Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Restoring American Democracy- Part II Why I Write January 9, 2013

Why Am I Writing This?

As the father of two, and a concerned US citizen., I feel compelled to submit to the cyber world some ideas for getting a brain installed into our government.  I'd say "back" into their head, but that would imply that at one point it DID have a brain.  I suspect that has never been true.  If you're a student of history you'll know that governments are never smart, and usually very stupid.  The real question is to what degree are they stupid? Are they monstrously stupid like the Nazis of WWII or, simply too dim witted to know how dumb they are as in our current congress?

Our famous forefathers are revered as if they never did anything wrong, but investigation reveals much petty quarreling and our first government barely had the power to rule at all.  Not until the constitution was written was there a modicum of intelligence.  The constitutional government under President Washington was rife with bickering and teetered on collapse many times.  Thanks to his unusual intelligence, leadership and fortitude the republic moved forward.  WE WERE VERY LUCKY !!  Washington was an intelligent and effective leader but he has been the exception in our history.   The last few years has seen hyper stupidity in government like we have never seen.  This is what happens when the people no longer pay attention or are no longer able to understand what their government is doing and therefor stop trying to make a difference.

Our government is ineffective and "unwise" because the people are not informed and the people don't really seem to care.  Not all,  but the majority don't see the connection between Washington, DC and their lives.  Younger adults today especially seem uninformed and ambivalent.  This is the consequence, what we see today.... a  leadership that is little more than a group of very expensive prostitutes up for sale to the highest bidder, and their political campaigns are nothing more than a list of  "promises' that are easily made but never accomplished.  Yes, our government is big, clumsy, inefficient, and very unwise but does it have to be?  I submit that it does not, and that with enough attention and effort we can restore the government to even greater wisdom than at the beginning of the republic if we set our minds to it.      

So, I write this because I feel like if someone at least presents ideas that could improve this country for the betterment of our children's lives, our fellow countrymen, and even the citizens of the world then it's worth my time to do so.  Maybe something will come of it.  Maybe it will be a modern "Common Sense", shaking the foundations of the government "status quo", much as Thomas Paine's essay shook the British Empire. More probably though,  only a handful of people will read it, but at least a kernel of truth or the encouragement of ideas already out there in the conscience of the public mind will be set to seed and something special will blossom out making the lives of all Americans and even all citizens of the world significantly better.

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