Monday, November 19, 2012

Goo Goo Traitors and Why Mitt Romney Lost

OK< so Obama won the election., so what now?  I guess as a right leaning Independent it's not nearly as devastating to me as it is right now for all those Republicans out there., especially the "Tea Party" Republicans. There's actually a small movement to "secede" from the union going on here in Florida.  Secede?  Well, you're probably not going to get too far here since Florida voted for Obama... Duh!  Anyway, there's a similar movement in Texas.  Now, Texas is another story since at one point it was its own country and of course Texas voted for Romney.  What's my opinion of all this talk?   I think they're all a bunch of little babies and traitors,  and  today I dub them the the "goo-goo traitors".   Now is the time to stand behind our President and bid him well that he might fix the problems many of us felt  Romney was better capable of doing.  We should encourage bipartisanship from Congress and the President in the interest of our country.  The election is over, the people have spoken.

But anyway, enough about the "goo-goo traitors".  I want to elaborate a little bit about why I think Romney lost.  These are my "5 reasons why Mitt Romney lost"  the election.

1)  The 47% comment.  You can't insult nearly half the country referring to them as having a "victim mentality" and then expect to be voted their leader !  They're not that stupid !

2)  Over 70% of the Hispanic vote went to Obama.  That's truly pathetic.  There is absolutely no excuse for him to have done that bad with Hispanics except that he has a very miserable and ineffective campaign/marketing team.  Hispanics make up over 16% of the population,  and it's  my understanding the Romney campaign did little to pursue that vote.  Sad. On the same note, personally I noticed on the pop station I listen to (which would naturally have younger audience) that it was all Obama ads.... not one Romney ad.  I guess his "crack" team of marketers spent all his money on the Fox network, so he could effectively "preach to the choir".  Oh brother !

3)  The Republicans have let the Tea Party have too much say in their party and now they're suffering the consequences.  After the fiasco over the last two years people are afraid the Republicans are DE-volving instead of E-volving... which is appropriate since there is a substantial part of the Tea Party that is said to doubt Evolution.  I've heard some top Republicans mention they think Romney was too far to the middle !  The only reason he gave Obama a run for the money was because he was towards the middle.  If the Republicans had nominated Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum as their candidate the election would have been such a laughingstock that the GOP would have never lived it down.  Seriously.

4)  Romney is very smart, hard working and I agree with a lot of his ideas but he just didn't excite people enough.  He was sometimes very good, but other times very dull.  He didn't close the deal with that frozen smile of his.  

5)  The Debates nearly saved him, but then the last two debates were ineffective and he let the President recover the fumble from the first debate.  Romney should have probably gone after the jugular in the third debate as it was obvious the President had been playing politics with the assassination of our Ambassador in Libya.  Maybe not such a horrible crime, but it was a breech in his defensive lines that could have been capitalized on.  When Romney had him pinned to the floor with a blatant lie, he let that lady from CNN steal his thunder as she tried to pull him off the President's throat.  That could have been the thrust that pierced Obama's shield, but he just wasn't sharp enough.  

In My Humble Opinion........