Monday, April 16, 2012

The Indignity that is Fidel Castro

Well, I think it's safe to say that Castro has been a burr in the butt of the US for quite some time now.  What a huge influence he has had on the behavior of our government.  Amazing in the irony that such a small man could affect such a great country.  A lot of the American public doesn't know that much about Fidel Castro.  They know he is controversial and that he is regarded as a dictator in a relatively small island country in the Carribean, 90 miles from the southern tip of Florida.  There is, however a lot of confusion in that there are some who regard him as a bit of a hero for standing up to the US for all these years.  Some in Hollywood demonstrate alot of sympathy for Fidel and even go so far as to visit him and his country.   Sean Penn is the best example..... but Barbara Walters famously groveled over him and commented "his personal magnetism is very powerful" (and so was Adolf Hitler's as I understand it).  Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Harry Belafonte, Kevin Costner and Steven Spielberg.... the list could go on and on.

Now there is a great controversy because the manager for the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen was quoted in Time magazine as saying that he "loved Castro".   In Kansas City or Chicago this probably wouldn't have been a big deal.  In Miami, Fla.... he might as well have touched the third rail.  Since then, he has apologized and noted that what he actually meant to say was that he couldn't believe that Castro was still in power  (wow, that does sound just like "I love Castro").  Anyway, the man can say whatever he wants because this is a free country.  Unfortunately for him, it is also a capitalist country and when someone doesn't do their job right they can be easily fired.  I recently read a post on Facebook by a very good friend who stated that "this is a bunch of crap" and that Ozzie should be left alone.

 I humbly disagree, and here's why.

My wife immigrated from Cuba when she was 12.  Janet and her family left with nothing but the clothes on their backs (they came by airplane, but that's another topic).  The government doesn't let you take anything with you because everything is owned by the government so how could you justify to them that you can bring along anything personal?   If you left the country, even legally,  you were called a "worm" in Spanish "gusano" and if you were unlucky enough to have people find out that you were leaving BEFORE you actually left (even though it's legal), then your family would be harassed and your home would be egged.  All in the name of  Fidel Castro.  This is a communist country folks,  the people have no rights whatsoever.  People disappear, are imprisoned, and killed for speaking out against Fidel Castro.  So, just imagine your most hated President (be it George Bush or Barack Obama) and imagine that you felt no freedom at all to mention a dislike for ANYTHING he does to ANYONE because you know you could easily be put in prison for a long time for just speaking your mind.    Now imagine that this hated leader whom you can NEVER speak out against- even under your breath (not so much as a whispered "screw Bush") and now imagine that he will be your President for as long as his old heart beats.  (and after that his brother takes over !).  There is no getting rid of him or his ilk.  That is the indignity that the Cuban people have had to endure for over 50 years now.  That's why so many people, like my wife and her family,  fled Cuba with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  They  fled to escape the humiliation of having their businesses "nationalized" and any freedom of speech or activity completely squashed.  They fled to America, so close by, but so very distant in opportunity and liberty.

So, regarding Ozzie Guillen of the Miami Marlins, I think he should be fired.  His job is to lead a team that the community can believe in and support there in South Florida.  How can they do that now, knowing this man had such ineptitude as to praise a dictator they suffered under?   All of Hollywood and the media that sink so low as to praise such a man should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of consideration.  Fidel is a dictator regardless of who he "stood up to".  Their expressions of admiration lead me to conclude they are at best naive, and at worst communist sympathizers that deserve to be sentenced to a few years on the "island paradise" that is Cuba (as Jack Nicholson called it) and let them enjoy themselves as their private property is confiscated and their livelihoods are nationalized for the "common good".  Then I want to hear what their opinion is.

In MY humble opinion,

Chuck Marshall