Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bowles-Simpson: Both parties hate it, so it must be good

Last week I wrote how the USA Titanic is on direct course with a financial iceberg we can call the United States Federal Deficit.  Just like an iceberg, it's massive in size but only the tip is totally evident, nevertheless it looms within eyesight and holds the capacity to crush our hull and sink this luxury liner so spoiled and undisciplined like the fat, bejeweled passengers on the real Titanic. 
The good news is that the USA Titanic seems finally to be fully aware of the iceberg looming and some leaders in Washington, DC  have finally started listenting to that bell of warning.  Will they react on time?  That remains to be seen.  We all need to be on top of our Representatives and Senators and even the President letting them know we expect compromise with a legitimate plan that will work.  In fact, there already has been a plan made, so they don't really have to do anything but approve it (more on that later).  

This week, I received a call from "Drew" at our US Congressman's office (Richard Nugent).  Drew sounded to be about 20 years old and is obviously one of Mr. Nugent's minions er "pages".  I had written a letter to the Congressman asking him to read my blog that gives him an idea of what I think of the job he and his peers are doing.  Anyway, Drew called me to let me know the Congressman had read my letter and my blog (Yeah, right) and that Representative Nugent wanted him to call me and thank me and defend his position as an "uber" Republican (my words, not his) and that he's doing all he can to "fix" the deficit, but "it will take time".  Well, as most people who know me, I dont' react well to partisan politics.  I wasn't real calm with Drew, who was just doing his job.   So, I have to apologize in this blog if  Drew should come across it. 

"Dear Drew,

 I really lost my temper with you and it was unprofessional and childish, and I apologize for chewing you out...... BUT when you start going on about how "correct" the Republicans are, then I shut down.  Our country needs compromise and we need all of you up there considering the  American people, not just the Republican viewpoint.  It is unfair to hold all of us hostage to your "wing" of the policital spectrum.  If  you haven't noticed both the Republicans and Democats are losing major ground to Independents as a voting bloc.  Don't ignore us Drew.  If you want to make me happy,  Drew, then have Representative Nugent call me and tell me that he has decided to focus on the interests of ALL the people of district 5 and he has decided to rally both sides of the aisle and pull out the bi-partisan report and recommendations of the "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform"  (also called Bowles-Simpson recommendations).  This will include budget cuts and tax increases as they recommended because that's the reality of the situation.  Nobody gets off free, here Drew and if you doubt that then continue bickering and watch as you Republicans lose the House of Representatives AGAIN to the Democrats.  The people are fed up, and it's not just the Tea Party wing of your Republican party.  We, the Independents are fed up too....we're not as loud as they are, but we can vote just like they can.   

Again, however please accept my apololgy for laying into you.  I know you're just doing your job., and I do appreciate that Mr. Nugent is havng someone call me at all.   I really do.


The Humble Mr. Chuck Marshall and his opinion"

Anyway, so why do the "Bowles-Simpson" recommendations have a fighting chance? Both the Republicans and Democrats HATED it when if was first released. Therefor, it must be good.

Indpendently Yours,

Chuck Marshall and his humble opinion.

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Unknown said...

You can't blame the Republicans for not passing the budget when the Democrats purposely waited until they were no longer the majority so they would not be blamed.

Also I am not one for always saying both sides are at fault. This is an easy way to be friends with everyone but a supporter of no one. The democrats lost my support when they felt it was necessary to use class warfare to when elections.

Marshall in the Middle said...

So, what you're saying is being a Republican or Democrat is more important than being an American. Got it.

Unknown said...

Chuck you don't quite get it yet, but you're getting there. Even though I said nothing about being American, the marxist media has taught you well to avoid replying to facts - the Republicans cannot be blamed for an action the Democrats failed to make.

But as far as being an American. If you look it up in your dictionary it will define an American as - As a White Male, Redneck, Peace Hating, Blood Thirsty, Rich, Hard Working Christian, Republican that lives in Clermont, FL.

If yours doesn't say this, than you have not received the new copy provided by the Ministry of Truth, the Orlando Sentinel.

One last word, click the ads for Chuck we need to support this blog and turn Chuck into a evil rich American. - Roger

Marshall in the Middle said...

Both parties make me wretch... so whatever.