Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Real Fake News

By Chuck Marshall

I Call them JINA !

I've always loved the screaming headlines you see in the tabloids and since most  media outlets are now not any different from the tabloids (I call them  JINA-Journalists in Name Only) then I think they need help from Chuck Marshall, also not a real journalist !  We are brothers and sisters in our amateurism !   Since these so called journalists are for entertainment  I thought I'd  draw up some screaming headlines !  A  gesture of good will  from Marshall in the Middle to "save them the trouble" so to speak !  Notice I'm using exclamation points in many of my sentences !  That's the most important part !  It's always the end of the world !

As I suggest headlines, often there are many alternatives for the "subheading" I think they call it... the short sentence after the headline explaining a little more to get the reader's interest.  Since there are many ideas, I have several choices.  To make it fun, you can make comments on this blog as to your favorite !  Then I'll know there are real people actually reading this blog !

Regarding the latest theory that Putin and Trump are still colluding and have gone so far as to set up the chemical attack on children in Syria;

"Putin Moves Into White House, Living in Basement!"

1)  Master puppeteer orders immediate missile attack through  Donald Trump- On Russia !
2)  Out-negotiating Trump, he buys back  Alaska for same price paid in 1890 !
3)  Seen eating with Hillary in Georgetown restaurant !

"Trump Colludes with Putin to Wipe Out Baby Seal Population!"

1)  Nothing is more important right now, leaders agree in clandestine conversation !
2)  "Their cuteness irritates me" Putin insists while Trump goes along since they're "besties" !
3)   Putin hopes to feed them to his pet tigers !

So today we have headline A and B.  Choose the headline and the sub-heading in the comments section, ie;  A1 would be you like the headline "Putin Moves Into White House, Living in Basement!" the most and you prefer the subheading "Master puppeteer orders immediate missile attack through Donald Trump- On Russia!".

In fact, feel  free to suggest other headlines and maybe I'll include them in my next blog !   In fact I thought of another for Putin in the basement "Is mastermind behind Trump Tweets!"

Your journalist in earnest, Chuck Marshall

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Letter to the Orlando Sentinel - Susan Rice

Dear loyal readers,  I apologize for no posts for a couple of weeks.   Busy spring, and my day job is in the horticulture industry.  Gotta pay the bills !    Anyway,  I had to jot out this letter to the Orlando Sentinel when they actually grew a conscience and published an editorial commenting on the entire Susan Rice issue.  Hope you enjoy, and yes I know I'm leaning to the right these days- but I'm still an adamant independent.   More on that later.

Re:  John Kass column from the Chicago Tribune

      The published column of John Kass of the Chicago Tribune regarding Susan Rice and her skills at "unmasking" members of Trump's transition team was a welcome ray of sunshine from your newspaper, which I noticed ignored the story on Tuesday when it broke.  The absence of any attention to the suspicious details coming out of the Obama administration's opportunistic "observations" of the Trump campaign should be alarming to all Americans.  At the end of the day the Russians are suspected of influencing our election by revealing embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton.  There could not have possibly been any certainty of their tactic because American citizens do have a mind of their own, and that any American businessman would put all his eggs into a PR stunt with the Russians is far-fetched.   What I witnessed this past fall was Donald Trump outworking Hillary Clinton.  Ironically,  we do know the Democrats colluded with the American media to embarrass Donald Trump's campaign- that was what the Russians revealed !  We also know the details of the early days of the Trump administration were leaked to the media because they were headlines in the New York Times !   Susan Rice admittedly "unmasked" some of Donald Trump's team and their conversations "in the name of  national security".   How many times ?  What were they concerned about ?  If that's true, then certainly they heard him conspiring with his Russian friends ?  There are way too many unanswered questions here, but the stench of conspiracy and perhaps felonies seems to be wafting over from those orbiting the previous administration not the existing one.  

In My Humble Opinion......

P.S.  I'll probably edit out some of this, including pointing out they ignored the story-  they tend not to print my letters when I directly criticize their editorial board.   The odds are kind of against me, as they also are less likely to print my letters that lean to the right- I wonder why ?