Saturday, July 22, 2017

Washington Post Reading the Minds of High Level Russians !

     I read the article from the Washington Post with this headline "Russian Contradicts Session's answers" wondering to myself why we the people should trust a leak from  "conversations intercepted by U.S. Spy Agencies that monitor communications between high level Russian officials".   If it was intercepted it's certainly possible that it was leaked on purpose and was one more example of the Russians meddling in our politics- the very source of all  the hysteria over Trump's supposed collusion.  How do you know the truth ?  They (the Russians) don't care if it's Democrats or Republicans they're hurting, they're just enjoying the show and I would imagine have no problem purposely leading our very "leaky" spy agencies and the Washington Post down a rabbit hole.  The most concerning part of this story is that it was published at all.    

In My Humble Opinion......

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Health-Care Reform Failure - Again !


     Health care  reform fails again.  I've been writing this blog since 2008, and I tried to find an old blog I wrote regarding health care from way back when the Republicans were trying to hinder Obamacare.  Back then, when Obama was still in the middle of his presidency,  I tended to give him the benefit of the doubt., I felt he won and deserved a chance to show what he could do (IMAGINE THAT !)  Leaning right of center, I still always try to have a fair mind and under Obama I often found myself defending Obama because the R's were such obstructionists !  Sound familiar ?

     Anyway,  I found the blog !  Here it is in all it's glory.  Some things never change folks, and way back then I was wondering out loud what ideas the Republicans had.    It turns out my suspicions were correct, they had NONE !   So, this from  2013 and today  I  figured I'd share it as a relic of the past in honor of another failure of our government to work for the people.   They are of,  for and by the lobbyists and the partisan nonsense- from BOTH parties enrages me.   Don't forget our darling media cheerleaders stirring the pot from the sidelines !  

Can the Republicans Offer Solutions for Healthcare ?

July 29, 2013  

     Recently in the Orlando Sentinel there was an article on how Senator Marco Rubio has warned that our quality of health care is in serious danger if the “Affordable Health Care Act” moves forward.  I think he has a good point in that there are few federally controlled agencies that we can look at with admiration for their success.   I wonder though, what ideas might he and the Republicans have?   All I hear on so many major issues is what the Republicans don't want. But, what is it they DO want?   What ideas do they have to make health care affordable ?  Surely there are intelligent options that could come from the right other than what they don’t want.      

     On a monthly basis the average premiums for a family of four are approximately $1000 per month.   If you’re fortunate, you work for a company that pays for half of that. In comparison, when I first graduated from college in 1987 I paid around $30 per month to cover the full premium for myself.  Consider that this money put back in people’s pockets could go towards improvements to homes, vacations, entertainment and education.  Positive economic catalysts.   The high cost of health insurance as a percentage of income has become a drain on the economy.  It needs to be fixed.  

     Our leaders don’t understand our struggles.  I’ve always liked the idea of having our Senators and congressman pay the same health care premiums most Americans pay so they can relate to what we’re going through.  I wonder what Senator Rubio pays?  I'm very sure it's not 10% of his net income as it is for most middle class Americans.  

     The pharmaceutical and medical professions have spent over three billion dollars on lobbying in Washington DC since 1990.  That's a lot of convincing.   What exactly did they convince our government to do for all these years ?   Could it be this lobbying has created a warped medical economy where normal laws of supply and demand no longer apply?  Can that be fixed?   Also, could there be limits on litigation so that the mistakes of Doctors don’t automatically make someone and their lawyer a millionaire while simultaneously causing everyone's premiums to surge as a consequence ? 

     As a voice from the middle, I would like to hear some good ideas from the right that could improve our health care system as it stands today.  The Republicans are against Obamacare. That is obvious,  But if their mindset is that the status quo is fine,  then they have already failed the American people.  

In My Humble Opinion. 

Some things never change.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trump Junior Guilty..... of Being Naive

By Chuck Marshall

     So, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who had promised damning information on Hillary Clinton.  He met with the lady and allegedly abandoned the meeting because he came to  realize the lady had nothing to say or offer.   In the emails which he released to the press it is obvious he looked forward to the meeting and hoped to gain the upper edge for his "then candidate" father, Donald J. Trump.  I'm not going to bore the reader with the dreary details of a completely insubstantial  meeting.  I do, however,  want to try to extract good information and perhaps some logic out of the latest hysterical media rampage.

1)  Trump Jr. met with a Russian but the Trump campaign had previously denied any sort of clandestine meetings with any Russians.  He lied.

2)   It is not a crime to meet with Russians.

3)  It is not a crime to listen to gossip from a foreign government about your political enemy.

4)  If there was "collusion" then let the investigation committee find it and I'll be all ears.  So far, I still  smell "nothing burger".

5)  I'm more interested in what the DNC was doing in Kiev, Ukraine with foreign operatives in a distinct effort to undermine a political opponent of theirs;  Donald J. Trump.   I believe that IS illegal.  I'm  also curious about some of the mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons that I used to brush off as partisan bunk., but there's certainly enough there to be intrigued.  The MSM is curiously uninterested.  Why?    Now that, would be an interesting story.

6)  The Republican party is a bunch of insider DC weenies who watch with barely a whimper as Trump is accused over and over of things that we all know Obama, Clinton and the DNC did.  They are a very flaccid group and only the Democratic party sports a more shrunken organ.

7)  I'm not real crazy about Donald Trump but I absolutely loathe hypocrisy much more.  I'm willing to give the old bastard a chance to achieve my fantasy- drain the swap of greed and avarice that is Washington, DC.  I've  never seen a person truly capable of doing it until now.  The obnoxious., belligerent,  politically incorrect, plain talking, straight shooting, clever, scheming, tweeting and conniving Donald J. Trump.  Sick 'em Don !

8)  Donald Trump won and the left would be wise if they let this whole thing blow over and just try to work with the man.  I don't think it will end well for them if they keep this up.

In My Humble Opinion......

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day !


     Happy Independence Day,  Everybody ! I always like to consider the fact that every man in this picture was committing treason against the Crown and risked hanging for signing that document. It was not a casual, "glad to be here" thing--- We owe it to our children to teach them well the sacrifice and courage as well as a thorough understanding of what was done. They risked it all to pull power from the King and deliver it to the people.  We owe it to these men that we speak up and fight when we feel what's going on in the public domain is wrong.  We owe it to them that we protect basic freedom and liberty from the "flavor of the day" as is common in our world.  We owe it to them that we're proud of our country-- not for its wealth or its military might but for this great precedence that our founders established for us;   Power to the people and our posterity that no person shall infringe on another person's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness whatever that might entail.  We must be vigilant, passionate, and  compassionate in our endeavor to protect what these brave men gifted to us  241 years ago today.  In My Humble Opinion.

Oh, and... enjoy the fireworks, your hot dogs and beer !