Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Letter to the Candidates

Loyal readers, in honor of tonight's political debate, I have a fantasy letter for Romney/Obama I wanted to share.   I am considering submitting it to the Orlando Sentinel as another guest column but figured I'd get some feedback first, so don't be shy with your opinion !   Thanks.

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Governor,

     I wanted to ask you both what your plans are for the national deficit ?   I hear lots of talk about the Middle East, the economy, entitlements, global warming, jobs,  abortion, he said, he didn't say,  they both said.... but I want to hear from you both about the biggest threat to our nation's future, the national deficit?  As you are both aware, we are in debt by $16 Trillion.   Neither of you really seems to have a plan.  Each of your parties are responsible for this debt.   Governor Romney, President Bush ran up a $10 Trillion of debt waging two wars and establishing Homeland Security but then he refused to raise one dime of taxes to pay for it all.   President Obama, you have increased the national debt by 40% in only 4 years, outpacing Mr. Bush's glaring irresponsibility by 20%.  The Republican controlled House of Representatives has refused to raise one penny of taxes (many of them because they signed a "pledge" not to raise taxes, ever, ever, never) and your Democratic companions in the Senate have never heard of a problem that couldn't be solved by spending money, a philosophy which you seem to agree with.  My money, our money, the nation's money.  So gentlemen, keeping in mind you have to get this plan past Congress, what is your plan?  

     The USA Titanic is headed towards an iceberg that is the United States National Deficit and you are very short on lifeboats.    Your passengers, the American public are largely oblivious to the looming danger but there is a vague sense of unease at the idea they are riding on a "so called" unsinkable economy.  Soon they could be set off in a panic as our economy's hull is punctured by the reality of an unprepared government.   Quickly  the icy cold waters of fiscal irresponsibility will pour into the steam engine of our economy.  It will be easier than ever to blame the groups that are truly responsible for not reacting to the iceberg on time.  Nobody reacted because the two parties were too busy arguing whether to pull hard to starboard or hard to port.  Please tell me of a believable plan that not only makes sense but can conceivably pass through both houses of Congress, whether they be Republican or Democratically controlled.  Please be that captain with the nerve and character and temerity to steer our ship simply to safety. 

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