Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Republican Herd

Dear loyal readers,

Many apologies for not adding to this blog in several weeks.  Sometimes I do get a little burned out on the politics of our country and its crushing monotony and unparalleled ability to bring new meaning to the word "inane".  So much mediocrity, avarice, and greed.  It can get depressing.  But now that the new election season is heating up (only one and a half years until the next election) things are getting humorous -if nothing else.   Case in point, there are now 10 official candidates for the Republican nomination and 5 "probably" running.    A lot of them are familiar names  from the last election;  Rick Santorum (who has a disabled daughter that he brings up in most of his speeches),  Rick Perry, governor of Texas who famously said "oops" because he didn't know one of the branches of government or something equally stupid.   I read somewhere that he has "improved dramatically" this time around so I guess he's able to add single digit numbers now and maybe knows things like that France is in Europe.  Then there's Perry's fellow Texan -Ted Cruz- who is light years ahead of Rick Perry in intelligence but he's also a slimy politician who plays games with all the small minded people to the right wing of the Republican party like... well, like Rick Perry. I've never seem someone on the national spotlight who so obviously manipulates the political process.  In our parallel "intelligent" universe Ted Cruz is running for mayor of New Orleans not a viable candidate for president of the United States.   Lindsey Graham of SC wants to be President so he can take us to war as far as I can tell but I really haven't heard much else from or about him, he just seems so boring to me.

There are some that are likeable --Mike Huckabee seems like a nice guy and he plays a great saxophone but I just can't picture it.   Marco Rubio who really does have a lot going for him but his lack of fiscal responsibility is concerning;  we need someone good at controlling spending IF NOTHING ELSE and Marco's personal  finances are not inspiring to that end.   Jeb Bush (who is still not officially running), I know well from his being governor of our fair state of Florida and I will say he was a very good and effective governor.  Boy do we miss him here !  Anyway, assuming he can polish his speaking skills and stay on track with his more moderate philosophy of governing, I plan on supporting Jeb.  By the way, he's nothing like his brother or father.    In My Humble Opinion......

Next blog;  Hillary and the Democrats.

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