Sunday, January 29, 2012

Romney is the Ticket for the Presidency

On the eve of the Florida Primary, being a lifetime Floridian I felt compelled to issue a blog mentioning who I think should lead our country for the next 4 years, even though I cannot vote in the primary because I'm an Independent.  (The state of Florida doesn't allow me to exercise my constitutional right !  Read all about it at this link.   See the second title;  "Closed primary encourages the same old gridlock".  Yes, my friends CMHO has been pulished again ! )

As you have probably gathered from my title, it's Mitt Romney that I support  for the Florida Primary.   I am endorsing Romney for the Republican nomination and for the Presidency if he is the Republican nominee.  If the Republican is another person or if there is no other Independent alternative, I will have to do some thinking.  Why Romney?  I think his experience in the business world and his success running the Olympics as well as administrative experience as governor of Massachusettes make him very well suited to the position.   In addition, he is clean.  I really cannot imagine any scandal befalling Romney.  Finally, I see him as being very open to "negotiating" with the Democrats when it is necessary.  No more of this moronic "no compromise" attitude from the mouth breathing right wing of the Republican party.  We need action, not 2 more years of goofy, childish bickering.

Gingrich?  I could never vote for Newt Gingrich for the presidency, EVER !   I think he is a crook, an adulterer, a liar, a lobbyist (lowest of lows) and he says whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear.  He is more than your typical  politician... he's a slimy, no good Washington insider with whom all who worked with have nothing but bad things to say about him.  They say he was a terrible manager, a terrible leader, he was a disgrace to the Republican party.  He lies about Reagan being a "buddy" of his, he lies about his record as a Congressman, he lies about his relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for whom he was paid $1.5 Million to "help" them get influence in Washington.  He speaks of getting our country back on track when he is, quite literally, one of the people who was directly responsible for the Real Estate collapse of the last 4 years.   I find it ironic that the Tea Party is still the one group of people that actually considers him because he is EXACTLY what is wrong with our government today.  He is slime.  He is seepage.  He's a toad, a troll, a disgrace to the election event.  OK.  Maybe not that bad, but Lord he isn't good.........

So, vote for Mitt Romney he has the presence, the intelligence, the determination, the experience and the ability to get our country united again... and boy does he want the job.

Mitt Romney, you're hired !

In My Humle Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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Cross777 said...

I like Mitt but he has to realize he is up against a government with a lot of these people in charge:
(video: Freedom from conscience - psychopaths). He will have to be tough and willing to fight to make his case and get the public behind him.