Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orlando Sentinel "Back Talk: SunRail"

(First, I do want to comment that I am very much a fiscal conservative, but money spent to maneuver people to work is an important function of the government.  You can't have commerce with people sitting in traffic.  Also, train systems tend to breed development and business that otherwise would have never come into being.  It's money well spent.  Also, please note I have elderly parents and I am not opposed to medicare (although it certainly has issues).  What I resent is the hypocrisy of people who benefit from the government but are adamantly against anything else the government might do for other people.  Then, suddenly it becomes socialism.)

Published today, June 22 in the Orlando Sentinel Opinion Page:

Reading some of your reader's comments regarding the sun rail project, it struck me that what it comes down to is the role of government. The role of the government, according to the constitution is, among other things, to secure the domestic tranquility and to promote the general welfare of the people. Helping people to avoid burdensome and time-wasting traffic along with an alternative transportation to get to work would most definitely help do both of these things. Those opposed to a reasonable train system should consider that not everything the government does is required to "make money". I smell hypocrisy when I read adamant letters and polls protesting a train system that "I won't use",   but I should imagine many of those readers opposed are also dependent on the "government funded" medicare system which my generation may never be "able to use".

In My Humble Opinion

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