Thursday, February 7, 2019

Journalism = Democratic Party

By Chuck Marshall

     Today I announce the death of journalism.  What we have is the mouthpiece for the Democratic party, not journalists.  Today we have partisan nonsense spewing from nearly every source of news skewed, in 90% of all instances, to the left and in full embrace with the Democratic party.  No matter your politics, no matter  your beliefs, you cannot tell me that's not true.  In addition, anyone that cares to hear both sides and understand the fairness of allowing dialogue is not getting that today.  Anyone that wants to read the news and hear the facts and truth, not tinted with Democratic ideals and beliefs will not receive it. 

     Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel printed the headline for Trump's state of the unions speech.  I was appalled at the partisan nature of a "news piece".  A source of news that I generally trust is now in doubt. 

     Of course I wrote a letter about it !!  They did not print it as of today.  Here it is and I repeated their headline to them with one small addition in the subject line.

"Trump Calls for End to Politcal Stalemate, but...."

Thanks for the headline article on Donald Trump's speech on today's front page.  Are the writers of this article members of the DNC ?  It certainly seemed like it.  It only took two small paragraphs to get to the line that the rancor in DC was "cultivated by Trump"- translation- DC was just fine before Trump arrived ?    Later it elaborated that Trump's comments regarding more women in the workforce than ever before "was due to population increase not something that could be accredited to any of Trump's policies".   I'm sure Economics is not required in journalism school, however it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to recognize a vibrant economy is a cause for increase in employment for all of us  and you can have more people but much less employment.  Anyone not sure about this might review the Great Depression or modern day Venezuela.  These are just  two examples of the most obvious opinions uttered in this "news piece".  I can only imagine the other innuendos lurking around if I actually knew all the facts according to how the Democrats want to see them.  I agree with the President that partisan politics needs to stop for the good of our nation and I'd like to suggest it start with those whom we should all be able to trust with an honest take on what's happening.  The media.