Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Will Our Times Be Called?

Right now the news is boring because Congress is out of session.  I'm thinking that about the same amount of work is getting done as when they ARE in session.  Such are the times we live in.  One day, when all this is over ( I hope and pray) I'll be an old man in my rocking chair watching the History Channel as the young whipper snappers refer to the early 21st century as the "Age of the Inept", or perhaps "The Decade of Incompetence",  "The Reign of Dunces" ?  Will they ask us old folks what it was like to live in such a powerful country with such incapable leaders?  Will our grandchildren ask us to tell them stories about the old days when America was run by a group of buffoons?

 "Was it scary, Grandpa?"

"Terrifying", I'll reply and then I'll proceed to explain how Congress was held hostage by two idiotic groups called "parties".  I'll tell them they had a purpose at one point in our history but in the early 21st century they became so full of themselves and their "so called" ideals that they forgot they were there for Americans, not their particular party.  "They lost sight of their country and decided that fighting each other was far more important than serving the people., and so they made our democracy nothing more than a helpless, fat and flabby beast that they sucked the life out of like leaches.   No leadership. No ideas.  No compromise.  A pompous group of stuffed shirts that slithered around with lobbyists for any advice on actual legislation.  They were off more days than on, and unlike the rest of the population they often didn't show up for work at all as they had important meetings with said lobbying friends on K Street- their future employers.  They were unprincipled, uninspiring, sniveling little toads that were for sale to the highest bidder.  A herd of blithering cattle incapable of an original thought except in terms of how it might make the sitting President of the opposite party look bad.

"I'm glad we have a good Congress that  works hard to fix our problems, right Grandpa?"

"Yes indeed, you are very, very lucky to live in a country that is lead by intelligent principled men that are in Washington for one purpose;  to solve problems".

"I'm sorry you had to live during the "Days of the blithering Idiots" grandpa"

"Me too sweetheart, but it was worth all the anguish and suffering if it meant you don't have to deal with it.  The "Days of the Blithering Idiots" are over for good".

Sigh..... I can dream, can't I?