Monday, April 28, 2008

Environmental Concerns

Well, I am happy to report that another of my letters was published in the illustrious Orlando Sentinel yesterday, April 27, 2008. I'm especially happy with this one as it takes a pretty hard dig at the lobbyists, aka "special interests".

For your viewing pleasure, titled "Tainted Springs- 2038"

Once again I am reading an editorial outlining an issue of contention (in this case our endangered springs) in which the reason we should all be concerned is because special interests (in this case a "group of builders") are motivated to block any governnment requirements because it would cost them money. Why should this fact (whether it be a septic tank or a billboard or carbon emissions) stop our leaders from doing what is right for all of us? It is not our government's obligation to make sure all businesses are are rolling in the profits. In a truly capitalist society a change in the rules often simply spawns other forms of business. Opportunity for a smaller, smarter rival. Survival of the fittest. It's healthy for all of us. As it stands, our government is very much for sale. So, in 20-30 years when we're all looking at algae infested springs, we can explain to our grandchildren that these timeless pristine springs were sold at the beginning of the century for very temporary profits. Sold by our leaders to the highest bidder.

Stimulus Package letter

I forgot to mention one of my published letters in my last several posts. This one I am pretty proud of. It is a critique of the federal government's attempt at "stimulating" the economy with their primitive methods. What a joke !

Published Orlande Sentinel Feb. 10, 2008

How wonderful that the federal government has decided to stimulate us all to spend more money with its "stimulus" package. What a creative and intelligent approach to the fiscal issues we have today ! Yay ! More money to spend on Chinese made products ! But, wait a second..... maybe, just maybe it's not such a good idea to be throwing money at the problem we have. Isn't fiscal irresponsibility largeley responsbile for the condition of the economy? The banks were irresponsbile for loaning money to people they shouldn't have, the citizens of our country are fiscally irresponsible for spending recklessly, and now the government is joining in the party and its solution is to encourage citizens to consume more (definitley don't save it !). What a vicious and dangerous circle we're spinning around in here. Sooner or later the party has to end and someone has to pay the piper.

I believe John McCain was right to resist the tax cuts that President Bush handed out earlier in the decade like chiclets. Perhaps if he becomes President he'll have the backbone to resist all these tax cuts and "stimulus" packages and start bringing in economists with intelligent ideas for growing our economy. We all must insist on fiscal responsibility at the federal level, otherwise we're in big trouble. Right around the time we're set to retire we'll be getting letters from the government explaining that there will be no social security checks because most of that money was spent back in the early 2000's to "stimulate" the economy.

'Nuff Said !

Monday, April 14, 2008

Another letter not published ! But.......

Dear Gentle Reader,

Another attempt at publishing has failed as of this past week, April 8. I'm especially disappointed in this one not being published as it was my best essay on why I think lobbyists are the human equivalent of "seepage". Anyway, I did get a response from the columnist Scott Maxwell which I am most appreciative of. I also got a response from Scott regarding my previous attempt at publishing another outraged letter, also supporting his column. You can read this blog post below under March 27.

Here is my letter from April 9.

Regarding Scott Maxwell's column from Wednesday, April 9. I really enjoyed Scott's comments encouraging the population to get involved in their government. We have a problem here in that everyone agrees the government is corrupt, but all too often people don't seem willing to really do anything about it. How long are we going to watch as our so called leaders receive special favors from lobbyists and special interests at the expense of our democracy? When I voted for our leaders I voted for them because I agreed with their platform and because I saw them as capable of making the right decision for all citizens. I didn't vote for them to receive "guidance" from special interests that slither into their office. So, if I may be so bold as to offer an addendum to Scott's "action list" as to what we all can do to make our government better. There needs to be a serious movement to remove lobbyists from all halls of government at all levels. Let's start with a clean slate and re-establish our government as a representative government with leaders that are focused on the needs of society and all people as it was orginally intended.

'Nuff Said !!

Letter to the Orlando Sentinel- March 21, 2008

I found this one rather excellent as I re-read it here. I understand why they didn't print it as it's way too critical of our fat, arrogant, complacent, egocentric, smug humpty-dumpty Vice President.... but..... I still like it.

Here it is... publised at last, I guess.... on my blog... Hah !!

March 21, 2008

"So?" was Dick Cheney's answer to a reporter's query regarding the statistical fact that two thirds of Americans say (the war in Iraq) is not worth fighting. "So"? "So, Mr. Vice President this is the United States of America which was founded by our forefathers as a new great experiment where the opinions and wishes of the people are to be held in the highest regard. "We the people" our constitution states at its very beginning to emphasize and underline the fact. Another of our documents called the Delcaration of Independence begins "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to break the bands of tyranny". " Tyranny is what springs to my mind when I hear such comments and observe such an arrogant attitude from Dick Cheney and the Bush White House. How ironic that the Bush White House shows such little consideration for the will of the people here in the United States at a time when he constantly announces that Democracy is the real reason for the war in Iraq. "So"? "So, Mr. Vice President, I guess you profess to know much better what's good for all of us but American history will judge you and President Bush and Rumsfeld, and everyone else of that ilk. History will judge all of you who are so proud that you ignore the will of the people just as it judges the egocentric, blundering English King who minimized the will of our forefathers."

