Friday, December 13, 2019

Trump Impeachment

By Chuck Marshall

Dear gentle readers- 

      I wrote a strongly worded letter to the Orlando Sentinel that - so far- they have not printed so instead of letting a good letter go to waste, I've decided to publish it on my little blog.  Enjoy !  

     "I refer to two articles in your newspaper.  The first; "America's global influence declining" and your editorial regarding the Trump impeachment on the opinions page.   (Aren't both articles opinions ? )  As the world's largest economy that is now booming, I assure you the United States still has influence.  The story referenced some NATO leader's of Europe gossiping about Trump as a clear indicator we no longer influence them but then deeper in the article it was finally mentioned that Trump coaxed (aka influenced)  our NATO  "allies" to spend billions more for their own defense.   Also, there was a lot of  reference to China and Russia stepping in as an influence to American allies.   Perhaps they are but the American people are not responsible for the world except as an example to a better society.  Americans elected Trump to get us away from never -ending wars,  allies that take advantage,  bad trade deals,  bloated government, and a privileged class of media and corporations that are vastly more interested in their own money and lives and blood than those of  the American individual.  Joe Biden has participated in Washington politics since 1973.   I'm sure he deserved questions asked of his and his son's activity towards the Ukranian government.  Veiled threats to a foreign government are not appropriate at all,  but worth impeachment ?  I don't think so.  You prefer nice and polite criminals running our government over effective changes.  I want DC fixed and listening to me, not each other." 

In My Humble Opinion