Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Republican Party or Tea Party?

I've watched with interest this past  year as the Republican Party seems to be  morphing into the Tea Party.    I find it hard to distinguish the two.  What bugs me is if I'm going to vote for someone with a R in front of their name, I don't really know if that means the GOP I grew up with or the newly formed "Tea Party"?  I can't tell anymore !  Unfortunately for them, that means I'm now more inclined to consider the D candidate.  At least I know what I'm voting for in that circumstance. 

I don't like the Tea Party.  I find them ignorant and hysterical, unreasonable, unyielding, unfriendly, and uninformed.  UnAmerican.   They have latched onto a philosophy of "my way or the highway" mentallity that is very dangerous in these divisive times.   They villify anything they don't like as a tool of the "liberal" media, which is such a  lazy way to view the world.   They see conspiracy in every new scientific revelation.  Most of all, they endeavor will all their heart, and all  their soul and all  their mind that Obama will be voted out of office.  In fact, that's all they really do "think" about. 

So, the old reliable Republican party is no longer something I can count on.  This recent primary election has been more of a tug of war between the GOP and this cancer within itself.  The entire primary election season has been nothing but a parade of "flavors of the month", each one simply not quite as stupid as the previous.  The only candidate with the right experience and interest in American business, Mitt Romney is disliked by this  "Tea Party/Republican Party"  because he doesn't fit their mold of the ideal candidate;  one who mistrusts science,  panders to the religious extremes, and is openly hostile to all media except Fox news.    What a total disgrace they've become.  This Tea cancer is spreading fast and I have little faith in the future of the Republican party.   What was once a magnificent organization that represented the individualistic and capitalist ideals of our country well is now a bumbling dunce stuck in the corner breathing through its mouth with spittle on its angry little chin mumbling about Obamacare. 

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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