Charlie Crist tonight 'nor an acceptance speech from our President that does anything more than fill the air with beautifully worded promises that, we now know not to actually expect.   Some promises will not be repeated because even Mr. Obama doesn't have that much "audacity".   The promise I speak of was his beautiful oratory that rang out the clarion call of "bringing the country back together".   That was one whopper he told that cannot be painted over with eloquent words.  There is no possibility of reconciliation between political ideas and thought in our country as long as  the Republicans and Democrats have the most power.