Sunday, June 2, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Saving Florida's Springs

Right now, in the state of Florida our natural springs are starting to spawn blobs of algae because of pollution running into the Florida Aquifer (an underground river of fresh water).  Our state government is doing nearly nothing to stop the pollution and it causes me great embarrassment as a Floridian.  Much of the opposition to protecting our natural resources comes from the "Tea Party" wing on the Republican party which runs our idiotic state government.  The Republicans have really lost their way.  The environment use to be one subject that both parties could agree on, but the Democrats have taken the high road on this one and once again the Republicans are coming off as "pro" big business, and "anti" pretty much everything else.  Anti-environment, anti-small business, anti-science, anti-progress,  anti-immigrant, anti-gay, and anti-fair elections.  They have absolutely  no new ideas to help anything and all they seem to consider is what they can do to make the Democrats' life miserable.  

Here in Florida there is a spring fed river called the Wekiva River.  This river is slowly dying and the scientists and environmentalists agree that it's just a matter of time.  So, what is our Republican led congress doing about it?  Nothing.  Hence, a editorial from the Orlando Sentinel which I fully agree.  Below is the letter I sent and that was published in today's Orlando Sentinel opinion page.  

Leaders see Wekiva dying, do nothing
Thanks for the Sentinel editorial on Wednesday focused on the appalling lack of urgency demonstrated by the St. Johns River Water Management District officials, as well as our leadership at the state level, regarding the slow death of the Wekiva River ("State officials fiddling while the Wekiva dies").
I found it ironic as I drove down Interstate 4 recently and noticed the slogan for Seminole County: Florida's Natural Choice. Maybe it would be more accurate to add "for blobs of algae."
Our leaders throw open the floodgates with corporate welfare to all manner of big business, but they cut out bike trails and environmental protection because they say we can't afford it.
Interestingly, these things we can't afford are the issues that most benefit small business and the individual citizens of the state — both present and future.
I hope all of these leaders are preparing answers for their kids and grandchildren when they're asked one day what they did to help Florida's ailing freshwater springs back in 2013.
An honest response will be, "I saw it coming. I had the power. I did nothing."
Charles E. Marshall Clermont

All citizens should  write their  Congressman and demand they start doing something to protect our springs and other fragile natural beauties throughout the country and even the world.  They are robbing our children and grandchildren of something very special and perhaps essential to the future of our planet.    

In my humble opinion. 

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