Saturday, February 3, 2018

Malevolence Against the American People: Justice Will Be Served

By Chuck Marshall

     The infamous "memo" was released yesterday and the reaction from our classic media sources was predictable.  The mainstream media, which I think would be more appropriately called "Missing in Action Media" saw nothing of importance in the details of the released memo.  I don't know what motivates them, but I see A LOT that was revealed.

1)  Donald Trump was spied on by the FBI.  There is no longer any doubt, but if you remember last year when he tweeted about "being spied on" the Media went nuts !  "How dare you accuse the FBI and Obama administration of doing such a thing" they screeched.  It is now known to be true.  I missed their analysis of this fact !

2)  True journalists do not work for the mainstream media. The classic media have failed the public for their glaring lack of action in the face of obvious malevolence towards Americans and their choice for President.  Their job is to seek the truth not fix a perceived problem with the results of an election.  They do not have the power to decide FOR US the direction of our nation.       

3) The FBI believes it has power that it does not.  What was done by the FBI looks to have been a serious overreach of power and was motivated to conjure up a reason to remove Donald Trump from the White House no matter what.  Are we to understand that from now on if the FBI is unhappy with an election then they can, by all means, scrutinize and work to undo the mistakes of the people ?  Where did that power come from ?

4)  The media may have been complicit in this treason. Some of what went on with the FBI involved the interaction and assistance of the classic Media.   They were not only failing or choosing not to cover an abuse of power, it seems they also participated in that abuse of power.  This aspect of the story is still unclear, but it is obvious if there's leaking going on and it's the media that benefits and uses said leaks, then they are as guilty as the perpetrators of this treason. 

5)  The reason they were and are so nervous.  The FBI, the Democrats and the classic media sources were all in full panic mode to halt the memo that they now say shows nothing. Some of them had the nerve to imply the American public is not intelligent enough to absorb such information.  Why so nervous over this memo since it doesn't reveal much ?  The reason is that now we know crimes were committed and they're at the mercy of congress and public scrutiny, a public that they obviously have no respect for 'nor confidence in.  It's only a matter of time, but I believe justice will be served.


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