Friday, July 31, 2020

To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask... That is the Question

By CE "Chuck" Marshall

       To wear or not to wear a mask ?  It depends on who you ask of course, but in my humble opinion,  it depends on the situation.   

How the Left Looks at it:

     The left sees wearing a mask as necessary to protect the innocent and to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.  They think anyone that does not wear a mask or demonstrates a lack of concern to wear a mask is not as human as they are.  These violators are defined as "not caring" what happens to other people.  This is usually their opinion of conservative ideas.  The mask itself is a highly symbolic example of them as a political group that has morphed into a hysterical mob of virtue signalling dilettantes (in as far as their understanding of REAL oppression) who have never seen a victim they didn't love, unless it's a white heterosexual man of course.   By all means, muzzle anyone that disagrees with their outrage.  They love to control other people and they demand we all react to their specific worries and sensibilities.  How dare you doubt their concerns ?  

     Their hysterics are fueled by the corporate media that is delighted with President Trump's falling ratings.  The fact that all this hurts Trump's chances of continuing as President gives the media great motivation to keep the "death tolls" running on their daily reports along with shrieking headlines about the "rampant spread" of this dangerous virus  (that has a less than one in a thousand chance of killing you - IF YOU CATCH IT-  for those younger than 40).  They even go so far as to exaggerate the rates of spread according to Red state VS Blue state.  Blue states good.  Red states bad.  

How the Right Looks at it; 

     The right sees it as another example of their freedoms being taken away.  Twitter lights up ablaze with warnings that it will be your freedoms of religion and speech that are taken away next !  They warn these will be removed systematically as a consequence of this suspicious virus (in their mind) that interestingly comes from communist China, one of the least free countries in the world !   In addition, with the virus are connections to other suspicious characters such as Bill Gates who we all know is out to halt all reproduction in the world and make a trillion dollars on the vaccine.  (Sarcasm) 
     The right is once again, seen as anti science as they ridicule the ineffectiveness of the mask to prevent the spread - especially since Fauci said at the beginning of all this that a mask is ineffective.  He did change his mind,  after all !  (Of course he had his reasons for this pivot if you look into it).   They follow the back and forth over a drug the President claimed would stop the virus but has not been sanctioned by the scientific community- another example of the "deep state" looking to bring down Trump.  Conspiracy theories are never ending.  The right looks on in disgust as they see the left defining  "hate speech” and “racism” and “xenophobia”, their usual rallying cries and they twist themselves inside out to find the latest victim to advocate for existent or nonexistent oppression.   Always there is  a reason, in their minds, to keep conservatives quiet but now they can literally cover their mouths !  

How Marshall in the Middle Looks at it;  

     At the end of the day;  Given the likely reality of more people getting sick if people do NOT wear their mask I don’t think it’s asking so much to wear them when around other people.   Demanding they be worn as soon as you walk outside is draconian, though.  Shutting down an economy is absolutely absurd.   I understand the concern from the left but I also understand the anger from the right.  Our ancestors came to this country in order to NOT be told what to do.  It’s in our blood.   You, those that demand we all see things the way you see them are the true oppressors. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Star Spangled Banner is not Sacrosanct

Published in the Orlando Sentinel - Today  July 11, 2020
**Other Options for our national anthem should not be dismissed. 
By CE "Chuck" Marshall 

     I wrote this letter to the Orlando Sentinel in regards to a column written by a guest columnist, Choice Edwards.  They did print my letter with some adjustments.  I actually liked their version a little better, which is unusual as they typically hack away at my letters, sometimes removing the meat of what I was saying.  The struggles of a writer !! 

Anyway, here is the original version.  If you don't get the Orlando Sentinel and want to read their version, then comment below and I'll send it to you.  

      "I read the column by Choice Edwards regarding a change to the National Anthem (Banner should give way to more unifying anthem) with great interest as I see the Star Spangled Banner as a song that sprang from a relatively minor war (the war of 1812) in our nation's history and that focuses on the flag of our country rather than our country !  In addition, it has only been our official anthem since 1931 so is not a sacrosanct aspect of our nation such as the constitution.  Mr. Edwards points out one of the historical reasons for the Star Spangled Banner becoming our nation's national anthem was at the hands of American leadership ever worried about offending the citizens of the south back in the early 20th century.   We should all step back and recognize, finally, that the Confederacy was a traitorous rebellion that ended the lives of 500,000 young Americans in the Civil War in a futile effort to maintain a southern economy based on human bondage.   It's certainly no longer necessary to be cautious regarding any nostalgia for the old south (and I say that as a son of the south on both sides of my ancestry).  It is appropriate to consider a new national anthem that holds us together as a multicultural people victorious against tyranny and oppression.   A national anthem that celebrates the beauty and ideals of America.  A song that draws us all to stand up." 

Kindly Yours 

Chuck Marshall

Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Voice of Compromise

Compromise Yields Progress for all Americans 

By CE "Chuck" Marshall 

     I like a compromise.  I do it every day in my work as a plant broker.  It works, we talk, we each want one thing but each party "gives" a little and we come to an agreement then a transaction is completed and we both walk away happy.  Compromise works.  Our nation was established and built on numerous compromises.  It was born and developed on compromise.  Yes, there was disagreement but in the end each side moved in order to allow the essence of liberty,  freedom and justice to be established and grow strength.  Today, we have no compromise in government or the media (of which the difference is hard to tell since most media take a political side) and it's all about the combat.  Who's going to win?   Who has the better candidate ?   Who takes advantage of the American people better ?  

     Whatever happened to compromise ?  Why is there no compromise?  I think there are many reasons.  Americans (and perhaps all people, I suppose) tend to see things as a game or sport so since we can all watch on TV the debate, we start choosing sides as if its the FSU Seminoles VS the Florida Gators.  We also have a media that profits from the argument not the agreement.   Since it's more money for them and their corporate overlords,  the fight is on.  Finally, because our federal government is so powerful and capable of issuing trillions of dollars of debt to throw at nearly any problem (no matter the consequence to future generations)  then it's easy to suckle at the tit of "everybody else's money".  

     I'm convinced that the overwhelming size and power of the federal government is a detriment to the ordinary Americans and our future.   I'm convinced it gets in the way of progress rather than enhances progress.   I'm convinced that the only solution to keeping a representative government both here and abroad is to keep a tight grip on its power, to disperse its power whenever logical, and to encourage compromise between the two philosophies of government;  Government VS Private at the local level according to those being governed.  The consent of the governed is key.  

    We still hold the power as individuals living in the United States of America.  The key to domestic tranquility is to reestablish this power and to encourage compromise.   What with all that being said, I am reverting the name of this blog, hopefully for the last time;  "Marshall in the Middle" for its implication to compromise and as a homage to my family name of which I am very proud.  

Have a nice day !  😊

Kind Regards,

Chuck Marshall