Tuesday, August 9, 2022

National Sales Tax Over Income Tax

 By Chuck Marshall 

      In the news is the latest scandal according to Republicans- the Dems are hiring 87,000 employees for the IRS and will soon be banging at your door to audit you- especially if you lean right.  That might be true, but it could also just be that the IRS isn't able to police taxation effectively.  The government- if you haven't heard- is close to going broke.  Can't keep spending money that's not there !  

    Anyway, the reason for this blog today is to express my belief that a national sales tax would work far better than any income tax.  Why tax people for working ?  It doesn't make any sense.  Consider that the harder we work the better we do,  the more money we earn to spend thus creating more jobs and propelling the economy even more.  The government wants to penalize that effort and that economy boosting activity by discouraging it with taxes.  Ridiculous.    

     A sales tax could be used to tax consumption., which is far more detrimental to everyone.  Too much eating makes you fat- too much petroleum use makes the planet's air dirty and may cause climate change.  Too much alcohol makes you a drunk.  Too much consumerism makes all of us superficial pricks.  We could have higher taxes for the "sins" like cigarettes,  alcohol and pot thus bringing in more money but also discouraging the use of any of them.   Tax products that cause more pollution like paper- thus discouraging the public from buying products bad for the environment.  

     A national sales tax would be much better for controlling use of energy- a huge plus for tree huggers.  We could have very low taxes for "green" projects like planting trees.  Medications and healthy foods could go untaxed encouraging their use while also helping the sick with the expense of drugs.  The list is endless.  We could have a luxury tax on more expensive houses and cars and I would imagine it would become something to brag about for stuffed shirts;    "I paid a 30% luxury tax on my Rolls Royce today".  That's how people are !  Take advantage of it !  

     Stop taxing people for working.  It's ludicrous.  

Friday, June 10, 2022

"Right VS Left" should be "Individual VS Ruling Class"

 By Chuck Marshall 

       Political thought has always been categorized as Right VS Left,  Democratic VS Republican, Liberal VS Conservative, and at the extreme Nazi VS Communism.  But it's more difficult  to clarify political thought as one or the other today.  I think Ruling Class VS Individualists suits the situation better, and each party has traded places as the "ruling class" party over the 250 years of the USA's history.  For a long time, the Republicans were more the "ruling class" party as they were tight with corporations and most wealthier and influential citizens tended agree with their way of seeing government.  They were also much more likely to support the institutions of the federal government such as the FBI or the CIA.  Today, that has been turned on its head as Corporate America has sided with the Democratic party in the majority of situations, especially with most of their social ideals such as Abortion and "Black Lives Matter", and the institutions are more supported by the Democrats who understand now their ability to help them rule and control the individual.    I theorize also, that the larger corporations have found their lobbyists are far more effective at directing Congress towards legislations that suits them when the Democrats are running the show - so the government is "on sale" so to speak to the highest bidder.   This has always been true, with either Republican or Democratic leadership, however the Democrats seem to have an easier time choking down their own hypocrisy than the Republicans.  "In the interest of the American people" is much more likely to mean "the American lobbyists" under their breath.   After all, "the ends justifies the means" is certainly at the core of their actions today.  The other reasons for this are varied and more complex than one blog could possibly explore.  I do think this idea- "ruling class VS the individual" is an important one because it does help to understand and clarify what's going on.  You can't fix something if the wrong terms are being used.   Today, individualists would be more logically supportive of the Republican party and statists would be more supportive of the Democratic party.    

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Gun Violence - Blame to go Around

 By Charles Marshall 


     One more mass shooting.  One more round of finger pointing.  To hear it from the media it's all about banning guns.  The left has never heard of a creative solution to any problem other than banning something or throwing money at it.   The Republicans blame mental illness, which is true but then what is their solution ?  Do they have one but we never hear about it or are they just useless ?  The political parties have blocked any legislation to fix this and other problems due to the partisan war being waged.  Nothing gets done and it's the fault of both parties for sure, but it's also the fault of the media which seems to prefer the war over any sort of compromise.  The media has great potential to be the voice of compromise instead of the instigator of discourse that it is today.  If they really care about the problems of this country and the world they would drop the partisan commentary and dig for the truth from both sides of the argument.  Surely there are other creative ideas that would help the situation if they simply opened themselves up to conversation other than "banning guns".   Why do the shootings continue ?  Because there is no compromise in Washington, DC but the media sits there eating popcorn.   

In My Humble Opinion.....  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Letter to the Paper- Abortion Rights

 By CE Marshall 

     This letter I wrote in response to an editorial in my local paper- "The Orlando Sentinel".   It is "pro-life" so I asked them not to publish it, but I feel comfortable publishing it here on my blog.  I have 22 followers on this blog, which is read by more moderate to conservative readers (after all, Truth is in the title).  This makes me more comfortable than to publish it in the newspaper where the vast majority of readers are pro-choice and more than willing to riot if things don't go their way.  What a group.  

The title of the editorial was  "Women Will Lose Control of Their Bodies. Who's Next ?"

