Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"L'âge de l'incompétence"

There was a great article in today's paper by local opinion columnist, Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel.  In the article he elaborates how the state government is fighting the federal courts to be allowed to ban a Doctor from advising his or her patients on the dangers of guns.  The column was very effective in communicating the question;   "Are they all just plain dumb?".  First of all, I have never had a Doctor mention anything remotely close to how I handle guns in my home.   That would be, in my humble opinion, a very odd conversation;

 "So, Mr. Marshall are you careful with guns in your house at this point because I see you have younger children that might be inclined to grab your guns and fire them in an inappropriate way- like towards each other or themselves ?"  "Well, Doc... I am very careful with my guns, thank you very much,  but thanks for advising on that point.  I'm also very careful to look both ways before crossing the street when my little ones are in tow and I have forbid them from playing in traffic".  

That's just weird.  So, anyway, our genius state government wants it to be illegal for such an oddball conversation.  They have already made fools of themselves regarding the law which was shot down by the courts as totally unconstitutional, but now they've gone so far as to spend $97,000 in legal fees to fight the federal courts over this same issue.  Our local schools are not busing students that live closer to their school than 2 miles because of budget cuts, but our wonderful leaders in Tallahassee make sure the citizens of Florida are solidly behind banning personal conversations between Doctors and their patients.

In a previous blog I elaborated on what our times might be called, and I think I've decided.  I vote for "The Age of Incompetence" or say it in French and it sounds even better  "L'âge de l'incompétence".  Say it  with scorn and arrogance the way a Frenchman would and just as our leaders deserve.  One for the history books, folks.

In My Humble Opinion.


ModeratePoli said...

I reluctantly reveal that I have some background on this issue, though luckily not too closely.

The objection is to screening questions that doctors are likely to ask at yearly physicals. It'll be a long line of questions about how much you drink, do you use street drugs, do you wear a seat belt, do you wear a helmet when cycling, etc. The gun possession question fits in quite nicely, and there may be a follow-up question about gun storage.

Then, if the doctor has time, he or she might follow up with safety reinforcement. It would take about 4 seconds, and it might be mandated by a large insurance company, that same as when they tell you your BMI or to get more exercise.

It's silly to mandate doctors not to do this, as though it will could become an occasion for indoctrination... from your overworked doctor. Yeah, right.

A much bigger problem is the insurance company's and/or government loading too many mandates on doctors. Quit telling them what to say or not say.

PoliticalGuard said...

The only prohibition that doctors should have (when speaking that is) is lying about your medical condition and what you should do about it.

What exactly is the point of banning these types of questions anyway?