Sunday, October 16, 2011

Because King Chuck Wishes It: Part 2

Back in April, I wrote a blog called "Because King Chuck Wishes It", and it was basically a rambling soliloquy on what I would like to have happen in the United States if I were to somehow gain absolute power, like a King in the "old days".  So, this has been running around in my head lately because after all it's so much fun to consider having all things go the way you want with no challenge from any other political thought.  (The Tea Party should be familiar with this thought process).  Anyway..... I was in conversation with a customer today over the expense of general elections and I climbed up on my soap box to announce one of my favorite ideas.  So, here is how I put it in the original "Because King Chuck Wishes It".

" Extract money from the process of electing our leaders. We have a system to select the best college basketball team in the country that doesn't require a Billion dollars so why is such a system so impossible for our leaders? Candidates shall be nominated by their peers as being capable and trustworthy in the community. These nominees would then list their positions on all the major issues of the day. Have them present their ideas in the form of a speech. Have them debate each other to defend their positions. Then we all vote. No campaigns, no signs, no TV ads, no daily mailings, no marketing, no polls, no malarkey. Just the candidate and the people."

This is where I stopped on "electing leaders" in "Because King Chuck Wishes It" part I. 

So, to continue this train of thought......why do we have elections where money is necessary? .  Anyone who is elected in this day and age is very much beholden to whoever funded their multi-million dollar "run for office", never mind their claims at being called to do the bidding of the American people.  What a crock that is !   They are concerned with paying back whoever shelled out the big bucks for them to get their "dream job" running our country. (running it into the ground is how its been working).

So, my ideas is a play off system of selecting, nominating and finally electing our leaders.  It would start locally.  We begin by selecting leaders in our communities whether through voluntary organizations or businesses.  Each organization of over 100 members (just for the sake of argument, doesn't have to be 100- but enough people so that the leaders in the group stand out) will nominate one of its members to run for public office.

Once the nominees are selected, each person will be asked to demonstrate what their agenda would be and how they would tackle problems of the day.  The local media would then cover each candidate with published lists of their opinions on LOCAL issues and bullet points on their opinions and solutions.  Each candidate would then be allowed to make broadcast speeches and answer questions from the public.  At that point there would be "primaries" where each party would vote for their preferred nominee.  These primaries would be "open" primaries, that is anyone can vote in any primary, but they can only select one group to participate in.  As an example, the Republicans might have group of 10 candidates, then the Independents and even Democrats can vote for one of these men or women but they then give up  their right to vote in any other primary (ie, the Democratic primary).

With this process, you're getting the best and most qualified leaders who have been observed by people in their community consequently  the person's morals and qualities are personally verified.

Stay tune for another "Because King Chuck Wishes It", as I elaborate on this new way of selecting our leaders.

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Apex Blogger said...

That is thought provoking for sure. I have always wondered though... how much of the campaign expenses go overseas vs how much is spent right here at home? BTW... thanks for the follow. I've wondered if some law could be passed that required all campaign expenses to be domestic.