Saturday, July 22, 2017

Washington Post Reading the Minds of High Level Russians !

     I read the article from the Washington Post with this headline "Russian Contradicts Session's answers" wondering to myself why we the people should trust a leak from  "conversations intercepted by U.S. Spy Agencies that monitor communications between high level Russian officials".   If it was intercepted it's certainly possible that it was leaked on purpose and was one more example of the Russians meddling in our politics- the very source of all  the hysteria over Trump's supposed collusion.  How do you know the truth ?  They (the Russians) don't care if it's Democrats or Republicans they're hurting, they're just enjoying the show and I would imagine have no problem purposely leading our very "leaky" spy agencies and the Washington Post down a rabbit hole.  The most concerning part of this story is that it was published at all.    

In My Humble Opinion......

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