Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sense of Fair Play Missing from the Republican Party

As the entire "debt ceiling" debate rumbles along I have found myself feeling a real distaste for the Republican party.  It  seems to have been taken hostage by the "Tea Party", demanding all that it wants but with no intention of allowing the other side any gains according to what is important in their heart.   Normally a bully demanding all he or she wants with no consideration to giving ground to the other point of view has no consequences except that there is simply no deal.  Unfortunately, in this case the consequences could be quite dire, and their inflexible stance could cause serious economic consequences.  If nothing else, they are making many, many people nervous with their resistance to fair play.

Our country was founded on compromise and July 4, 1776 would not have happened if not for compromise.  Throughout history we have thrived at every critical stage through thoughtful and fair negotiation with one great exception now known as the Civil War.  Americans don't like a lack of fair play and no matter what part of society you might be in, compromise is essential otherwise we paint ourselves into a corner of isolation.  We cut off personal or business opportunities.

Such is the case of the debt ceiling negotiations.  The Democrats and President Obama have demonstrated a willingness to give up some programs and cut others in the interest of reigning in the deficit and to satisfy the Republican's rightful demands for action.  Now, as in all negotiation it is the other side's turn to give up something important to them.  In this case, an increase in revenues. 

The Republicans refusal to see the other side 's point of view and their rigid stance against any form of revenue increase demonstrates an immaturity and partisan politics that to much of the American public is repugnant.   The Republican House members may feel cocky and purposeful at the moment, but this stiff resistance to compromise while simultaneously frightening the American public may ultimately result in a permanent fracture of the trust between Republican political leaders and the American public. 

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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