Monday, February 3, 2020

Impeachment of Donald Trump

By Chuck Marshall

First of all, I dislike both parties. They ARE the problem. I'm also fanatical about fair and true conversation regarding any topic and I feel it can be examined from a logical standpoint and a logical conclusion can be made. I'm passionate for the truth.

From the day Trump was elected, the DC elite wanted him GONE. Not just D's, also half the Republican elite and anyone else tied into the big bucks of our nation's capital (lobbyists, corporations, special interests---- "the swamp") along with the vast majority of the mainstream media. Even the Universities want him gone. Why exactly ? Is it his bad manners or is there something else going on ? Is he a threat to their revenue stream ? So they investigated his ties to Russia for a year- yes one year- they found nothing significant. Once that failed, the impeachment became the "road to salvation". They investigated the daylights out of a blunt conversation Trump had with the President of Ukraine. Should he have done that ? Probably not. Was it worthy of impeachment ? Seems unlikely. Basic civics lesson; the impeachment of the President requires 67 of the 100 senators to vote for impeachment in order for it to go through. The senate is controlled 51-49 by Republicans. Trump has 95% approval of the Republican party- unless he killed someone voting for impeachment would be political suicide for any Senator (except perhaps Senators with a personal bone to pick with Trump, like Mitt Romney). Could this have ended any other way ? Was this just another revenue stream for the mainstream media and a publicity stunt of the Democratic party ? Could it be the left is being "had" once again by the mainstream media and the swamp for their attention to something that was really just a "dog an pony show" from the beginning and had no hope of concluding the way they were hoping ?

The entire impeachment was farcical from the very beginning and I sincerely paid almost no attention to the entire thing. I feel sorry for anyone that saw it as a road to getting rid of Donald Trump and is now waking up to the fact that this is not going to happen. A suggestion for those who blindly follow the media and their insane and inane rambling. Pay attention to your local leaders and be active according to what you're passionate about and don't worry too much about the President. If you don't like him don't vote for him. It's as simple as that. Your'e falling prey to the circus that is the national media as they grapple with their rapidly decreasing power over all of us. Instead of fighting it, enjoy it. You have the power not them.

In My Humble Opinion