Thursday, September 9, 2021

Ending My Hiatus - September 2021 - Let the Roasting Resume

 By Chuck Marshall

Dear excellent readers, 

     I took a break from this blog for a few months to rest my weary brain and get my blood pressure under control.  Not to mention  I've been very busy at work !  Plants are in fashion "BIG TIME", thanks in large part to the CORONA Virus, COVID virus, Wuhan Virus, Chinese Virus, etc....  Folks stayed at home and got busy planting  and adoring plants.  They bought a lot of plants.  I mean a lot !  I mean we have a new kitchen and two new cars "a lot".  Good year for me  but I am sincerely sorry for all the tragedy of death and sickness.  Hopefully my industry helped a lot of people get through it with the joy of growing and tending to houseplants and yards.  I see plants as frozen testament to God's creativity and love for this planet, they are God's canvas and their colors and behavior are his brushstrokes.

     During my time off I actually got the COVID virus, and I did indeed live to tell about it because here I am writing my thoughts for all the world to see once again.  Here I am available to irritate and bloviate on modern times and its inane talking heads- in government, big business, entertainment/media- although really the three are inseparable.   Like the trinity God-Head, they are separate but the same.   "Mad King George" as I have taken to refer to the ruling class and all their minions that really "run things" in America and the world.  I do refer to them as MKG with some hesitation because I don't think King George III was nearly as bad as they are.  No, they are especially fetid group of human seepage that lie, cheat, steal, and vomit out a life of disgusting self congratulations.  They rob us of our  our liberty under the auspice of  "emergencies" and "for our protection" when it's really the protection of their money and their power that most concerns them.  They lay out a list of pitiful victims that they purposely demean so as to remove any sense of pride under the premise that someone else is always to blame.   This, when in reality it is they themselves- our opinion leaders- that are the culprit of defeat and the source of abject racism and sexism through this very act of psychological brainwashing !    "The poor minority folk can't make due so we have to help them out" they say.  Where would the world be without the white liberal "progressives" helping out the pathetic ?  But, don't expect them to actually DO anything to fix it !  No,  they are just there to celebrate victimhood and get a charge out of their own concern and their great willingness to give away other people's money.  Say whatever it takes to get the vote.   Such Hypocrisy !  "Woe to the scribes and pharisees!!" as the Lord put it.  The world's leaders today (in all aspects of modern society) are a loathsome group of toads that have outdone all horrendous leaders in history for their avarice and lack of concern for anyone but themselves and their fellow cronies.  Their ingratiating "concern" for the downtrodden.  Their patronizing gifts to help out the miserable.  Their self aggrandizing solutions to problems they themselves helped create.  Their charity with OUR blood, sweat and tears.  Oh for the days of the guillotine !  

In My Humble Opinion....

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