Attempted to publish in the Orlando Sentinel- March 2008

I'm not so crazy about this one. It's kind of sanctimonious. It did not "run".

Anyway, here it is;

Re; Your article headlined "Icy winter warms climate skeptics" from the New York Times.
I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I find it surprising that an educated person would hypothesize that because we're having a "colder" year this year that consequently any global warming theory must be all wrong. More surprsing (well, not all that surprising) is that Marc Morano who is described as "the communications director for the Republican minority on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee", would refer in a blog to "silly warming alarmism that the news media and some scientists have been ceaselessly promoting for decades". What University did Mr. Morano study climatology, or environmental sciences that he feels qualified to so easily explain away any theories regarding climate change? It is my understanding that most scientists in this field agree that climate change is an ongoing problem, irregardless of a colder year. Our leaders should be respecting the advice of the experts in this field and not questioning them with dim-witted conclusions based on one year of data.

Charles E. Marshall

Expired comments to the Orlando Sentinel- Dec. 2007

Another of my attempts at publication, rejected. I particularly like this one.... oh well. America has so much potential to make an even greater difference in this world, if only our government thought so !!

Addressed to the Orlando Sentinel, Dec. 16, 2007

I read the article submitted by the Associated Press (Dec. 16, Sunday) with much disgust as I watch as our country's shining example is once again diminished by nonexistant leadership in Washington. After a century of success that included victory in WWI and WW2, removing communism as the opressive government that dominated much of the world, we are reduced to being booed at the United Nations for our lack of direction regarding Global Warming. Our government seems most concerned that any significant changes would cost jobs and hurt the economy. I believe this shows an appalling lack of confidence in the creativity and ingenuity of the American people.

Might I suggest that a comprehensive approach to the Global Warming concern would actually create jobs. Just as the invention of the light bulb ended kerosene lamp sales and the invention of the automobile ended sales of horses and carriages perhaps a new industry favoring renewable energy would create more higher paying jobs than what is in existance now? Something we can't even imagine at this point in history. Twenty five years ago microsoft and google and the internet and all its industry did not exist at all ! Who could have anticipated that? We are the birthplace of the lightbulb and the telephone and the airplane and the automobile. We can help the world with this problem with imagination and restored leadership.

Charles E. Marshall

Published Letter- The Orlando Sentinel - Nov. 07

This letter was written at the encouragement of my mother. I wasn't especially "in" to the issue at hand (gambling, which my mother detests) and I didn't think they'd print it. Much to my surprise, they did.

Here it is; Printed on November 27th of 2007.

I would like to commend House Speaker Marco Rubio for questioning Governor Crist and his negotiations with the Seminole tribe absent of any due process of legilsation. Is that really his decision to move forward when the people of Florida have not sanctioned expanding gambling to such an extent? Gambling is a cheap and easy way for the state to collect more money with little effort. Unfortunately for the people of Florida it also acts to encourage illegal activities and taxes those who do not have the self control to know when to stop at the expense of their families. The government should encourage small business, innovation, and competition in the marketplace for people who want to make money, not go out and play cards.

'Nuff said !!

Expired comments to the Orlando Sentinel Nov. 2007

Dear gentle readers,

I was observing some of my older letters to the Orlando Sentinel and felt compelled to post them on my blog so they'll be here.... always. This first one is from November of last year (2007), so it's a little late, but still appropriate to my feelings now, April 2008. A little Bush bashing is good for the soul, I like to say.....

By the way, this letter was never published..... the fools !

Here it is:

Nov. 17, 2008

I read your editorial regarding insurance reform with great interest. (Be Fair, Nov. 17, 2007 Sat.) Specifically I noticed the comments regarding our president's "hands off" approach to insurance reform. Mr. Bush's leadership reminds me of the position taken by our government in the late 19th century when the Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, Vanderbilts and Getty called the shots. The federal government also had a "hands off" approach to corporate America and the consequences were sweat shops, monopolies, oligopolies, widespread pollution and other abuses of the public to the benefit of a relatively small group. It took a strong president like Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican, by the way) to stand up to these injustices and give the common man and our natural environment a fighting chance. That is what we need today; clear headed, intelligent, solid leadership that stands solidly for what is fair and just. I have concluded that Mr. Bush mainly believes the role of the government is to spend trillions of our dollars on a war that he has decided is the make or break war of American history. His form of "hands on" government has its hands deep in American pockets and it's perfectly content to watch as "we the people" get less and less protection from our insurance corporations for a higher and higher price.

Very Sincerely,

Charles Marshall
Clermont, Fla

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's This All About?

This blog is my endeavor to lay out some thoughts on things that just plain bug me. This could be about politics, the environment, leaders, news events, etc....

I find I do my best writing when I'm passionate and/or riled by something. I've had several letters printed in the Orlando Sentinel and so I just feel I have something to offer the world that could... perhaps.... make a difference.

I don't know where this might go but I've got to give this medium a try. As someone who really enjoys writing, but doesn't have time to "write a book", this seems like the perfect thing to start doing.