Thursday, October 25, 2018

Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion - Climate Change Lectures

By Chuck Marshall

Dear Balanced readers,

     The Orlando Sentinel, once again published my rambling opinion last week.  This time in response to a self congratulatory essay from a Rollins College professor who wishes all us bumpkins would fall in line with his way of thinking what with us ruining the planet and all.

     This was published on October 17th, 2018 but I was headed to the North Carolina mountains with the family so I had no time to share my opinion last week.   I figure better late than never.  My thoughts are the same and you can gather what was said in this guy's column from my comments.  His column was  published on October 16th on the opinions page (Educated doesn't necessarily equal intelligent).   Compromise, compromise, compromise....  it's a dirty word in our "Age of Incompetence".

Here it is :

     If you want to understand the "climate change deniers", look no further than the article written by Bruce Stevenson in today's Orlando Sentinel.  The first paragraph eviscerates Governor Scott with an extremely nasty, personal attack so  he alienated at least half the readers right off the bat.  He goes on to elaborate that tax cuts,  deregulations, and "climate change deniers" are behind the woes of modern day Florida.   Okay, now they're the enemy.  The irony is I believe climate change is a problem, but I don't think it's helpful to write sanctimonious lectures that demonize people who don't agree with our opinion.  The vicious hurricanes recently are an indication of trouble with the planet.  Isn't it time to come together with solutions that are both business friendly and backed by academic findings ?  The lack of compromise in the minds of Americans has made all of us, even college professors, dumb in my humble opinion. 

Chuck Marshall 

.......In My Humble Opinion.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Time for a Third Party

    Most of the government's time is spent fighting itself through both parties. They move heaven and earth to hurt each other, never mind the needs of our country. Compromise is rarely considered because they don't want to upset their "base". I think we need to consider some way to remove parties from the election and governing process OR perhaps mandate a third, moderate party that will end this stalemate ? You who are reading this has that power according to the constitution. It's just a matter of organizing and resisting the fear tactics of the "powers that be".