Friday, August 26, 2011

Should I Change My Title?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted a blog in a while (at least a while for my blog), Well hopefully a lot of you have noticed....... but I doubt that,  LOL!   Anyway, I've lost some of my "mo-jo" and I am considering a change in my blog title to reflect a different direction I'm considering, to get the thing more focused.  This blog is political.  I rarely mention anything personal, religious, antecdotal, cinema, popular cutlure...... it's all political.  That,  of course, has been on purpose.  I believe more stongly than ever that the Independent voice is the most important but also the most ignored voice in politics.  So, since I am a vocal Independent I want to focus on that very fact.  BTW, I decided not to re-join the Republican Party, at least not yet.... until it suits my goals as an independent so..... why stress over it?  I may even join the Democratic party if it suits my goals as an Independent... but more on all that later.  I will use the parties to my own needs,  they will be the handkerchief  to receive the snot of my discontent.

So, my devoted readers.... I was hoping you might weigh in on what I should call this little blog of mine.  FYI, since starting this in April of this year, I've had 2300 "hits" (probably about 70-80 regular "readers", but nobody has been brave enough to become a "follower"- can you blame them?). 

Here are my choices:

"An Independent Voice"
"The Middle Ground"
"Marshall in the Middle"
"The Marshall Plan"

OR, do I keep "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion?"  You can vote on my blog, at the right of what you're reading right now.  So, go ahead and vote ! 
If you have your own ideas, feel free to submit them on my comments section, or on my facebook wall.... but hold the sarcasm, ie: "Chuck, I suggest you call it "I'm no longer writing this Blog".  

In my humble opinion,

Chuck Marshall


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