Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Weiner and the Weenies

So,  Rep. Weiner D, from New York was caught sending explicit pictures of himself to various women all over the country.  I guess he sent photos of himself shirtless, and in his underwear and I'm assuming naked, but I'm not totally sure on that.  He's "really sorry" for it though.  Of course he's really sorry,  he got caught.  I guess his wife can count herself lucky he wasn't sending pictures to boys !  

Anyway, I saw the picture of his "torso" he sent to some lady;  it was displayed in USA Today last week.   First of all, the man needs to do some bench presses or push ups or something... what  a bird chest.  Second, in the background are framed pictures of his family, all smiling and happy looking on while Mr. Weiner reveals his "pride" to the strangers.   What a display !  So now, it's not just his family looking on it's the entire country.   Weiner's a wiener.    But he's seeking counseling now.  Counseling for what?  Acute stupidity?  A brain transplant?  "Someone please replace this colossal tumor in my head masquerading as a brain". 

This man is one of the 435 US Representatives, one of our "leaders" in Washington, DC.  That's what's so frightening.  He's an immoral idiot, but he still thinks he should keep his position.  What a weird, weird world it is when something like this happens and the perpetrator refuses to resign.  He is suppose to represent the people of New York as a respected leader?   These are the people running our government,  does anyone really think things are operating properly in our Capital?  

I suppose nobody thinks our leaders in Washington, DC are worth much.  The problem is they're a bunch of followers, a herd of weenies.  I hear no original ideas out of Washington, D.C, it's always the same herd mentality.   This whole process is wrong.  It just isn't working, all we're getting is one weenie after another.   We've got to look at new ideas to bring back a government that actually works.  This is ridiculous.   No more weenies !

In my humble opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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