Here it my response; 

    I'll start out with the obvious.  Women have control of their body when they have sex with a man.  They can control who, what, where, and when and they control if birth control is used.   Second.  Pointing out that most Republicans are white and male and are "scheming" is highly offensive to me.  White men,  more than any other group of people,  are expected to choke down bigoted comments from the media but I'm calling you out on it.  You're bigots.  Third.   This is a huge issue that should have been brought to the people over 50 years ago, not a decision made by judges.   We live in a nation of laws decided by the people, not by elites in the courts or by sanctimonious talking heads.  Anyway, it SHOULD be that way.  That would have been an interesting and thought provoking concept to explore.   Your hysterical article and your political theater, as usual, ignores that a large percentage of the population sees abortion as murder.  Just because you don't see it that way doesn't make it any less true for those people.  Your lack of consideration for that point of view is narrow-minded and tyrannical.  I recognize that this article was on the "opinions page" but the news articles today were all very obviously "pro-choice" and you didn't even try to hide it.  The "Doctors" that warned this decision would be deadly on page 2 turned out to be one Dr. (not plural- it was one)  and she's in charge of  a Planned Parenthood group here in Florida.  Really ?  That's your source of a sound and balanced news opinion ?  The tone of your editorial was foreboding as if the end of civilization is at hand. Hysterical. 

     The funny thing is,  I used to be  "pro-choice",  then I became "moderate" on the issue.  But, I watched as all open conversation became so one-sided in the media that anyone with any contrary opinion was dismissed as misogynistic apes.  I slowly considered the "pro-life" opinion and am currently leaning further and further in that direction.  Why ?   I see mob rule as a very dangerous aspect of the "pro-choice" opinion and the media's "full throttled" support is very disturbing to me.   I don't want this published because you have created an environment where anyone that disagrees with your point of view regarding abortion is worthy of being harassed by marauding liberals.  It becomes a "free for all" to harass conservative citizens who see life as starting at or right after conception.  Is that really such a horrible opinion to have ?    Abortion rights are threatened, but you and all mainstream media are the arbiters of a far more dangerous threat.  The threat against free and opinion debate on most topics in modern America.  People are afraid to speak their mind these days on many topics and that fear springs from people like you and that really pisses me off.   

Once again, please don't publish any of this letter.  


CE Marshall 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Extreme Concepts Worth Considering for the Benefit of the Individual

 By CE Marshall 

     Dear readers-  I'm often frustrated by the lack of action or effectiveness of the government regarding defense of individual rights and effective governing.  There are all kinds of concepts that have been tried to "help" situations for groups but they never work because they're watered down by herd mentality and the never- ending political circus between the "right" and the "left".  

Truth be told,  if we want results then we need bold action to enable the individual to succeed, not any particular group.  If life is good for all individuals, then it's good for us all, right ?  

For example;

Controlled Gun Control  -  Instead of "controlling" guns, they should be legislated only as far as who gets them- restricting persons with a tendency towards violence, insanity, lack of intelligence to learn to handle them.  To truly control guns they should be provided to ALL people that want one and all people that want one should be educated in their handling.  The goal is that only intelligent, capable people are carrying guns and those with a tendency to mishandle them would not carry them.  The results would be far fewer lunatic shooting binges since he (probably a he) would think twice to take out grocery store or a school.  In addition,  I would think violent crime would take a "nose-dive" because  the potential victim would be more likely capable of defending themselves, regardless of their gender.  How could a potential rapist or thief know if his victim  knows how to handle a gun ?  If it's likely she can, he's not going to try.  

No more bricks and mortar Schools   The petri dishes for our children known as "Public schools" are a complete failure and have lead to mostly incapable population of adults that don't know basic history or practical understanding of finance or many adult necessities of modern life.  They  lead frustrating lives working at jobs they hate and/or are not appropriate for them.  They vote for incompetent and incapable politicians because they never learned what to look for in leadership other than the vitriol you see in today's MSM. Get rid of the cattle boxes and enable children to learn from home or in a virtual school environment.  This would be massively less expensive and you could have the best teachers instructing a much higher number of students all at once.  Kids that need the extra attention could get it in "question and answer sessions" with "virtual questions" and the brats that disrupt the setting of the virtual room would be simply muted by the teacher/monitor.  No more expensive buses and greenhouse emissions from them which I'm sure is massive on a daily basis.  No more school clothes to reveal a social background at early ages.  No more sexual signals lurking beneath tight fitting clothes amidst all the hormones of the creatures known as "teenagers".  Just learning.  

Government Assistance for all.... with one "catch" -  I think the government should be there to help people who are down on their luck and/or need an avenue to gain independence through self sufficiency.  The problem is certain political groups have gotten very good at promising all kinds of things to specific groups of people and their enablers (enablers- well meaning liberal minded citizens that want to help the downtrodden but lack the energy or interest to actually DO anything about it other than vote.)  I think this assistance should be there for food, shelter, and medical care through government subsidies and tax breaks.  Even welfare has its purpose in certain extreme circumstances.  Tuition or tuition debt relief ?  No problem !  But there is  a catch to this government assistance.  If you take government assistance you CANNOT vote while you're taking that government assistance.  It's obvious those who want or need government assistance would be very motivated to continue voting for the politician that promises more "goodies" to them.  Remove that possibility altogether.  This would have the additional advantage of motivating them to get back to being contributors to society and participants in the democratic process.  The individual need no longer feel the frustration of supporting people who don't want to work but then get a say in leadership that will enable this laziness.  

Of course there are details to be worked out., but this seems a good foundation for establishing an avenue to happiness for all while protecting the rights of the individual.  

In My Humble Opinion.  

Comments welcome !