Friday, July 29, 2011

Are the Democrats Playing Cat and Mouse ?

I still don't get something.  Why don't the Democrats work with the moderate Republicans to work out some sort of deal that might work to raise the debt ceiling?   Why are we all hostage to this group of Tea Party freshmen?  I have a theory that the Democrats are actually "hoping" the debt ceiling won't be raised so that the whole of the American public will be howling for the removal of all Republican  heads.

You see, they're smart because they see what's happening now is just like what happend with the health care law that Obama decreed back in 2009.  In 2010,  the Democrats were squashed by the electorate which is now very heavily influenced by the Independents.  Why?  As an Independent, I can tell you why I voted Republican... it's because I was disgusted by Pres. Obama's obsession over the Health Care bill while the country languished in a very serious recession.  So, how do you think I feel about this fiasco that has played out in DC this past few weeks?  I am seething, and the Republicans are coming off as the bad guys.  "We are determined 'cause we're just right and we want our way no matter what the consequences are and we want it now."  Such immature, selfish, self centered children.  They are an embarassment to the greatest country in the world.  

I don't think the Republicans have figured out what's going on yet, but it will become abundantly clear when they lose the House of Representatives and much of the Senate and the Presidency.    This lack of compromise does not bode well with Americans, in general.  The Republican's are letting their right wing fringe hold them and America hostage.  Once the dust settles, I don't think it's going to be pretty for them.   God help us as the Democrats run the show again.  Maybe they (the Democrats) will have learned a lesson and they'll rule with wisdom,and plurality, and fairness, and decency..... but I doubt it.  So... it's back and forth we go. 

In my humle opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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