Friday, January 22, 2021

Mind Your Own Business - CoronaVirus


By Chuck Marshall

A few comments on Corona-Covid 19 Virus and our personal liberty.

The tendency of some to love any law or rule that controls people to make themselves feel better about themselves is a symptom of tyrannical people and a potentially tyrannical government. Ban all guns because that's "Doing" something even though statistics don't pan out that it helps at all. Keep drugs such as pot illegal and a felony when they are less dangerous and harmful than alcohol is a waste of our cops' time and incarcerates citizens for a relatively innocuous life choice. Legalize guns and some recreational drugs with common sense controls. This leads me to thoughts on Corona Virus. I say, "Mind your own business and protect yourselves as you see fit". Face masks, social distancing, vaccines-- go for it, but don't make it a law. Shutting down business to control a virus that has less than a 2% death rate and has comparable mortality rates to dying in a car accident for the general population ? Such strategies are beyond ludicrous. Take care of the vulnerable, but for yourself, take your thumb out of your mouth and get on with your life.

In My Humble Opinion.....

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