Thursday, September 29, 2011

Independents Need Traction - Perry Losing His

As I watch the Republican party transfix the country with their obsession over the Tea Party and never, ever raising taxes, I am more frustrated than ever at the lack of leadership among the independents. Whose fault is it?  Is it because the media simply ignores any Independents?  Do you really HAVE to be in a party to win approval from the public, even a public that is veering away from both parties?   I sincerely feel that most of the Republican candidates are poor.  I don't hear any new ideas except that they want to do away with Obamacare.    I'm tired of having to choose from the two parties., if we can't have an independent movement why can't there be a third more moderate party?

Anyway, it looks like the good news is that Rick Perry, the least literate of all the Republican party candidates and unbelievably the highest in polls earlier this month, has fallen behind Romney again.  How could anyone  vote for that guy to be president?  He grates on my nerves almost as badly as Michelle-I hate Obamacare- Bachman.  He is clearly not very intelligent, a terrible debater, and I totally agree with Mitt Romney., that "it's hard to lose at poker when you've been dealt 4 aces".   Everyone is saying how "good he has done as Texas' governor".   Huh?  Texas, in case anyone doesn't know,  is full of oil.  The whole state is very reliant on oil to move along, and when oil is expensive, Texas reaps the benefits.  This has nothing to do with anything Rick Perry did and everything to do with what what OPEC did.  Texas is the American version of Saudi Arabia, sustaining themselves and their garish, Stetson wearing lifestyles on black gold.  Try again, Tea Party but this time at least consider someone who is narrow minded, but intelligent... not narrow minded and dim witted.

Well, anyway right now I'm still pulling for Romney.  I think once he's done with the ridiculous primary process (another blog on this stupidity soon, I promise !) he'll come out of the closet as the reasonable centrist that I feel we really need.

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Republican Debate: Orlando

So, nothing motivates a blog like watching a political debate !  I'm feeling a little more positive towards a lot of the candidates, but I still favor Mitt Romney as the best choice for the Republican candidate.   I find myself liking Herman Caine a lot too, though..... Ron Paul lost me with his Sept. 11 comment last week.

There are only two that I really think don't belong on the stage;  Michelle -I hate Obamacare-Bachmann and Rick Perry.   But, really most of all I am mystified by Rick Perry. Why does anyone like this guy?   He's slow, his answers are rambling, and I really question his intelligence.  Oh, I also don't like Newt Gingrich.  He gives good answers, he's intelligent and he knows what he's talking about but I just don't like him.  He's just so impressed with himself, isn't he?  He reminds me of a college professor that loves to show off how much he knows and never grades on a curve. 

So, anyway I feel more comfortable that the Republicans might come up with someone I can vote for. 

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Tea Party Debate: Are they the Republican Party Now?

Well, I had to blog out some thoughts on the Tea Party debate tonight.  It seems the Republican party and the Tea Party are merging into one entity !   As an independent I find this concerning because the Tea party is nothing more than the far right of the Republican party.  I'm not saying I disagree with all they say, but I do see them as unreasonable and unwilling to compromise which is very, very bad for our government and how it operates.   As a consequence, it is bad for our country's reputation and economy.  You will never get everyone agreeing with each other, and if you refuse to see the other side, then nothing gets done.  We'll have a government stuck in a quagmire of dispute and indecision.  I see them as very dangerous, not because of their ideology but because of this unreasonable and child-like refusal to work with the other philosophy in governing.   The only way the US government gets anything done is through compromise.

One thing, I would have liked to have heard is how these self-proclaimed Tea Party enthusiasts would deal with a Congress controlled by the Democrats ?  Lets say that the Democrats toss back some of the crap they got back in the debt ceiling debate and they absolutely refuse to deal with the new "Tea Party" president ?   That's a very likely scenario., somebody needs to ask them. 

Another thing I'd like to know is regarding  "Obamacare" they hate so much.  What is their solution to a health care system that is so expensive many, many in the middle class cannot afford it?  Some in the audience vocally approved of the idea to let a person die who is sick but without healthcare?    Is that their solution?  I want an answer to this, not more rhetoric and conjecture. 

Anyway, as the race firms up here.... I see Huntsman and Romney as the only viable choice in this group.

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is the Republican Party Anti-Science?

Something has been bugging me for a while.  It seems to me that the Republican party has been drifting into an "anti-science" frame of mind these past few years.  Think about it, they absolutely despise Global Warming (or whatever we're suppose to call it) and consider it a farce or just an exaggerated fluctuation in earth's temperature.   But most scientists in that field believe it's a real problem.  They are opposed to raising the debt ceiling (no matter what !) because they don't think anything "bad" will happen even though the best economists were warning the exact opposite.  Now, I'm understanding that the Republican herd is starting to nod their head in agreement with those that believe evolution is wrong.  I mean, evolution?  Genetics and evolution are utilized every day to a very great benefit to mankind.   I'm actually a pretty religious guy, but living in the 21st century I've learned that the Bible and science can go hand in hand if you consider that God is the one that set it all up.

I understand the Republicans need the Christian right to become elected but I think it's obvious they're just using them.  Everybody knows it except........the Christian right.  Does any thinking person really believe that once they get into power that the Republicans are going to take on gay marriage or abortion?  They won't touch it with a ten foot pole.   I guarantee it.... until, of course the summer of  2015 when they remember to mouth their opinion and spoon feed this very naive group of people that "this time, we're going to be fighting for the American Family".   Blah, blah, blah......

As a Christian man I look to my pastor for spiritual leadership but I don't think I really care if the President, or Congress are Christians or not.   I do, however care very much that they are intelligent and that they respect the scientific community and its leaders.  We live in a world of facts and concrete and they need to react based on that reality.  Science has gotten mankind very far, and it should be respected for the direction it offers not discounted for political gains.  Religion and politics do not mix., and they shouldn't.  I think it's repugnant to toss around the name of Jesus Christ and his intentions in these ugly matters of earthly politics.  As Christ himself said  "Render unto Cesar what is Cesar's and unto God what is God's".

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall